Jake 2.0

Season 1 Episode 14

Get Foley

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Unknown on UPN

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  • The second of a two parter. Jake's lost his memory and is on the run. Diane takes the matter into her own hands to save her, before the NSA gets his hand on him.

    This is an exciting episode. Jake is lonely and tortued and all sad, trying to find his way in a world he do not remember. He don't know who to trust and what to do.
    He starts fighting people for money, which has been done in alot of shows. Why is it that sad men has to fight when they are feeling hurt? I dont really know, but I like it. It's cool scences with Jake fighting some big scary looking men, kindof messy and bloody, kindof raw. You can really feel the pain. And the look on Dianes face when she finds him. Heartbreaking. It's intense and cool that Diane and Fran is doing their own search for Jake, they don't really trust the NSA to get the job done right. Vigilantes ftw.

    Well the episodes is excellent, it get under your skin and you truly feel the pain.
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