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  • One of the best shows i've ever seen!

    Jake 2.0 was a fab series and I just wish the network had given it more of a chance.

    It was an entertaining show with great characterisation, a good mix of light-heartedness and seriousness and some great storylines. It was also nice for once to see a "normal guy" as the lead, as the hero - a guy with insecurities and issues like the rest of us! Chris Gorham was fantastic as Jake, bringing just the right touch of appealing naivete to the role.

    I admit there were moments in the first few episodes where Jake's propensity to stumble into disaster was a bit annoying but this was all part of the character's growth - and boy has he (and the show!) grown over the course of the series.

    This show suffered from appalling scheduling (up against Angel - a 5 year established show with a huge fan base) and not enough promotion/advertising and sadly was cancelled just as it was really getting into it's stride and showing us what it could do. Recent episodes have allowed Jake's character to develop in leaps and bounds and touched on a lot of the more serious issues to do with Jake's new abilities - and the related intrigue within the NSA. The show was developing it's own mythology and more of a continuing thread of storyline within the stand-alone episodes and was heading into a slightly darker, very interesting direction.

    The first of the last four episodes made (not yet seen in the US) aired in the UK this week and was worthy of The X-Files in it's prime. The plot was absorbing and clever and is leading into all sorts of interesting places - this episode also was the series' first 2-parter, leaving things open for an hell of a conclusion next week! Jake's character has matured seriously in recent weeks and, although the friendly geek is still there, as an agent Jake has developed into a strong, confident man, not afraid to use fists or a gun - and pretty much someone you do NOT want to mess with if he's mad at you! Chris Gorham's portrayal of Jake continues to be excellent.

    There are 3 more episodes to be aired and then that's it for this excellent series. It had a lot of potential and a growing fan base but sadly didn't get the support it needed from the network. Can anyone say "Firefly"?

    Word of where the series creator was planning to take the show leaves me in no doubt that this series had the potential to be a serious contender in genre TV. A real shame it never got the chance...
  • Jake Foley was an ordinary guy until a freak accident turned him into the world's first computer-enhanced man. Millions of microscopic computers interface with his biochemistry and make him stronger, faster, able to see and hear further then normal man.

    I can not believe that they ended this series. I thought that they would keep it airing for another season but I guess they didn't get much ratings. But in not a complete tragic because Sci-Fi Channel airs the episodes sometime. To anyone who into action, comedy and science fiction movies then I suggest you try looking at Jake 2.0. I sad that there won't be anymore episodes from this series but I'm glad I can still see the old episodes. And maybe they make a series off of this one if we are lucky. To Jake 2.0, you were great and I am glad I watched you.
  • It`s very disappointing the show didn`t got another try.

    I just finished this season and i like it. It`s about a kid who always dreamed to become an agent but when he gets there he doesn`t like what he`s becoming especially the nano tech in him. Had alot of potential this program i didn`t know about recently 2 days ago and i saw all 16 episodes, So you know that i enjoyed watching it. I know it`s too late their wont be another seasons of the show but it was a fantastic till the last episode. If it were for me i would gave it, by now 5 more seasons. It worth watching and would have been 1 of the greatest show on tv...
  • Too bad it was cancelled.

    Yes, this review is probably a little too late being that the show was cancelled in 2003 and it is now 2008. But, I just caught a couple of episodes on the Sci-fi channel today for the first time. It's a shame the show was cancelled, it looked like it had great potential. I thought it was pretty good and I liked the characters. Had I known about it back in '03, I surely would have watched it then. I'm also disappointed to find out that there was only one season. So, much for watching a bunch more episodes in reruns.
  • Bottom line ... very good show and quite a good cast. Definetley ahead of it's time.

    The show was ahead of it time with every single episode. It had a great cast, it was full with relatively unknown actors at that time all very promising though. The premise is great, nerdy geeky tech suport guy who always dreamed of mooving up gets his chance when a freak accident involving nanotechnology gives him enhanced abilities.
    It's funny how this wasn't picked up as a regular series and "Chuck" was since it's basicly the same thing.
    The characters were well writen, there was place for expansion, it had, action, sci fi, and comic relief all in one great show.
    You can see the main character and the actor that played it, actually evolving from episode to episode.
    And the support it gets from the other characters is great.
    It would have been interesting to see how they develop and manage a possible relationship between Jake and Diane, as the connection was there from the first episode, while they've started relatively late to explore it, it would have been grounds for serious humour and also drama in it, at least two or three seasons worth of it. Hell if they add in a bit of Jake's ex girlfriends, some of that "Arms and the girl" scent with new atractive women that hit on him, some Sarah episodic appearances, and stir all that with a bit of gealousy and uncertainty from Diane there would be plenty to write solely on that for a few season, add to that the terrorism and all the other subjects you got there a recipe for a succesfull and pretty long show.
    A show that wouldn't be boring even at the tenth season, off course if it's thought right.
    Too sum up, this show definetly needs to be revamped and if possible in exactly the same formula, or at least for the 4 main actors in it.
  • jake foley mega geek gains superpowers in a freak accident, uses those powers as a spy, its spiderman and the six million dollar man rolled into one made cool and brought into the 21stcentury.

    From the first episode, the show proved that could do what most shows of its type had and still have failed to do bring a super powered being into a tv show add romance and mysteries and have him save the world on countless occassions and still make it exciting and intriguingly enjoyable without it being at all corny where new shows like bionic woman have failed and are now on the brink of being axed jake 2.0 shone through with class and a lil' technopathy. It was and still is a big tragedy that networks are to blind to see future potential of a show that would most likely have garnered a larger following if given more time than a mere 3 months on air. Watching chris gorham mature as jake was some thing we were only given a glimpse of and never had a chance to watch happen fully as well as the fully enjoyable subplot that was the love triangle brewing between jake, diane and sarah. Jake 2.0 might be gone from the screen but it is and will always fully remain with me as one of the few show that never jumped the shark so to speak and still got unfairly canned. til another show of its kind with that kind of presence and potential comes along i guess it back to my jake 2.0 archives to reminisce about the good times
  • hi awsome personal favoritehope you watch it i loved it

    this show is great i think it eneded i dont know though if it did bring it back that show was interesting while yet mysterious it kept me to my toes i watched it on mondays i remember the last episode i watched he got arrested for being with a younger girl i woke up early to watch it during the summer but now its never on how sad i only watched it at first cuz of the name of the show and then it got better every time i watched ithope you enjoy it qas much as me ttyl ppl
  • It's Spiderman meets The Six Million Dollar Man, in a world of spies, nanotech, and botched romances.

    Jake Foley was an ordinary computer tech for the CIA, until a freak accident infused his body with molecular robots called nanites. Now he's got some nifty new powers, upgraded security clearance, and a whole host of new problems to deal with.

    The show had trouble finding its legs. The first four episodes were shaky, but by the fifth episode, The Good, The Bad, and The Geeky, it knew where it wanted to go. Unfortunately it had trouble getting there and it took another two episodes for the show to finally establish its identity.

    Criticism aside, Jake 2.0 is an good show, but very much overlooked. Character development is subtle, but constant, throughout the series and the writers are good at letting an issue build slowly over time before they address them. The introduction of intra-agency conflict later in the series would have made excellent material for a second season, but unfortunately the show was cancelled after one season. It might possibly fair better on a low-profile time slot.

    If you like spies and sci-fi, I recommend Jake 2.0
  • I really liked this show: it had a lot going for it in terms of story telling and characters. I was deeply disappointed that the show didn't even get a full season on air.

    OK, here's the thing: I'm attracted to shows which feature young, geeky, smart, people getting the opportunity to be heroes. In a way, this show offered two such characters (the lead, Jake [charmingly played by Christopher Gorham], and his assigned researcher, Diane [the equally charming Keegan Connor Tracy), which obviously made me very happy. I liked the chemistry of the cast, and felt that there was plenty of story to spread around amongst them.

    Based on the premise that a young government agent (read: 'spy') wannabee, who in reality is a computer technician within said agency, is accidentally injected with an experimental dose of 'nanites' (microscopic computer-like entities which give him super-human abilities and an interesting …connection with all things computerized), thereby unexpectedly achieving his objective, this show demonstrated that you really should be careful what you wish for, as you may indeed get it. And in this case, you'd become the pet project/prisoner of the Government, with no way out.

    The show didn't find its legs until late mid-season, and thus lost whatever audience it could have garnered early on. Sadly, its very best and darkest episode was also its last, and unless you watched the reprise on the Sci-fi channel recently, you never even had a chance to see it! I'd love to see this series have another chance at success.
  • This is a story about Jake Foley who has low very low clearance in a government angency.

    This is an eye catching story. Jake is transformed completely by the end of the show... Jake is a computer expert, as in he know computers like the back of his hand. But once someone tried to take over a nanite experiment as in take it off the hands of the NSE, Jake is "infected" with these nanites. He than gains powers. He can move fast, hear from a long distance, jump much higher than a human is possible and also see things from farther a way, humans have 20/20 vision but Jake has 40/40 vision now. But thats not all, he now know technology like he now his mind... Literally! He is than invited to join the NSE as an agent not a computer guy.
  • It was very dissapointing that this show didn't last long, cause it had great potental and I wish this show had more seasons and see where it went.

    This show is one of the greatest shows ive seen, It had what I was intrested in, science of nanotechnology and powers of controling technology. I kind of jealous of Jake for having that power, becaues I allways wanted that power! If it wasn't for this show I would of never known about The NSA and I am now considering trying to work there! Overall This was a great show but Jake 2.0 has no chance against MacGyver in esponage, but I like the nanites powers!
  • While this show knew where it came from, it didn't really know where it was going.

    I was happy to see the Sci-Fi Channel bring Jake 2.0 back for a short run. Watching all the episodes within just a few weeks made me realize how good it was - and how much better it could have been. The freshness of the first few episodes, when Jake was still learning about his new abilities and didn't act like the same kind of secret agent we'd seen on so many other shows, endeared many viewers, including me. We wanted to see what would happen to him; if he'd lose his innocence, if he'd be able to handle his new abilities and the changes he'd have to make in his life. We loved the fact that he wasn't very good at the 'agent stuff' and made all the wrong moves so many times. And kudos to the writers for the Steve Austin references, even having Lee Majors guest star on the show.

    But, as the show progressed, it fell into the trap of exchanging bad guys for bad government. The government is evil, they want to take advantage of our hero, blah blah blah. Overdone, much? They took all the innocence from our innocent hero - so where did that leave them? It was probably a good thing it was cancelled, because it had really backed itself into a corner and had nowhere else to go.

    Regardless - geeks still rule!
  • As a result of an explosion, tech support guy Jake now has nanites in his bloodstream. You could say he's been upgraded.

    It's a real shame they only ever made one series of this excellent show.

    The basic idea is not that original, think Six-million Dollar Man, but the premise has been modernised and the excution of the idea is excellent.

    Instead of a hero (like astronaut Steve Austin) becoming even more of a hero, in Jake 2.0 it's a geek who becomes a hero, a reluctant hero. The scripts treat the subject matter with humour without failing to inject some tension in the stories. The stories are not predictable, the nanites don't always work and Jake is not always that successful, but the stories always entertain and the actors do a great job, especially the lead characters. As I said, too bad only one series was made.
  • This sci-fi drama television show, Jake 2.0, has action, comedy, romance and it has the suspense to keep you wanting more after each episode.

    When this show starting airing on the Sci-Fi channel I was imediately hooked. With having seen Christopher Gorham (who plays Jake Foley) in The Other Side of Heaven(with Anne Hathaway), seen on CSI and Without a Trace, Medical Investigation(my favorite) , and recently *Ugly Betty*. With him in Jake 2.0 and me always hooked on sci-fi channel I couldn't help but to wait impatiently for the next episode. Also in my opinion he is not bad to look at if you know what I mean (wink wink). So even if your not into that much sci-fi, unlike me, then the romances and hot guys should take your interest anyways. This show should not be overlooked for it's quirky-sounding theme, it has dept and a good plot to keep you at the edge of your seat!! It is a Must Watch!!!
  • Jake 2.0 combined espionage, sci-fi, drama and geek humor in an entertaining package. It became darker later on in its only season. A shame we didn't get to see how the new approach would have played out.

    Jake 2.0 began as a quirky combination of a teenage superhero story set in the secretive environs of the National Security Agency. Jake was a lowly computer techie at the NSA whose life was drastically transformed when he was accidentally infused with experimental nanites. The tiny machines gave him extraordinary powers. He became stronger and faster. He could manipulate computer systems through a direct wireless neural interface. As a result, he became one of the most important weapons of the NSA. He also lost any semblance of normalcy in his personal life.

    When the show first aired, I only saw a few episodes from the beginning of the (only) season. Watching the unaired episodes on Sci Fi now, I see that the show became much darker. The humorous opening narration (where Jake laughs about how low his initial security clearance was) is gone. Other characters narrate the opening in the later episodes and there is a much more serious tone.

    The early episodes took a lighthearted approach. They were equal parts espionage, superhero story, science fiction and teen drama sprinkled with a healthy dose of humor. Jake was as much a Peter Parker as he was a Spider-Man or Six Million Dollar Man. (Lee Majors actually made a guest appearance in one episode.) An important continuing storyline was Jake's longing for his former college classmate Sarah. Much of the humor was based on Jake's social ineptness and "geek" background. Sarah was eventually written out of the show.

    Sarah's departure was part of the transformation from the funny, sci-fi spy stories early in the season to the more serious and sensual drama of the later episodes, four of which never aired on UPN during the initial run.

    The evil Dumont character returned in the unaired episodes. His plans plunged Jake into a dark place and helped to change his identity completely. And with Sarah gone, Jake's colleague Diane became Jake's love interest... sort of.

    Grace Park (of Battlestar Galactica fame) had a recurring role as Fran Yoshida, one of the medical personnel at the NSA. Kandyse McClure (another BSG regular) made a guest appearance in one episode.

    Could the show have survived long-term if UPN had given it a chance to explore this new ground through a full season? Sadly, we'll never know. Would the writers have been able to keep the show fresh and entertaining over several seasons? We'll never know that either. At least the Sci Fi Channel is giving us a chance to revisit this underappreciated show. Maybe one of these days we can figure out why the show was canceled after just 12 episodes.
  • Impressive, Clever, Superb

    I was really impressed with this show. It had a strong storyline, clever writing, and a really superb cast. Jake of course is simply delicious, his mixture of awkwardness and virility made for very comical situations, as well as many intrepid ones. Again a show that was taken off the air too soon. With only one season, we were not given the time to really fall in love with the characters, I don't think there was much forwarning about this show either. It wasn't advertised well. I think had it been, there would have been a strong viewership. I think kudos need to go out to Christopher Gorham for is superb portrayal of Jake, and the rest of the cast for the powerful backup. It was a great show while it lasted!!!
  • This is a wonderful show! I had never even heard of it until SciFi announced they were going to be playing it on Fridays.

    I am so glad that they decided to show Jake 2.0 on SciFi. If they hadn't I would never have seen this show. I was really surprised to find out that originally it had played on UPN! I thought UPN hadn't gotten good until they got Veronica Mars which is fabulous!! Well, Jake 2.0 is also fabulous!! I love Christopher Gorham's part and it is very well done!! UPN deserves alot of credit for the really inventive shows it had started to churn out. Now the CW...I'm not so sure about that network. They only things they have going for it are Veronica Mars, Supernatural & Reba. But anywho Jake 2.0 is a great show and I would recommend that everyone check this out while they can on SciFi. Right now! Go watch it!!
  • There are some things you miss the first time around. And then you\'re lucky enough to get a second chance.

    Jake 2.0 was a sci-fi television show on UPN in 2003. Look again at the two most important words in that first sentence: sci-fi and UPN. Unsurprisingly, few watched--because who does watch a sci-fi show on UPN? Roswell and Enterprise are two similar examples.

    However, Jake 2.0 isn\'t like those shows. The biggest difference is that this one is good. Jake, a lowly tech guy at the NSA, one day stops the robbery of computer information in a laboratory--and in an explosion during the ensuing shootout, nanites infect his body, rendering him able to communicate with technology. His dream to become a secret agent, already a pick-up line in bars, becomes reality. Like Hiro Nakamura on NBC\'s popular drama Heroes, Jake gets immediate wish fulfillment, but learns the difficulties of being superpowered. At times wearingly predictable, Jake 2.0 is fun and frothy science fiction. Think about it: were the show serious, it would be laughably melodramatic. The emotional impact of the show is more important than the already outdated special effects. The cast is delightful, and the plots are involving. If you didn\'t watch this the first time around, don\'t make the same mistake twice.
  • Max Steel 2.0

    I continue to be amazed that, apparently, no one has noticed the overwhelming similarities between Jake 2.0 and the 2000-2002 cartoon series (plus assorted recent DVD movies) Max Steel. While Max was a 30-minute toy commerical in the best Mattel tradition, it seems that nonetheless the creator(s) of Jake lifted the basic premise almost wholesale. Nanotech? Check. Freak accidental exposure to nanotech caused by bad guy trying to steal said nanotech? Check. Spy with super hearing, vision, strength, speed, etc.? Check. Glasses-wearing nerd watching the vital signs? Check.

    I understand that some repetition of ideas is inevitable in TV, but if I can rattle off four "coincidences" of major plot points off the top of my head, it gets a little ridiculous. That's plagarism, and it's not only illegal, it's lazy.

    Jake 2.0 is a decent enough show. But I've already seen it, and I've seen it done better - after all, Jake doesn't have a stealth mode, now does he?
  • good show it´s a shame it got cancelled

    i really loved the show but i don´t know i always thought something was missing in the show it was really a shame that it got canceled cuz it had great actors, great writers and good special effects i believe they didn´t gave the show the chance to prove it´s value
  • This was a great show. It\'s lack of a following was criminal.

    This show started off slowly which I believe was the cause of it\'s eventual downfall. This however was very nessesary for Jake\'s character development.

    Jake 2.0 comprised of three main parts. Firstly Jake\'s adventures as an agent, secondly Jake\'s personal challenges mainly involving getting used to being an agent and thirdly his love interests (Sarah and Dianne).

    This show was not a blockbuster however the show did have a certain charm that grew with the series. Due to the show\'s simplicity it wouldn;t have been worth continuing past the second season and that would have been a stretch. Whilst thouroughly enjoyable the first run in the US was horribly cut short. I like sindication.

    This show is definately worth watching however the losse ends at the ends are somewhat annoying when you know it\'s not coming back.
  • This show defines 'ahead of its time'

    This show was brilliant, definitely with a new series now it would succeed. This show was so enjoyable, and on at a friendly time, in UK at least. The idea seemed a little far fetched but that's the point of science fiction, I don't even know why this show was cancelled. The relationship between Jake, his doctor friend and the blonde woman he liked was always fun to watch, and his NSA colleagues all had their moments.

    Even the guy who worked in a cellar and talked to no one but knew about gangs and cults was brilliant. Although no DiNozzo, still very enjoyable and humourous. The way he tries to inject some life into a potentially very boring crowd of people is priceless. This show was good and the plotlines were all reasonable. Other shows had much worse storylines, (and now I think about it they all got cancelled as well). Aah well. I still enjoyed this show tremendously.
  • A concept that almost worked... but not really. Why? Read more...

    "Jake 2.0" was a concept that almost worked. The concept was interesting and could have worked, but the creators of the show could not make it work week to week, during the actual episodes.
    There might be other reason that this show did not work: first, it was a UPN that as sometimes difficult times with the sci-fi type of show (main in SCI-FI it would have made it). Second, the acting was not great and could not support a believable story. Finally, and possibly very important in the final appreciation, the special effects need to support the series never worked well (maybe because of budget constraints to the show).
    Nevertheless, independently of reason and despite the potential of the concept, this show did not even make it to the end of season 1, having only 12 episodes been made and run. Maybe going to SCI-FI is the way to go and this time it makes.
  • gone too soon

    this was not the greatest sci fi show to get cancelled. but it was pretty good. there was a lot hype before the show came out. i do not think the show was as good as the hype. it was a good show and on another network it might have taken off.
  • They Should Bring this show back.

    I think that they should definitly bring this show back i have just finished watching the first series and was primed to start watching the second only to find that there is not one.
    It seems a shame that after he has got upgraded that they did not continue the series.
  • I really loved this show, im just really gutted they stopped it just when it was getting interesting! Please bring it back!

    Jake 2.0 was about a guy who wouldn't normally be looked at as an secret agent. Then one day, he was involved in this accident that changed his life forever, he basically got infected with nanites that basically fused themselfs into his system.

    Jake then became the perfect secret agent as nobody would suspect (looking at him & the way he dressed) that he could be a secret agent with abilities to communicate to computers! He not only had the ability to communicate & control computers but he also had hightened senses and speed. He was the perfect secret Agent!
  • Jake Foley is a computer technician for the NSA Circumstance puts him in a top secret laboratory, in the middle of a shootout between security guards and a saboteur. During the battle, a vial containing an experimental serum explodes, covering Jake with s

    This show is just as entertaining as the recent "Sliders", "The Invisible Man" and Chris Gorham's prior Showtime series "Odyssey 5". It's sci-fi and its great. to the people out there who have not watched this show u are missing out its a really great show, i love it, and jake should end up with Diane Hughes she seems to be a really nice girl and wants to be with jake
  • Good show while it lasted, but too many holes.

    This was a great show that UPN canceled before its time. The show was just finally starting to get going and Jake was finally getting used as an agent in the field. I understand that this show was an omage to the six million dollar man, but they didn't even go that far with Jake. They go through almost the whole season on how he got his powers and what they do for him, then they don't use the new powers to there fullest use, which makes me wonder if the writers even cared about the story and how to keep it going. The story had some week to week follow thru, with his love life and work issues, but neither is looked into fully, and this is why I feel like the show got axed.
  • A much underrated and overlooked show, especially by the network. Killed before it had a chance to shine.

    While Jake 2.0 looks to be a new-technology upgrade on the old "Million Dollar Man" theme of super-agent who is technologically enhanced helps to take down the bad guys, it's much more than that.

    The show was funny, intelligent, cleverly written and fairly well acted. The chemistry of the main cast is obvious, especially between Jake and the female doctor.

    It's a pity that the final 4 episodes never got shown in the US, then again, having seen them, they were definitely weaker than the rest of the series.

    Overall it's definitely worth the watch, and if they'll get off of their butts and get a DVD out, then it'll help them with realising the fan base is there.
  • Gone too soon...

    This was yet another terrific show that was cancelled prematurely. You only have to watch 'Blackout' and 'Get Foley' to see how truely great TV can be.
    The concept was original, the writing was solid and there was no weak link in the cast. Christopher Gorham was perfect as Jake Foley, showing an aptitude for physical work as well as an impressive emotional range.
    Obviously, it's too late to wish that he show be brought back, but, if only they would release the DVD...
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