Jake and the Never Land Pirates

Weekdays 8:30 AM on Disney Channel Premiered Feb 14, 2011 Between Seasons





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  • Once again,Disney ruins our childhood


    Remember when you were a kid,and you grew up with Peter Pan? Well know,this show ruins those days. Jake and the Neverland Pirates is about three sailors named Jake,Cubby and Izzy and their parrot Scurvy,as they go on adventures in Neverland and try to get things back from Captain Hook and his other pirates. So yeah,they ruined CH,and made him an idiot. The characters are just idiotic,and are unlikable to the max. Jake is constantly asking for help from the audience,and is so annoying. Izzy is stupid,and something that bothers me,she has a bag of pixie dust,and it never runs out,as if a bag that small could fit that much pixie dust. Cubby is another ruined Peter Pan character,and was a lost boy. Did Jake force him to be one of them? He also says the most gayest catchphrase of all time "Ahh,coconuts". And it gets annoying,really fast. Captain Hook is a perfect disgrace from the original. He used to be an awesome,evil pirate. Now he's a complete,clumsy idiot. He also steals the most pointless items from Jake like birthday presents,boomerangs,goldfishes. (He even thought a football was magic!) Seriously,this is Captain Hook? When did he turn into Doofenswartz? Mr Smee is also horrible,and is a disgrace from the original. Another thing that bothers me is his crew. You have Smee,and two other pirates. But there's one question: What happened to the other pirates? Did they sail off when they saw how stupid Hook is? Scurvey was the only good character,since he wasn't annoying. The plots are just idiotic. Most of the time,it's repetitive. Jake and the others have fun with something,Hook becomes stupid and steals it,Jake askes the audience for help,they go through hazards,Izzy uses pixie dust like a cheat code,Jake gets it back,they sing a horrible song and put dabloons in their chest. And that's an episode right there. The animation is also horrible,and character designs look horrible. At the end,we are treated to a cheap pirate music video that is just pointless. Overall,I cannot believe they made CH return in an educational show. Disney did this to Mickey Mouse,and now another childhood is ruined. Way to go,Disney. Way to go.