Season 3 Episode 18

Tiger, Tiger

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Mar 24, 1998 on CBS

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  • Trouble Trouble. Do sailors show no security sense?

    Any security officer with an ounce of paranoia should think "Children, hostages, vulnerable" They should be on the alert for such a plot. Also, wouldn't the refugees be cautiously searched the minute they boarded the vessel, (with rifles trained upon them)? I enjoyed watching the episode, again, But please, someone out there tell me that our ships are not that vulnerable

    Little surprised that crazy "pregnant" lady wasn't using a dead man's switch.
  • Very Good:)

    I really enjoyed this episode! It was very good! It was also very exciting and sad and EVERYTHING!!! lol! I think the mother of that boy(forgot his name) is way to much of a worrier! Her poor kid will never get to live a life! Harm was his only chance of getting one and she took that away from him! Amyway, I dont see how anyone could not enjoy this episode! Oh, and Bud proposes to Harriet..... over the phone.... and we dont get to see it! But we get to hear about it afterwards:)! Andway, if you are a new JAG fan then this is a good episode to watch! Very exciting!
  • I didn’t know that the navy had cruises to show their children how things worked. I wouldn’t mind going on something like that. This was one of the best I have seen!

    The terrorist said woman are to sensitive that is why don’t belonging in combat just wait it the balls in the other court that’s when woman show how much of an asset they really are. Josh continued to show his desire in aviation. It’s interesting what the child wants to be when he grows up is always different from what the parent wants them to be. This was played out wonderfully. Josh getting a taste of what he wants, showing his early developed skills. Making deals and letting terrorist go would never really happen, that was kinda fake. Mothers never stop worrying about their children whether they are 11 or 50; it never goes away, probably not even after she’s dead. Harm should have asked Anne’s permission, and she has a right to be mad. Her greatest fear is that she will get a call saying Josh or Harm was KIA; she has already been through that with her first husband. Today she got another glimpse of that and she doesn’t want to go through it again.