Season 10 Episode 20

Unknown Soldier

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Apr 15, 2005 on CBS

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  • Oh dear, what a lot of padding


    This is not Jag as we know it. It was a big yawn almost all the way through. Obvious that this series is past its sell by date.

    Poor story line with Vic and Graves motoring all over the South listeneing to singers. Sorry but these two characters do not gell neither do they grab one's interest. Vic is rather insufferable and chauvinistic, Graves can hardly ever stop talking.

    The court room scenes were OK I suppose but didn't really engage one's interest either.

    The whole series went downhill after Admiral chegwidden retired.

  • Almost

    For the first time in a while the episode did not revolve around the Middle East. There was some in it as the secondary story involved a reservist Lt. who gave a medicine which was in short supply to a young wounded Iraqi against orders.

    The main story involved General Cresswell's brother and events that happened to him in Vietnam while he was a SEAL that have haunted him for 35 years. We got to hear a lot of good music but the wrap-up was strange to say the least when the MIA soldier's brother did not want to know if the remains were his brother.

    Finally some Coates but still no Sturgis.