Jake and the Never Land Pirates

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Jake and the Never Land Pirates

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Ahoy, mates! Welcome to the show guide for Jake and the Never Land Pirates on TV.com. Disney Junior's first animated series, this musical treasure hunt follows Jake and his crew of kid pirates--Izzy and Cubby--who take on adventures emphasizing team work. Joining them are classic characters Captain Hook and his sidekick Smee from Disney's Peter Pan. In each adventure, viewers interact with Jake and his friends as they collect gold doubloons for outwhitting Hook and Smee. The series also features music videos with original pirate rock songs performed by the Never Land Pirate Band--Loren Hoskins and Kevin Hendrickson. So, come set sail on the Good Ship Bucky and set a course with Jake and the Never Land pirates!

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AIRED ON 8/16/2013

Season 4 : Episode 20

Kevin Hendrickson

Kevin Hendrickson

Never Land Pirate Band Rocker

Loren Hoskins

Loren Hoskins

Never Land Pirate Band Rocker and Sharky

Corey Burton

Corey Burton

Captain Hook

Jeff Bennett

Jeff Bennett

Mr. Smee and Bones

Colin Ford

Colin Ford


David Arquette

David Arquette

Skully the Parot


    Seriously people it's JUST A SHOW! there is nothing to get angry about here. first of all, this is a show aimed at TODDLERS, second, just because it takes place in neverland doesn't mean the show craps all over peter pan, third, would you rather have captain hook KILL A MEMBER OF HIS OWN CREW JUST FOR DOING SOMETHING LIKE SINGING OFF KEY, peter pan STEALING THE YOUTH OF CHILDREN BY KILLING THEM AND YES THAT DOES HAPPEN IN THE BOOKS and THE VILLAIN GETTING EATEN AS WELL AS A BOMB BEING PLANTED, or three young pirates going on adventures in neverland while teaching your kids about math, morality, teamwork , friendship and problem solving and fair play which is better for your kid? and by the way PETER PAN IS IN THE SHOW JUST RARELY AND YOU KNOW WHAT? THE PROTAGONISTS IN THE SHOW LOOK UP TO AND RESPECT HIM AND HE IN TURN IS PROUD OF THEM.

    just because hook isn't ruthless and the main hero isn't peter pan and tinker bell doesn't mean it automatically sucks. besides the original film is still there kids just have this to introduce them the the movies world. GAH!!! this is just like when nobody was buying the jaime reyes blue beetle JUST BECAUSE HE WASN'T TED KORD!!! GET OVER IT ALREADY!!!moreless
  • Please End It

    I hate how this show is mocking an amazing childhood book/movie, let alone my favorite of all time. Peter Pan is NOT supposed to be educational! It's supposed to be a relaxing trip to Neverland that takes you away from all the stress that's currently in my life. If there was one movie to make my stress go away, it's Peter Pan. This show is NOT the way to treat an amazing movie!!!moreless
  • a good kids show

    as far as modern kids shows go id say this is one that shines out. It has counting, singing and basic general knowledge. It also has basic morality in it, eg hook if you hadnt tried to steal X we would have shared it with you. Plus the characters dont talk like a bunch of ***s that smoked too much crack which is always a bonus as a parent
  • Another perfect sleep aid that costs nothing except your cable bill.

    Much like Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Friends, this show puts me to sleep easily. It is THAT boring!

    UPDATE (March 31, 2014): 5Z-erHOwWSk
  • Pirates are and always will be bad role models.

    When this nailed close the coffin of what was once Playhouse Disney, this show was proven awful not just because they break the fourth wall and that but they have awful characters.

    Jake acts like the leader of the group as if everyone was looking up to him.

    Izzy is the one that has an infinite source of Pixie dust that solves all their many problems.

    That fat kid known as Chubby is just another "dumb" character that always say "oh coconuts!" Nice move! Nice move!

    Captain Hook and Smee were great until they became do-gooders.

    They take "dubloons" as money. That's a little bit consumeristic don't you think?

    . Playhouse Disneymoreless

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