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    If you have anything you want to discuss on this show or any of its episodes, post your thoughts here.

    I have something already I would like to discuss about the show so far. You know how Jake and his pirate team collect those gold doubloons in every adventure? Well, and the most recent episode that aired a month ago, Captain Hook and Smee almost made off with the Team Treasure Chest where Jake and the others store their doubloons. In every episode, you will find info on how many doubloons the team collects in each story and the total amount in the episode. I have been keeping a running record of all the gold doubloons the team has been collecting, and so far, they have hoarded a total of 319 coins. Imagine, the team almost had Hook stealing over 300 doubloons.

    Well, I know that Jake and his friends' Team Treasure Chest won't be swiped again in a future episode. But in the next one which will air tomorrow, there will be birds in flight. I wonder if "Birds of a Feather" will be centered on Skully.
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