Jakers! The Adventures of Piggley Winks

Season 1 Episode 1

Pie Filling

Aired Weekdays 2:30 PM Sep 07, 2003 on PBS
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Pie Filling
No one bakes apple pies as good as Piggley Winks' mother. One mid-afternoon, the smell of her apple pie alerts Piggley, Dannan and Ferny to the kitchen. Thinking his mother's pie may not be up to standard, Piggley lifts the crust and takes a taste of the inside. Before anyone knows it, Piggley, Ferny and Dannan have eaten the entire pie filling. Piggley convinces everyone the only way out of this mess is to make a new filling. That won't be easy, especially because a men-acing goat is guarding the apple trees.moreless

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    Mel Brooks

    Mel Brooks

    Wiley the Sheep

    Tara Strong

    Tara Strong

    Dannan O'Dallard/Molly Winks

    Maile Flanagan

    Maile Flanagan

    Young Piggley Winks

    Peadar Lamb

    Peadar Lamb

    Grandpa Piggley

    Russi Taylor

    Russi Taylor

    Fernando "Ferny" Toro/Mrs. Elly Winks

    Melissa Disney

    Melissa Disney


    Georgette Baker

    Georgette Baker

    Herself (Live storyteller)

    Guest Star

    Cobi Jones

    Cobi Jones

    Narrator (Live & Learn segment)

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    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (3)

    • QUOTES (25)

      • Piggley: There! Apple pie a la Piggley!

      • Piggley: Plan B. Molly, you go keep Mammy busy outside. We're going to clean up! Like Captain Clean of the Clean Burgade on a really clean, cleany day!
        Molly: Okay Piggley! (She goes outside to distract Mammy) Mammy! You came back!
        Mammy: Well, yes. I live here, don't you know?
        Molly: (Hanging on Mammy's arm) Oh! I am so glad you came home! Now you can...uh...you can hear me alphabet!
        Mammy: Oh, not right now, pet. I have things to-
        Molly: A, B, C, Q, R, 1, I am not so nearly done.

      • Piggley: So, we've got apples and we still need eggs, milk and sugar for the pie.
        Molly: And flour!
        Piggley: Dannan, you get the eggs!
        Molly: I'll get the flour!
        Piggley: Ferney, you get the milk!
        Ferney: Uh..uh..right! The milk!
        Molly: I'll get the flour!
        Piggley: Okay Molly..you go with Ferney to help get the milk. I'll get the sugar and we'll all meet back here!

      • Wiley: (eating an apple) Oh this is good! This is really good! My tongue is throwing a party for my mouth!

      • Wiley: There is no business like goat business.

      • Shemus: Hold it Grandpa. So you are telling us that the goat knocked all three of you into the air while you were wearing a goat costume?
        Grandpa Piggley: Now boys, do I look to you, like the sort of person who would make up a thing like that?
        Shawn: Did it make your rump sore?
        Grandpa Piggley: Well I do still get a twinge in my backside every now and then.

      • Piggley: This is a job for all three of us!
        Dannan: What, what, what?!
        Piggley: Not scared, are you, Dannan?
        Dannan: Me scared? Ha! Scared; me? ha!
        (Piggley, Ferney and Dannan dress as a goat)
        Dannan: I'm scared!

      • (Piggley is jumping up and down trying to get an apple)
        Piggley: I've almost got it!
        (The goat comes up behind him and growls)
        Piggley: Jakers, Ferney. I am doing all of the jumping! Why are you breathing so hard?

      • Piggley: My uncle once told me that this orchird is filled with fairy-folk. And it is guarded from outsiders by a fierce and mysterious beast. It's a big, hairy thing and it snorts something terrible. And it's breath is as hot as fire!
        (A mean goat pops out that is guarding the orchird)

      • (Piggley, Ferny, Molly and Dannan come to an apple orchird)
        Ferny: There! The best apples in the world! ...I think...

      • Wiley: I want pie, and those kids are my meal ticket!

      • Piggley: Come on!
        Ferny: Hey! Wait for me. I know where there are some good apples!

      • Piggley: (Wanting to have the pie) According to my nose, which is a lot bigger than yours, it smells like there is not enough sugar in this pie.
        Ferny: (Smells) Smells just fine to me..
        Piggley: Ahh! But what if Mammy made a big mistake and did not put in enough sugar? Wouldn't that be just terrible? She'd be so embarrassed...

      • Piggley: I was only going to look!
        Ferny: Looking couldn't hurt, could it?

      • Piggley: (Sees the other pie) Do you think I should try a bit of that one too? Just to make sure it is as good as the first one?
        Mom: Oh! You greedy little man! That is for your supper!
        Piggley: But I'm ready for supper.
        Mom: It will be here soon enough!

      • (Piggley, Ferney and Dannan run in and sit at the table, giving wanting looks to the pie)
        Mom: You wouldn't be wanting a piece of me apple pie now, would you?
        Piggley: Jakers! Mammy, I could eat that whole pie and the plate it sits on!

      • Wiley (To his herd) Hey you know what? Of course you don't...but follow me anyway. Those kids are always eating. I bet they've got great stuff. They don't even have to pull it out of the ground with their teeth!

      • (Piggley, Ferney and Dannan run past Wiley)
        Wiley: Hey, we're grazing here! On baaa-d grass!

      • Wiley: (Trying to eat grass) What's with this grass? It's got no flavor. It needs salt.

      • Dannan: I think I'm getting air si-i-ick!
        Piggley: Get a grip, air control!

      • Piggley: Pilot Piggley reporting, All checks say, checked 'em. A-1, Roger Doger, over and under, down and out and ready for take off control!

      • Shemus: She's gone! We can go play our video game!
        Meg: Or watch TV! I get the remote!
        (All three of them run into the door)
        Shawn: Aww! It's locked!

      • Shemus: There is nothing to do out here!
        Grandpa Piggley: Imagine that.

      • Mom: You need to get some fresh air! You have been playing that game all morning!
        Shemus: Then we could watch TV!
        Meg: Or a DVD...
        Mom: No!

      • Mom: Out now, all of you!
        Shemus: Aww mom! I was just about ready to crack level 8!
        Shawn: No you weren't! No you weren't!

    • NOTES (3)

    • ALLUSIONS (5)

      • GOOF: After being thrown through the air, Piggley, Dannan and Ferney land next to Molly, but where is the blanket that was covering them? (The blanket they were using as a costume)

      • GOOF: After Piggley and his friends at the contents of the pie, he put the top of the pie (in the tin) on the window frame, and it is flat. When Wiley comes to the window, it is big and puffed up.

      • GOOF: When Piggley is talking about making another pie, Dannan is by the sink. When Piggley turns around, she is by the stool next to Molly and Ferney.

      • When the camera goes around to Molly's face, then Dannan's, then Piggley's and then to Ferney's, it is an allusion of That 70's Show.

      • GOOF: Wiley gets the sheep to lift him in a crane to get the pie. I don't think that there were cranes back then

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