Jake 2.0

Season 1 Episode 14

Get Foley

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Unknown on UPN



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    • Jake: You're planning a robbery
      Caesar: Yeah, I like to think of it as liberation of assets.

    • Caesar: I don't look at you as a criminal, I look at you as a kindred soul.

    • Diane: How long have you been fighting people for money?
      Jake: About as long as I can remember.
      Diane: You get dental with that?
      Jake: Only painful extractions.

    • Diane: This is insane! We should be trying to talk to him, not track him down like an animal. You are gonna get him killed!

    • Diane: Jake!
      Jake: What are you doing here?
      Diane: Hey I missed you at the diner... I thought that we had...
      Jake: I had to work.
      Diane: Had to?
      Jake: No, no, I wanted to work. Okay? Can you understand that?

    • Diane: (to Jake) Hey, I saw you at the... at the palace... back room thing... and it was really interesting. It was my first time there. Kinda makes me wonder how you get a job like that. You know bludgeoning people... Do you get an education for that, or get recruited?

  • Notes

    • Co-Star Miranda Frigon (Tech Agent Susan Carver) wrote and performed the song "Can't Wait Another Day" which appears in this episode.

    • Aired on Sky One in the UK on 13th May 2004.

    • Marina Black (Sarah Carter) is no longer in the main title sequence as of this episode (the actor was only contracted for the first 13 episodes, and was written out in "Middleman").

    • Music: "Superload" by Oliver Lieb, "Release The Dogs" by Boy Sets Fire, "Mostly Harmless" by Extreme, "Can't Wait Another Day" by Miranda Frigon, "Peel This Away" by gaskit, and "Love Can Save Us All" by Tommy Holmes.

    • Aired in Brazil (and probably all Latin America) by Sony Entertainment Television on July 19th, 2004.

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