Jake 2.0

UPN (ended 2003)





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  • Bottom line ... very good show and quite a good cast. Definetley ahead of it's time.

    The show was ahead of it time with every single episode. It had a great cast, it was full with relatively unknown actors at that time all very promising though. The premise is great, nerdy geeky tech suport guy who always dreamed of mooving up gets his chance when a freak accident involving nanotechnology gives him enhanced abilities.
    It's funny how this wasn't picked up as a regular series and "Chuck" was since it's basicly the same thing.
    The characters were well writen, there was place for expansion, it had, action, sci fi, and comic relief all in one great show.
    You can see the main character and the actor that played it, actually evolving from episode to episode.
    And the support it gets from the other characters is great.
    It would have been interesting to see how they develop and manage a possible relationship between Jake and Diane, as the connection was there from the first episode, while they've started relatively late to explore it, it would have been grounds for serious humour and also drama in it, at least two or three seasons worth of it. Hell if they add in a bit of Jake's ex girlfriends, some of that "Arms and the girl" scent with new atractive women that hit on him, some Sarah episodic appearances, and stir all that with a bit of gealousy and uncertainty from Diane there would be plenty to write solely on that for a few season, add to that the terrorism and all the other subjects you got there a recipe for a succesfull and pretty long show.
    A show that wouldn't be boring even at the tenth season, off course if it's thought right.
    Too sum up, this show definetly needs to be revamped and if possible in exactly the same formula, or at least for the 4 main actors in it.