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  • it is one of those best shows i have ever seen. john stamos is a great actor.it lights me up.

    the show is good in a way that it allows you to think that life can be great fun if can bea jake(in progress).it shows the real life that one might dream of in his life.be with the beautiful ladiesand be in a lot of relations as such in this show make it more adorable. the really reflects the goodness that a person like might be enjoying and working his way through his life.i do believe that there is a little bit of jake in every men.i would love to be a john stamos in my life with the ambience of jake in progress.
  • Not as good as Arrested Development, but still two good for network TV.

    I\'v only seen the 1st 6 shows , ( i live in australia ), and i\'v already got that sick feeling in my stomach i got when i was 1st watching \"Kitchen Confidential\" because i new it had already been cancelled when i 1st started watching.

    People blame the networks, but really its the american peoples fault for not watching good shows. This is hardly the least deserving show to get cancelled in its 1st season, again, Kitchen Confidential comes to mind, as do alot of animated shows, \"mission hill\", \"the oblongs\" etc, But jake in progress was still certainly better than alot of things on air, or at least that got a longer run.

    The most interesting thing to come out of this show for me was a all new opinion of John Stamos, b4 seeing this i had him pegged as bit of a joke, kinda like Corey Haim or Mr T. (as in whaterver happened to?)
  • Jake in Progress is yet another above average show, that didn't catch on and therefor became the fate of yet another show to get canned before it really even started.

    Jake in Progress had quite a lot of potential. It was smart funny, had likeable charecters, and was relativly funny throughout. However not too many people gave it a chance because there were far to many other great shows released in the same month the show premeired. If givent the chance to try again, I think that the show might of been able to succeed. However the show has now been canned and we will never known if the show could of been more than what it is now. Overall an above average show, that could of been something great if it lasted longer.
  • Despite it's meek ratings, J.I.P is a decent show - certainly better than some already running on the little screen these days.

    I'm both saddened and a bit disappointed from the cancellation of Jake In Progress.

    This show was going places, eventually - - and really was In Progress...
    In my humble opinion, the decision to cancel it was premature - John stamos and the rest of the show's wonderful cast were only setting wheels in motion and preparing for a funnier, noisier, and original second season... so why pull the plug after only a single epi?
    Not that I'm a big network manager, but I really don't understand the decision... whay didn't they wait awhile and see if the show would pick up a bit more audience???

    I'm very sad J.I.P is R.I.P...
    Bring it back!!!!!
  • Basic Entertainment

    Jake has a charm about it that makes this show really good to watch. It has points that make you smile, and moments that grab your attention.

    However, Jake in Progress is truly a work in progress. It is a show that is fine for entertainment sake, but not one that, I believe, would hold you season to season. Its one of those shows, like Moonlighting, that was fun to watch, generally entertaining and nice to anticipate week to week…but not too missed when it was canceled.

    Jake is a good show, fun and entertaining…. It just lacks...Something...
  • My Absolute favorite show!

    January can't come soon enough for me! I am waiting with bated breath to find out what happens! The writing for this show is outstanding, smart, and the best thing on tv! I was stunned that they had even considered cancelling this show! The character that plays Patrick is the funniest guy since Kramer on Seinfeld, as a matter of fact, this was my fix for the hole Seinfeld left!! Each and every cast member fits like a glove. The mesh is definetly there! Bring it back now!!!
  • Somthing that always made you feel good about yourself aswell as making you smile and happy.

    When this series first started i have to be honest and say "What the hell is this". Soon thou the series grew and grew on me and now i have only repeats to watch. The series was brilliant from the start(after re-watching season 1) very creative and always pushing the boundaries. The whole Carrie and Mr Big thing was so enjoyable to watch, she seemed to meet and fall in love so many times but everytime it was so far from the real thing untill its Series finale which was amazeing.What i didnt like was that each season didnt have that many episodes which was a shame, any ussual show would have passed there 100th episode by its 6th season, but when you think about it, Quality conters Quantity every time. Samantha was my favorite of them all, i dint realy see myself able to relate to one of the chaacters(maybe because im a boy), butsamantha kept me entertained the whole time. I rea;ly do hope this series picks up a special reunion episode in the near future.
  • A real winner

    ABC struck gold with this show and I am very happy that they have renewed it for a second season (albeit midseason). It's unfortunate that the ratings were not higher. It seems like the smarter a show is, the lower its ratings are. I don't really get that, but I hope ABC gives this gem of a show a good time slot when it returns. John Stamos has never been better in a role than he is in this one and Jake deserves a long run.
  • Jake in Progress is the best comedy ABC has had yet. It came to me as a breath of fresh air and gave me something to look forward to.

    Jake in Progress is the best comedy ABC has had yet. It came to me as a breath of fresh air and gave me something to look forward to. John Stamos and the cast are great. ABC could not have found more perfect people to play these parts. John Stamos is the real reason I started watching, but I got hooked after the first eppisode. It is creative, fun, and different. There is no laugh track (thank God!) and there is only one camera used. Its fun and fast paced and deserves to stay on the air for a very long time.
  • On paper I might have written off Jake in Progress but I got hooked with the first episode.

    Those of us still suffering withdrawal from Sex and the City's retirement are an obvious target demographic. We're also somewhat finicky since Sex was such a uniquely terrific show. On paper I might have written off Jake in Progress but I got hooked with the first episode. A lot of people have apparently snubbed it, mostly I think because they liken John Stamos to Full House cutesiness. And this show does have cutesie moments. But somehow I've given it the benefit of the doubt and have been pleasantly entertained. I love his boss, played by the inestimable Wendie Malick, as she brings a tough cynical center that the goofy male characters can orbit. John Stamos is a terrific comic actor who deftly infuses the show with a cheerful energy.
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