Jake 2.0

Season 1 Episode 12

Double Agent

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Dec 17, 2003 on UPN

Episode Recap

Jake is running for an agent, Dankova, who is running for a car and Beckett tells him to shoot to kill, over Kyle's orders to wait. Jake jumps in front of her and is forced to superjump up to avoid being hit as she escapes. Back at the NSA, Beckett isn't happy and notes Dankova is a rogue Russian agent who tried to sabotage a U.S. nuclear plant. Jake suggests bringing in Richard Foxx, a retired agent who dealt with Dankova in the 80s. Jake and Kyle go see Foxx at his dockside apartment. Foxx isn't willing to help out and they're forced to reactivate him.

Back at NSA HQ, Foxx suggest that Dankova is activating sleeper agents to carry out the same operation as in the 1980s, to blow up nuclear plants. Jake gets a lead on a Max Patrenko at a casino in Atlantic City, a Russian Mafia front operation. Foxx reveals he's a top nuclear engineer and the key to Dankova's plan. Foxx wants Jake to accompany him to go after Patrenko, and Beckett orders him to undergo a physical.

While getting a check up from Diane, Foxx turns down the check-up and bluffs his way through not having to get one. Foxx and Jake head out into the field but first Foxx insists they buy an expensive car to assure their cover. In Atlantic City, Foxx blows the rest of their money at the blackjack table and proceeds to win heavily. Jake spots Patrenko and they keep an eye on him. Meanwhile, Kyle discovers the sleeper agent in another city was killed, and radioactive waste disappeared from the plant where he worked.

Jake sits at the table where Patrenko is playing poker and starts a fight. Foxx slips out with an attractive waitress and his winnings, leaving Jake alone. Jake calls NSA and Beckett takes him off the mission. Foxx then tries to pick him up and when Jake refuses, draws a gun on him. They take off and Foxx claims he was testing Jake, but noted his abilities and wants an explanation. Foxx suggests they may have more in common than Jake thinks and mentions there were other NSA plans. Jake starts to explain and then hears the cocktail waitress in the trunk. When he tries to open it, Foxx knocks him out and leaves him lying in the street. He then uses Jake's phone to call someone… speaking Russian. He meets with Dankova and her men and hands over the waitress in return for payment.

Jake is back at NSA and getting treatment, and Diane has to admit there might have been a plan. They get a call from Beckett and go to the control room where they find… Richard Foxx, who says he's been out of the country for the last month. This Foxx is a much smoother character and describes a Russian program to create Russian agents with plastic surgery to duplicate American agents, and he was one of the agents targeted. He offers to let them take blood samples, which confirm him as positive. Beckett confirms the Russian project existed and they bring Foxx into the loop.

They review the tape of the imposter and notice Foxx hitting on the waitress, and Jake concludes she's the daughter of a Russian nuclear scientist who has the knowledge to build this "dirty" bomb. The NSA picks up a tape from Dankova she sent to the networks announcing her plans to detonate a dirty nuclear bomb in Washington. They analyze the transmission and spot a plane in the background and start checking airports. Jake wants to check out the waitress but Beckett puts him and Foxx into the field with the others looking for Dankova. En route, Diane calls Jake about the DNA test on the "real" Foxx and Jake turns around and drives off to another location, disobeying Beckett's orders and asking Kyle to trust him.

They arrive at an apartment with the car and go in, and Foxx confronts… Foxx. But Kyle and Jake don't see anyone: Foxx is hallucinating. Meanwhile Beckett finds out that all the airport teams have found nothing. Jake convinces Foxx (and "Foxx") that he needs both of them. Foxx snaps out of it and spells out their plan. He and Jake head for the warehouse where Dankova is preparing the bomb. They go bursting in and take them at gunpoint, but Dankova activates the remote. Nothing happens and Foxx reveals he made a deal with the Russian waitress. In return for his car and $100,000 she would ensure that the bomb would not exploded, even if the remote control is pressed.

Beckett has a special commendation for Jake… which she rips up. She tells Jake that he has to obey her orders no matter what. Jake warns her that he'll try but some day something will give… and it's going to be him.

Later Jake is talking with Foxx at his house and going over expensive cars, and Foxx mentions (jokingly) that he could outrun them. Jake has to wonder…