Season 1 Episode 7

War Cries

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Nov 11, 1995 on CBS
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Cpl. Parr shoots at an intruder, who he believes shot at him first, at the US-Embassy in Lima, Peru. The intruder, who turns out to be an unarmed 15 year old, is killed. But he wasn't any boy - he was the brother of Cpl. Parr's girlfriend who (according to her) is pregnant. Harm and Meg shall now find out if he was really unarmed or if this was an attempt to kill the ambassador. Locations: Lima, Peru


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  • This is not good

    The episode is full of lies. I am from Peru, and Lima is not like that. We have towns like that, but our capital is not like that. I demand an apology for all Peruvian people in the United States; this is an insult for us. Our capital is a big city. The United States embassy is not like that, believe, because I was there once, the embassy is a huge building and nobody could climb it.

    Also, this episode shows all the Peruvian as poor people. Like any country, we have poor people, but it is not everybody. The airport is not like that. They show the airport Jorge Chaves as a long road with no security. Hey that is a lie.

    I thought that big companies in this country would be smarter when they talk about other countries. What they showed in this episode is not my beautiful country. This is not true.

  • Excellent example of the tough situations that U.S. troops are placed in day in and day out. This is the reason that we will never win a PC war. Also a great example of fine film editing.moreless

    The best part about this episode is the scene where the convoy is on the way to a hospital dedication. As they enter a narrow alley, they are ambushed by the bad guys. The scene is well shot and the acting by JAG actors is excellent. The most interesting thing is that the producers took footage directly off of Clear and Present Danger a similar movie from the mid-ninetys in which a caravan of three white suburbans runs down the same alley and in fact fights the exact same bad guys, only in the movie, Harrison Ford and not Harm saves the day. Jag even used the shot of the guy looking out his window, but they reversed the negative to change things up. Rent the movie and watch the two scenes side by side. They really did a great job of splicing the two shots. Excellent work. By the way, the episode was great even without noticing the splicing. One of my favorite episodes, by far.moreless
Gail Strickland

Gail Strickland

US Ambassador Bartlett

Guest Star

John Wesley Shipp

John Wesley Shipp

GySgt. Granger

Guest Star

Scott Coffey

Scott Coffey

Cpl. David Parr

Guest Star

Paul Collins

Paul Collins

SecNav. Nelson

Recurring Role

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    • Meg: (when Harm tells her to stay safely behind while he leaves the embassy) Are you leaving me behind to hold the ponies?
      Harm: No, Lieutenant. But if we're going to defuse this situation by tomorrow, we're going to have to split up.
      Meg: Would you be saying this if I was a man?
      Harm: Yes. But if you were a man, you'd have some explaining to do about the way you fill out that uniform.

    • Meg: She just threatened to use us as human shields!
      Harm: The Ambassador brings new meaning to the term 'political survival.'

    • GySgt Granger: Permission to speak frankly, Lieutenant?
      Meg: Put it on the table, Gunny.
      GySgt Granger: I know you don't like me, or the way I operate, but it's my job to keep this embassy secure and my boys alive. This is not a courtroom, this is a battle zone. I don't get to appeal when I lose.

    • Harm: If security gets any tighter, they'll be strip searching us.
      Meg: I wouldn't get your hopes up, sir.

    • (Meg and Harm are met from the plane by an NCO. He does not salute them.)
      Meg: You have something against saluting, Gunnery Sergeant?
      GySgt. Granger: No ma'am, but everyone within a thousand yards would know you're an officer and that would make you a prime target for a sniper, Lieutenant.
      Meg: We're lawyers, Gunnery Sergeant.
      GySgt. Granger: Yes ma'am, but they shoot lawyers in this country, too.
      (Two enlisted men salute Harm and he returns the salute)
      Harm: I guess your men don't know about the snipers, hey Gunny?

    • Harm: I'm a lawyer, Cortez. Nobody's ever glad to see me!

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