Jake and the Never Land Pirates

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  • Jake and the neverland pirates

    Jake is for babies

    Seriously people it's JUST A SHOW! there is nothing to get angry about here. first of all, this is a show aimed at TODDLERS, second, just because it takes place in neverland doesn't mean the show craps all over peter pan, third, would you rather have captain hook KILL A MEMBER OF HIS OWN CREW JUST FOR DOING SOMETHING LIKE SINGING OFF KEY, peter pan STEALING THE YOUTH OF CHILDREN BY KILLING THEM AND YES THAT DOES HAPPEN IN THE BOOKS and THE VILLAIN GETTING EATEN AS WELL AS A BOMB BEING PLANTED, or three young pirates going on adventures in neverland while teaching your kids about math, morality, teamwork , friendship and problem solving and fair play which is better for your kid? and by the way PETER PAN IS IN THE SHOW JUST RARELY AND YOU KNOW WHAT? THE PROTAGONISTS IN THE SHOW LOOK UP TO AND RESPECT HIM AND HE IN TURN IS PROUD OF THEM.

    just because hook isn't ruthless and the main hero isn't peter pan and tinker bell doesn't mean it automatically sucks. besides the original film is still there kids just have this to introduce them to the movies world to an extent. GAH!!! this is just like when nobody was buying the jaime reyes blue beetle JUST BECAUSE HE WASN'T TED KORD!!! GET OVER IT ALREADY!!!
  • We love this show

    Very clever writing if you really follow it and they get the best guest stars! My boys LOVE it.
  • Please End It

    I hate how this show is mocking an amazing childhood book/movie, let alone my favorite of all time. Peter Pan is NOT supposed to be educational! It's supposed to be a relaxing trip to Neverland that takes you away from all the stress that's currently in my life. If there was one movie to make my stress go away, it's Peter Pan. This show is NOT the way to treat an amazing movie!!!
  • a good kids show

    as far as modern kids shows go id say this is one that shines out. It has counting, singing and basic general knowledge. It also has basic morality in it, eg hook if you hadnt tried to steal X we would have shared it with you. Plus the characters dont talk like a bunch of ***s that smoked too much crack which is always a bonus as a parent
  • Another perfect sleep aid that costs nothing except your cable bill.

    Much like Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Friends, this show puts me to sleep easily. It is THAT boring!

    UPDATE (March 31, 2014): 5Z-erHOwWSk
  • Pirates are and always will be bad role models.

    When this nailed close the coffin of what was once Playhouse Disney, this show was proven awful not just because they break the fourth wall and that but they have awful characters.

    Jake acts like the leader of the group as if everyone was looking up to him.

    Izzy is the one that has an infinite source of Pixie dust that solves all their many problems.

    That fat kid known as Chubby is just another "dumb" character that always say "oh coconuts!" Nice move! Nice move!

    Captain Hook and Smee were great until they became do-gooders.

    They take "dubloons" as money. That's a little bit consumeristic don't you think?

    . Playhouse Disney
  • jake and the always stupid pirates the 1 stupidest show ever

    it stinks alot it does not even make sense it sucks everything it ruined captain hook, Mr Smee , and the pirate crew pirate crew are stupid there is a fat one and the stupid skinny one they are so stupid and ugly the sing like stupid dummies they ruined disney they sing stupid songs they think they sing good is a stupid pirate he doesn't even look like a stupid pirate why doesn't his parents appear there maybe because they hated him and they abandoned them and they did not want to see him again that stupid little whore she sucks she does not evenrun out of pixie dust like why it is a little tiny bag it does not have that much of pixie dust she has a stupid face she uses pixie dust as a cheat the faries should not have trusted her and gave her it and if izzy did not have the pixie dust they would fail that is what i want to see at least one time that they would fail for once please!!! disney junior or should i say chubby, he is fat and stupid he always says "oh coconuts!" why doesn't he say

    "oh shit" that would be better and he does ot even make sense treasure chest does not even get full it stays the same it it already full and maybe those stupid pirates stole the coins somewhere those little fuckers were not even born to be pirates thay stupid sword is wooden!!!!!! that does not even make sense it would break that stupid sword does not work show stinks
  • It's like Dora the Explorer, only 10 times worse!!!

    Poor Walt Disney, every day, either Disney Channel or Disney Junior seems to succeed in trying to find a way to ruin his legacy. Not only do we have Disney Channel showing teenybopper trash like Shake It Up, A.N.T. Farm, and Let It Shine, but we also have Disney Junior babifying Walt's animated characters such as Mickey Mouse and Captain Hook. Right now, I'm going to talk about the latter. Jake and the Neverland Pirates is a true slap in the face to anyone who grew up on Walt Disney's original classic, Peter Pan. Why is that you ask, well it's simple. In the original movie, Captain Hook is a very sinister villain, while in Jake and the Neverland Pirates, he acts like an idiot. And, in the great tradition of "great" preschool programming such as Dora the Explorer and Blues Clues, the characters break the fourth wall. Speaking of Dora, Jake is much like a male version of Dora, only more annoying. If you have a preschooler and want to introduce him to Captain Hook, rent Peter Pan on DVD or Netflix, or if you want your preschoolers to watch something innocent, introduce them to Mister Rogers' Neighborhood. Do NOT introduce them to this waste of time, this is the kind of show what would make visionaries like Walt Disney and children's entertainers like Fred Rogers and Jim Henson roll in their graves.
  • There is nothing wrong with introducing this to kids.

    I mean every come one every time something like Peter Pan gets a following they want to introduce it to kids their is nothing wrong with that.Back in 1984 The teenage mutant ninja turtles was a dark and gritty comic book which later made into a kid friendly cartoon show to with action. Seriously guys children need to be introduced to are classic character that we grew up with to they not just for the previous generation i mean look at Batman that started back in the 1940's stop complaining and let this show before kids.
  • I love this show Get over it people its just a show!

    You guys are so crazy this show is great.

    Here is my plot about the pirate team

    Jake is a great leader and never says anything offensive to his team.

    Izzy is always there for others and since the show started she was my fave and

    Cubby can be a bit pf a scardy cat at times but is still so cool and really cute.

  • They took all of the old childhoods, and ripped them, crushed them, and covered them with poop.

    First off, lets start with Captain Hook. THEY MAKE HIM LOOK LIKE AN IDIOT.

    Second, Peter Pan? ANOTHER IDIOT.

    Third, the Pirate teams? THE BIGGEST IDIOTS OF ALL.

    Animation: Fail

    Acting (Voice): FAIL

    Fail?: YES
  • Once again,Disney ruins our childhood


    Remember when you were a kid,and you grew up with Peter Pan? Well know,this show ruins those days. Jake and the Neverland Pirates is about three sailors named Jake,Cubby and Izzy and their parrot Scurvy,as they go on adventures in Neverland and try to get things back from Captain Hook and his other pirates. So yeah,they ruined CH,and made him an idiot. The characters are just idiotic,and are unlikable to the max. Jake is constantly asking for help from the audience,and is so annoying. Izzy is stupid,and something that bothers me,she has a bag of pixie dust,and it never runs out,as if a bag that small could fit that much pixie dust. Cubby is another ruined Peter Pan character,and was a lost boy. Did Jake force him to be one of them? He also says the most gayest catchphrase of all time "Ahh,coconuts". And it gets annoying,really fast. Captain Hook is a perfect disgrace from the original. He used to be an awesome,evil pirate. Now he's a complete,clumsy idiot. He also steals the most pointless items from Jake like birthday presents,boomerangs,goldfishes. (He even thought a football was magic!) Seriously,this is Captain Hook? When did he turn into Doofenswartz? Mr Smee is also horrible,and is a disgrace from the original. Another thing that bothers me is his crew. You have Smee,and two other pirates. But there's one question: What happened to the other pirates? Did they sail off when they saw how stupid Hook is? Scurvey was the only good character,since he wasn't annoying. The plots are just idiotic. Most of the time,it's repetitive. Jake and the others have fun with something,Hook becomes stupid and steals it,Jake askes the audience for help,they go through hazards,Izzy uses pixie dust like a cheat code,Jake gets it back,they sing a horrible song and put dabloons in their chest. And that's an episode right there. The animation is also horrible,and character designs look horrible. At the end,we are treated to a cheap pirate music video that is just pointless. Overall,I cannot believe they made CH return in an educational show. Disney did this to Mickey Mouse,and now another childhood is ruined. Way to go,Disney. Way to go.

  • Peter Pan and Tinker Bell should be glad they're not in this abomination.

    Okay,so this will be my longest review yet of a terrible show,so I'll make the best of it. Once again,Disney made another educational show that has to be about ruining a classic character.If you thought it was bad that Disney ruined Mickey Mouse by making him kid friendly,and turning Winnie the Pooh cgi,well you guessed wrong. It turns out they ruined ANOTHER classic character of Disney. This is another epic fail of Disney Junior since Special Agent Oso and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. It's a show called Jake and the Neverland Pirates. Jake and the Neverland Pirates is about a guy named Jake and his crew,Izzy and Cubby as they battle pirates from Neverland. Now,you know what characters they ruined? Captain Hook,Mr Smee and the pirate crew. Why did they have to ruin those guys? They are great villains,no wait,they WERE great villains,now they just suck. First off,all of the characters are idiots. Jake himself is stupid.He always askes the audience to help them. Example:"Do you want to be a part of my pirate crew? I always say no,and I bet many other people say no too,even though he still thinks we say "Yes". Wow,what a complete moron. He also has a sword,but it's wooden. Wow,let's see what happens when he's in a real combat. And it was given to him by Peter Pan. Wait a minute,he gave that to this idiot. Izzy is no better. She always carries pixie dust in a bag that's like Chris' necklace from Total Drama Island as some kind of way to cheat. And it never runs out even though Tinker Bell is not even in this show. Cubby is the worst out of the group,because he is another ruined character of Peter Pan. He used to be a Lost Boy,now he's just a pirate. Did Jake force him to be one of them? No one knows nor cares. Captain Hook is just as stupid as the others. In the Peter Pan movies,he was a genius and a great evil villain. Now,they turned him from an evil pirate to just a stupid moron. He is not as evil as the original and never aims for Jake's treasure. Mr. Smee is no better at all. In the original movies, he was Captain Hook's funny sidekick. Now he's just as stupid as Captain Hook now. And why is their only 3 people in Hook's pirate crew? You have Mr. Smee and those two guys. Did the others run off because they didn't want to be with that idiot? I guess so. Also,the animation makes them look stupid,just like the animation of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse making Mickey look stupid. Another thing that's stupid about this show is the repetive plot. Hook steals something from Jake,Jake gets it back by cheating his way with pixie dust,that's it. But that's not all the show right there,many plots were different,but a lot of them were stupid.In one episode,Captain Hook challenged Jake to a basketball game. Wait,a basketball game?! What kind of episode is that? That would be like making a Winnie the Pooh episode with them at the Super Bowl. Speaking of the plots,another reason why Hook is stupid is that he's always stealing things from Jake that are not worth anything like Boomerangs,Puzzles,birthday presents and other things. Are you kidding me? He even stole a goldfish because he thought it was treasure. Why can't he just aim for gold that's in Jake's chest? Oh wait,he's an idiot in this show. When things don't turn out,he feels sad,so Mr. Smee gets him a gift,which is sweet of him,but Hook fails at the thing he gets. Wow,what an idiot. He can't even use a yo-yo. He also mistakes an item for something else. He thought a football was something that gave Jake powers. Wow,what did they do to Captain Hook? Also,why can't Jake just let those stuff go?It's not like it's treasure or gold. Speaking of gold,another running gag in this show is that everything good Jake and the others does,they get gold coins. Then,they ask the audience to help them get them. Now,It's a rip-off of the star catching from Dora The Explorer,another bad show. Then they put it in there chest singing an ear-bleeding song. The total is always 8-12 and the chest looks full. How come it never gets full. The only good character of the show is Scurvey,Jake's parrot. He's not an idiot at all and when The crew sings that horrendous song at the end of an episode,he doesn't even sing. Also,Peter Pan and Tinker Bell never appear in this show. They are mentioned but not seen,which I'm glad because the creators will turn them into idiots. At the end,we are treated to a stupid and cheap musical number by a group of idiots with pirate costumes on. The singing is just horrendous and it's just cheap and idiotic. Anyways,when will Disney stop ruining our childhood memories? They ruined Mickey Mouse and Winnie the Pooh,now they ruined Captain Hook. Please Disney stop doing this with our memories. Anyways,in my opinion, this is a terrible educational show with terrible characters,terrible animation,terrible everything. And it does everything that makes an educational show bad.Don't watch this show at all. Just let it burn and let it get canceled. Wow,this review is 901 words long? I finally made a long review of a terrible show. It's a new world record for me.