Jake 2.0

Season 1 Episode 13


Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Unknown on UPN
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The NSA is hit with a computer virus--and Jake has to team up with the guy he hates most in the world: DuMont. However, DuMont has some plans of his own. Meanwhile, on Lou's orders, Jake is seeing an NSA shrink, who tells Lou that Jake is mourning the "normal" life he can now never have, thanks to the nanites.moreless

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  • In this episode, DuMont brainwashes Jake into believing that DuMont's girlfriend is his wife and that DuMont is Jakes best friend, and nearly gets away with it, with the help of his 'boyfriend' the psychiatrist, Mark.moreless

    Okay, I LOVED the episode. But seriously, it was one of the most predictable storylines ever. I mean, I'd never seen an episode with DuMont before, so I didn't even know who he WAS, and still, within the first TEN minutes I had already said: "Okay, that guy (DuMont) brainwashed Jake using his nanites, 'Jake's wife' is that guy's girlfriend, the psychiatrist is SO in league with DuMont, in fact, they're probably gay together, and good for them, but I bet when the girl finds out, she's gonna be pissed." And then: We watch as DuMont as his girlfriend brainwash Jake using the nanites, there's almost definate proof of Mark and DuMont being gay (I mean, they were talking about fruity drinks and they nearly kissed, come ON!), Mark gets arrested for collaboration and the girl betrays DuMont. Hmm, can we say predicable? Honest, I have nothing against the episode, it was great, I loved the interaction among the characters, but couldn't they just once get something that I CAN'T predict before the shows even started? Geez.moreless
Tamara Feldman

Tamara Feldman

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Derek Hamilton

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • In the computer file of Jake, it shows a candid photo of him. Why would an employee of the NSA have a candid photo when they could have just used the ID photo?

  • QUOTES (12)

    • Jake: Well, if you're my best friend... (picks DuMont up and tosses him across the room into a wall) why did that just feel really good?

    • Jake: And then I started thinkin' maybe it's too good to be true. 'Cause I'm supposed to love couscous, and I could barely get the stuff down. Now we've been married...three years? And yet I'm always feelin' this damn ring. Always. This should be like a button on a shirt, somethin' you don't even notice. And DuMont, supposed to be my best friend. Well somethin' tells me that I hate that guy. I mean really hate him.
      Vanessa: Honey, it's just post traumatic stress.
      Jake: Really.
      Vanessa: It is. Trust me.
      Jake: Then what's with the creepy lab in the basement?

    • Benton: You thought that you would get married. You would settle down.
      Jake: Oh, I don't really think about that anymore.
      Benton: But you did.
      Jake: Yeah. Yeah I guess I always thought that...meet the right girl, and get a house, have some kids, I j-, I, I just don't really see that happening anymore.
      Benton: How does that make you feel?
      Jake: Uh, crappy.
      Benton: That's good.
      Jake: You're not really an "up with people" type, are you?

    • DuMont: People don't trust me with appliances, and that makes me sad.

    • Kyle: You said so yourself, Mark, when people are overwhelmed with emotions, there's no telling how they might act out.
      Benton: You know what, I wanna talk to a lawyer.
      Kyle: Sit down, there's not gonna be a lawyer, there's not gonna be a trial. You know where my friend is and you're gonna tell me, or I'm gonna shoot you in the head. That's how I act out.

    • Vanessa: Baby, when the time comes, can I be the one to kill him?
      DuMont: You may have to fight me for that.

    • Jake: Guys forget their wives' birthdays, they don't forget their wives.

    • DuMont: Once a lab rat, always a lab rat, huh, Jake? I take away the wheel... and you just keep running.

    • Jake: I know your code, DuMont. It's like you: it seems complex at first but it's just flashy, arrogant, and a little boring.

    • Beckett: Attention everybody. This evening, Jake Foley refused to comply with and then assaulted his immediate superior officer before vanishing into Anne Arundel County, Maryland. He is to be considered a danger to our national security. I am hereby authorizing the use of deadly force in the apprehension of Jake Foley

    • Dumont: Jake. My favorite government droid. You don't call. You don't write.

    • Jake: Yeah. Diane you've single-handedly created a device that can track my vitals in real time, check on the condition of the nanites, you can pinpoint my location in what? three, four feet. It's incredible. Give yourself a little more credit.
      Diane: Uh, thanks. I'm flattered, really. But you know that as long as I work here, anything I observe, create, discover is the property of Uncle Sam.
      Jake: See, that's what I'm talking about. It's totally unfair.

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