Jake and the Never Land Pirates

Weekdays 8:30 AM on Disney Channel Premiered Feb 14, 2011 Between Seasons





Jake and the Never Land Pirates Fan Reviews (14)

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  • jake and the always stupid pirates the 1 stupidest show ever

    it stinks alot it does not even make sense it sucks everything it ruined captain hook, Mr Smee , and the pirate crew pirate crew are stupid there is a fat one and the stupid skinny one they are so stupid and ugly the sing like stupid dummies they ruined disney they sing stupid songs they think they sing good is a stupid pirate he doesn't even look like a stupid pirate why doesn't his parents appear there maybe because they hated him and they abandoned them and they did not want to see him again that stupid little whore she sucks she does not evenrun out of pixie dust like why it is a little tiny bag it does not have that much of pixie dust she has a stupid face she uses pixie dust as a cheat the faries should not have trusted her and gave her it and if izzy did not have the pixie dust they would fail that is what i want to see at least one time that they would fail for once please!!! disney junior or should i say chubby, he is fat and stupid he always says "oh coconuts!" why doesn't he say

    "oh shit" that would be better and he does ot even make sense treasure chest does not even get full it stays the same it it already full and maybe those stupid pirates stole the coins somewhere those little fuckers were not even born to be pirates thay stupid sword is wooden!!!!!! that does not even make sense it would break that stupid sword does not work show stinks