Season 10 Episode 12

The Sixth Juror

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Jan 14, 2005 on CBS

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  • An excellent "Agatha Christie" style episode

    An excellent "Agatha Christie" style whodunnit episode.

    The quirky JAG staff show extraordinary initiative in solving the mystery.
  • Good balance

    I thought this episode showed a great balance between the court room and the investigative side of the show. Many times the show gets mired in one aspect or the other but not this time out. For the NCIS side of business Harm's use of the decidous leaves defense for the accused petty officer was just brilliant. At the same time, he was quite attacking of Lt. Eve Sorrens while she was on the stand but not to the point of swaying juror sympathies. I also liked the use of PO Coates in this episode letting her get out in the field a little and then the plot twist where she gets impanelled due to NAS Key West being such a small facility they had excluded almost the entire juror pool.
    No Sturgis Turner and Gen. Cresswell was almost a buffoon in this one but overall pretty enjoyable for a show in its 10th season.