Jake 2.0

Season 1 Episode 10

The Spy Who Really Liked Me

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Nov 19, 2003 on UPN
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The Spy Who Really Liked Me
Jake goes on trial before an NSA emergency board of inquiry after he disobeys a direct order to kill a sexy, female spy accused of stealing a biological weapon, but if Jake is found guilty, the Special Ops project -- and Jake -- will be shut down for good.moreless

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  • The team is called to appear for an inquiry after Jake refused a direct order.

    This was a very interesting episode that was different from the other episodes because it was almost completely told by means of flashbacks.

    Cleverly scripted and great acting, as usual, combined with a bit of social commentary about government policies.

    A lethal substance is stolen but officially it's not been stored by the US government and therefore it cannot be stolen. Kyle and Jake hunt the thieves down and catch them so Jake's free to find some form of entertainment and meets a nice girl.

    Of course, there are no nice girls in Jake's world and she turns out to be the actual thief of the substance, but she's a former CIA agent who's not evil but wants to avenge her sister's death. Jake convinces her he'll help despite having been given the order to kill her. However, Kyle receives orders to hand her over to the local government and does so.

    The team is then subjected to an inquiry and Jake has to use blackmail to get off.moreless
Laura Harris

Laura Harris

Angela Hamilton

Guest Star

Rob Stewart

Rob Stewart

Miles Jennings

Guest Star

Frank Ferrucci

Frank Ferrucci

Colonel Alonzo

Guest Star

Jim Byrnes (I)

Jim Byrnes (I)

Chief Director James Skerrit

Recurring Role

Rachel Hayward

Rachel Hayward

NSA Female Committee Member

Recurring Role

Miranda Frigon

Miranda Frigon

Tech Agent Carver

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • When Jake picks up Angela he's holding a long-stemmed flower against her back. He spins her around and they drop onto the bed and the flower is gone.

  • QUOTES (18)

    • Janet: How do you go out there every day not knowing if you're ever coming back?
      Jake: Well, I pretty much know that I am coming back, 'cause l-like I said, I'm... I'm a computer tech, so we come back every morning. Except weekends.

    • Jennings: Give your name and position, please, for the record.
      Jake: Uh, Agent Jake Foley, the human subject with millions of tiny robots inside.

    • NSA Female Committee Member: Jake Foley is another matter. Did you see the way he stood up to us? That's a soldier.
      Skerrit: You like him?
      NSA Female Committee Member: Oh my god, I hate and fear him but a man like that bent to your will could accomplish anything.
      Skerrit: I don't believe he's bent to anyone's will.
      NSA Female Committee Member: No, that's a problem. One I intend to rectify.

    • Angela: What the hell are you?
      Jake: I told you. I'm an agent with the NSA.
      Angela: I didn't ask who, I asked what. You survived exposure to Varcon gas. Nobody does that.

    • Angela: You have a shoot-to-kill order, don't you?
      Jake: Take another step, you'll find out.
      Angela: It's not so easy is it? Putting a bullet in somebody you know intimately.

    • NSA Female Committee Member: Excuse me, Agent Foley, how long did you say you clung to the underside of Angela Hamilton's car?
      Jake: I don't know. Two, two and a half hours.
      NSA Female Committee Member: That's impressive.
      Jennings: (whispering to Skerrit) Imagine that power in the hands of a properly trained agent.
      Jake: Yeah, imagine that. Nano-hearing.

    • Angela: (aiming gun at Jake) Don't shoot!
      Jake: (aiming gun at Angela) You don't shoot!
      Angela: Put down your gun!
      Jake: You put it down!

    • Jake: You're double-jointed? So am I!
      Angela: Well, that does it then. We should get married.

    • Angela: You mind if I join you?
      Jake: Yeah. Yeah, I mean, yeah you can join me.
      Angela: Are you sure? Because you can tell me to get lost.
      Jake: That's usually my line.

    • Jake: Notice how the travel brochures never mention monsoons. What's up with that?

    • Diane: I heard about your hot date.
      Jake: What did Kyle tell you?
      Diane: Nothing, just that she came on a little strong.
      Jake: I've had people shooting at me and been less afraid.

    • Angela: I'm an Intelligence officer. What did you expect? I'm sure your real name isn't Jake Foley.
      Jake: Of course not.

    • Jake: Is it safe?
      Diane: You mean, um... Well, yeah. If you use a condom.

    • Jake: I have a hard enough time talking to girls I actually know!

    • NSA Female Committee Member: And Miles, if you ever speak to me in that tone of voice again, I'll cut your tongue out. I'm not being figurative.

    • Diane: Are we allowed to drink on duty?
      Beckett: No, but we're going to start.

    • Skerrit: This is not a trial in the formal sense.
      Jake: What does that mean?
      Duarte: We don't get a lawyer.

    • Jake: So... you're telling me I can have sex?
      Diane: I should run some tests to be sure.

  • NOTES (2)