Jake 2.0

Season 1 Episode 5

The Good, The Bad, and The Geeky

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Oct 08, 2003 on UPN
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The Good, The Bad, and The Geeky
After capturing a ruthless, wealthy computer terrorist code-named DuMont, Jake convinces the NSA he's the perfect geek for the job of heading overseas to impersonate DuMont and infiltrate his international gang of cyber-terrorists.

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      • Yori: We've been doing it online for six months okay, I don't need you to tell me I'm beautiful, save the compliments for someone who needs it.
        Jake: What, wait ... we're not online anymore.

      • Duarte: (to DuMont) You know, it's because of people like you that I love the Patriot Act.

      • Clu: Hey, who'd you believe more?
        Jake: Oh, clearly you're both evil geniuses.

      • Jake: The building seems kinda empty. German Intelligence on some kind of a holiday or something?
        (Clu points a gun at Jake)
        Jake: Wal...Walther PPK? I thought...I thought James Bond was the only guy who still used one of those.
        Clu: Oh, you think you're smart? Think you can outsmart the bullet?
        Jake: That's a line from RoboCop. What's going on here? You guys learn everything you know from movies?
        Clu: (laughing) We're so busted!

      • Kyle: Jake, we're talking about going overseas and infiltrating a criminal gang. Agents train for years to do this type of duty.
        Jake: Yeah, but these aren't drug dealers. They're not terrorists. They're nerds. They're like...they're like nerds gone wild. These are my people.

      • DuMont: Foley - you're talented, but when you wake up tomorrow, you're still gonna be the same government droid sellout.
        Jake: You're still gonna be in that cell.

      • Jake: James Bond, Napoleon Solo, Steve Austin. You never saw any of those guys count pennies for a tow.
        Diane: Okay, you can't compare yourself to Steve Austin. He was a man barely alive. They had to rebuild him.
        Jake: Laugh it up. My auto repair estimates come in as bad as I think they are, I'm gonna be the world's first ride-sharing superspy.

      • Jake: (to phone) Hello? Okay, there. Can you hear me now? Good. Maybe if I stand here long enough, we can have a full conversation. No, I don't think it's my crappy carrier, I think it's my cheap, crappy phone.

    • NOTES (6)

      • In-Joke: The "override code" for the airplane was a combination of the hull number (NCC-1864) and the prefix code (16309) for the USS Reliant in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan.

      • Music: "Shiny Disco Balls" by Who Da Funk, "Control Freaq" by Felix Da Housecat, "We Are Connected" by Jondi & Spesh, "Shakin'" by Dandy Warhols, "Hide U" by Kosheen, and "So High" by Camel Rider.

      • The registry number for the private jet that the Banatech execs were flying was NX74205. This is also the registry number for the USS Defiant, as seen on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

      • Marina Black doesn't appear in this episode.

      • In-joke: One of the safehouse address, "221B Bäcker Strasse", is an in-joke reference to Sherlock Holmes - in English, the address would be 221B Baker Street - Holmes' home address. The second safehouse address, Lisberger Apartments, 98 Alexanderplatz, is an in-joke homage to the director of Tron, Steven Lisberger.

      • In-joke: This episode is littered with references to the movie Tron. All of the hacker's online handles are the names of characters from that movie. Dumont-the Tower Guardian, Clu-Flynn's destroyed program, Bit-the energy ball that says "Yes" & "No", Yori-Tron's girlfriend, and MacP- The Master Control Program or MCP. In fact this episode takes the Tron references to an extreme by having MacP shot Clu (ala the MCP destroying the program Clu). Also Dumont's real name's Kevin Flynn (same as Jeff Bridges' character), and he wants revenge on Banatech for, according to him, firing him and stealing his ideas (like the movie).

    • ALLUSIONS (2)

      • Jake: That's a line from RoboCop.
        RoboCop was an action movie from 1987, starring Peter Weller, where a slain police officer is retrofitted with a cybernetic exoskeleton.

      • Federal Reserve Official: This isn't the Bedford Falls Savings & Loan. This is the Federal Reserve Bank of the United States. This is a reference to the classic Christmas movie It's a Wonderful Life (1946). George Bailey (played by Jimmy Stewart) reluctantly takes over the Bailey Building & Loan in the sleepy small town of Bedford Falls. Typical of small-town financial institutions, especially in earlier decades, the Bailey Building & Loan has relatively few security measures.