Jake 2.0

Season 1 Episode 16


Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Unknown on UPN
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Jake is assigned to protect Dr. Nanda Sang--a Nobel prize winning activist and diplomat--from the Junshi clan of assassins. However, for a man of peace, the Ghandi of East Asia isn't quite what they're expecting. Particularly Diane, who sees him as a hero. Meanwhile, Warner pays DuMont a visit.moreless

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  • An ending that ask more questions than it answers.

    This was the final episode that was made (the show got axed) and it leaves you wanting more. It's a good episode though. It certainly takes it to the next level, with the bad guys (Dumant and Warner) starting to plot and Jake and Diane talk about their relationship.

    This episode is like all the others: exciting, funny and full of great action. The production over all is well done, with cool shoots and swirling camera angles.

    The ninja was really unexpected, the way he wanted to be a nice guy and not a murderer. This episode also showed how hard Jake is having it, all the tough choices he has to make and how he copes with them. A good episode, but a bad series finale.moreless
  • Jake seems to understand the depth of responsibilities and fully commits: he's all in. He wants to be better in order to do better. But things are never what they seem on the surface, are they?moreless

    This was a nice, dark, meaty episode. I felt Jake's angst and his desire to to do something really meaningful with his abilities. He wants to become less the government-directed superpawn and more of the Jake-directed SuperMan. It left me wanting so much more: to see this character develop a more independent and self-defined compass. I wanted to see what he'd do next with the creepy NSA compadres (I fully expected a more detailed set of episodes where Jake goes head to head with the NSA oversight committee chair. We learned a bit more about Diane's character as well: for both Jake and Diane this was childhood's end. Diane takes off her rose-colored glasses & learns that intellectual excellence is not necessarily paired with moral integrity or even good manners!

    NSA honcho Warner, always in search of Power/Control, has more fun & games with Dumont, who has Fun & head games with her. Who knows where this was going to lead?

    Jake meets what could have become his alter-ego in the character of Shinji, the assassin sent to kill Dr. Sang. They both have these awesome skills that the Powers That Be in their individual realms want to use to their own ends. They both are put in situations where they must kill other people. Neither wants to do this. They both have moral compasses that seemingly respond to a higher authority, and are seeking a way out of the cage. They both are faced with the real possibility of being put out of their misery if they choose to cut and run from the groups that feel they own them! And the person who may put them out of their misery might be the closest person to them! And when push comes to shove, they'll have to kill to avoid being killed.

    There was a lot of promise, unfulfilled, in this show.moreless
Miranda Frigon

Miranda Frigon

Tech Agent Susan Carver

Guest Star

Benita Ha

Benita Ha

Sketch Artist Tech

Guest Star

Shin Koyamada

Shin Koyamada

Shinji Makito

Guest Star

Rachel Hayward

Rachel Hayward

Valerie Warner

Recurring Role

Grace Park

Grace Park

Fran Yoshida

Recurring Role

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    • Shinji: If you ever need it, my life is in your hands.
      Jake: I appreciate that, but I'd rather you keep it.

    • Jake: Look, there's a kid in there who had trained his entire life to be a murderer and when the time came to pull the trigger he couldn't do it and I admire him for that. He's...he's...
      Diane: Still innocent?

    • Jake: Okay, I'm sorry! Okay? But I did it and it worked and I'm fine.
      Diane: (unconvinced) Really.
      Jake: Yeah, well, I had a little pain. (beat) Okay, I had blinding pain and I fainted for a few seconds.
      Diane: Oh, Jake! Your ego is going to turn you into a vegetable!

    • Seymour: I'm actually, like, standing in the same room as a real live Junshi assassin. This is huge. Do you realize that nobody sees these guys and lives?
      Shinji: The night is young.

    • Fran: Wow. Men, are they all dogs?
      Diane: Well, I haven't met them all but...

    • Shinji: I wanna feel this a little longer. This freedom!
      Jake: Yeah, I think what you're feeling is the two and a half beers.
      Shinji: Can I tell you something I haven't told anyone before?
      Jake: Why stop now?

    • Shinji: (drunkenly sings in Japanese) You don't know this song?
      Jake: No. No, I don't.
      Shinji: It was a very big hit by Yumeka. Japanese Beyonce. Very hot!
      Jake: Yeah.

    • Lou: Thanks, Seymour. We'll take it from here.
      Seymour: Right. Oh, actually, sorry, one question: who took this picture?
      Lou: One of our agents.
      Seymour: Really.
      Lou: Why?
      Seymour: Just a note, you might want to beef up protection on him, or her for that matter. There's only been a couple of people who have identified Junshi and lived but they're usually maimed, tortured. You know, eyes cut out, tongue cut out. That kind of thing, but for the most part, they're all dead.

    • Seymour: Whoa. Yeah, this guy is a member of the Junshi clan. Nasty as they come these guys. Make your standard Yakuza look about as scary as Pokemon anime, which if you've ever had to actually had to sit through it is actually pretty scary.
      Lou: Seymour, focus.

    • Jake: (to Shinji) Back at the hotel, you had a clear shot of Sang and you didn't take it. And you could have killed me on that roof. I'm beginning to think you're some kind of crappy assassin. What's up with that?

    • Jake: (groaning in pain) Now that I want to kill you, I'm too damn tired to try.
      Shinji: And at the moment, I'm too exhausted to die.

    • Shinji: The only solution is to take my life.
      Jake: Huh. Okay, you need to chill out.

    • Shinji: You are a man of honor. I am not. I humbly ask you to take my life.
      Jake: What? Okay, what's your name?
      Shinji: Shinji Makito
      Jake: I'm Jake. Jake Foley and I'm not going to kill you but I am going to arrest you.
      Shinji: I'm sorry, I cannot allow that.
      Jake: You want me to kill you but you don't want me to arrest you?

    • Dr. Sang: Agent Duarte, I get the feeling you would like nothing better right now than to punch me in the face.
      Duarte: Peace activist and a mind reader.
      Dr. Sang: You think I'm a hypocrite.
      Duarte: That's a milder word than I would use. You know that woman you accosted is a friend of mine. She looked up to you, believed in you.
      Dr. Sang: I'm sorry to have shattered her illusions.
      Duarte: Yea, I'm sure you are.
      Dr. Sang: Kennedy was a philandering son of a bootlegger. Churchill was a depressive alcoholic. Great men aren't always great people. You can't imagine the blood shed I was born into. The things I have done to survive and to make myself heard. I may not be a very nice human being, but the world is a better place for it.
      Duarte: That speech of yours better shake the pillars of Heaven.
      Dr. Sang: I expect nothing less.

    • Diane: Super eye drops.
      Jake: Really?
      Diane: No. It's just eye drops.

    • Jake: Let me explain...
      Diane: No, let me explain. I may be your friend but I am also your doctor, and the senior researcher on this project. So when I say do no mess with the nanites, then you take that as the word of God.

    • Diane: Don't do any more stupid things.
      Jake: Well, I won't if you won't. (Diane looks at him) Next time an international man of peace asks you up to his room... don't go.
      Diane: Oh. Oh, well. Well, you know, Bono is coming to town next weekend, and I heard he has a thing for me...
      Jake: Yeah. (both laugh) Hey, I'm sorry about what happened with Doctor Sang.
      Diane: Yeah, me too... I saw his speech on TV. It was extraordinary. I can see how he dazzled Congress into backing his cause. It's a good cause.
      Jake: Yeah, it is. It's too bad he's such a...
      Diane: Scumbag.
      Jake: That's the word I'm looking for.
      Diane: Yeah, well. You know, its hard to, uh, reconcile great men and the stupid things they sometimes do.
      Jake: Yeah. (pause) Oh, I see, we've not so subtly segued back to me.
      (Diane laughs)
      Jake: All right. I promise not to play with myself an- (winces with Diane) Hmm, let me rephrase that. I promise not to play with the nanites anymore.
      Diane: Okay. Even if it's for a really, really good cause like saving lives? Which you did. Without having to take any. Which, for the record, I think is pretty damn awesome.
      Jake: Thanks.
      Diane: You're welcome.

    • Jake: Diane? What are you doing here?
      Diane: Oh, I'm just here to get a good look at my hero.
      Jake: Come on - you see me every day at work.

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