Jakers! The Adventures of Piggley Winks

PBS (ended 2007)


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Episode Guide

  • Season 4
    • Macarooned
      Episode 12
      Finbarr takes Piggley, Ferny and Dannan out for a trip on the sea, but a sudden wind and waves make Finbarr, who over-ate on macaroons, very sea-sick. They become lost at sea and stranded on an island. Finbarr is too sick to take care of the children and they must fend for themselves in the wilderness until they are rescued by Mr Winks.moreless
    • The World According To Molly
      A grown-up Aunt Molly sends a letter and her first diary which only contains drawings she made as a youngster to Grandpa Piggley's granddaughter, Meg. Meg and Grandpa look through the pictures and they paint a whole different picture to the stories that Grandpa tells. Grandpa learns that he needs to apologise to his younger sister.moreless
    • Mind Your Manners
      Mind Your Manners
      Episode 10
      Dannan and the children have been invited to a special party when Mr McGandry's cousin, who is an ambassador, visits town. She is very excited about it and tries to get Piggley and Ferny to improve their manners. Their lack of willingness to learn almost ruins the whole party for Dannan.moreless
    • Tale Spinner
      Tale Spinner
      Episode 9
      A substitute teacher, Mr. McHoof, assigns a task to the children to write a two page story about someone in their family over the weekend. Piggley, Ferny and Dannan are still out playing Sunday afternoon and haven't started their homework. Piggley is disappointed when his friends leave him to work on their stories. Piggley knows he has talent, but can he put in the effort?moreless
    • Hector's Hero
      Hector's Hero
      Episode 8
      Dannan saves Hector from a run-in with an unfriendly goat. Hector is extremely grateful and offers to do anything for Dannan and follows her around. Nothing she says will give her any peace and even when she fakes a situation for Hector to save her back, he still won't take the hint.moreless
    • The Gift
      The Gift
      Episode 7
      Winter is approaching and it is time to put the Raloo Rocket away for the season. Soon it will be Piggley's birthday and the only gift he wants is an expensive new snow sled on sale in Tara. Ferny, Dannan and Piggley pass by the shop every day waiting for it to be purchased by Piggley's parents and imagine how fast it will be.moreless
    • Mi Galeon
      Mi Galeon
      Episode 6
      It is time for the Raloo River Race in Tara, and Piggley, Ferny and Dannan start building miniature ships for the race. Ferny's dad, Don Toro, is too enthusiastic and builds an immaculate galleon for Ferny. He is disappointed that he didn't build the ship himself, but how can he tell his father?moreless
    • How Much Is That Dragon In The Window
      Don Toro says that Ferny is ready to look after a pet and Captain Cumara offers to give one to him. Ferny can't wait for the time to arrive when he will get his pet, and spends the time with Piggley and Dannan imagining just what kind of pet it could be.moreless
    • Return of the Raloo Rockers
      The first television in Tara amazes everyone and Piggley, Ferny and Dannan learn of a talent contest in Dublin that will be televised. They soon dig out their instruments and learn a new song to play in the contest, but they have no way to get to Dublin. Mr Winks tells them to use the train, but they must earn the money to do it.moreless
    • Judging A Book By Its Cover
      When Meg is going to watch a DVD rather than read the book it's based on, Grandpa recalls the first time he ever got a book without pictures. As young Piggley reads the story, he imagines himself as the book's hero, Finn McCoul.
    • The Monkey
      The Monkey
      Episode 2
      When a monkey escapes from a traveling circus, Piggley and friends believe they've found an elusive "Irish gorilla". They set out to trap him, and in the process create an adventure of a lifetime.
    • The Haunted Shipwreck
      When Piggley and friends come upon an old shipwreck which bears the legend of being haunted, they take it upon themselves to free the ghost of Captain White. In doing so, they create a memory - and an adventure story - to last a lifetime.
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