Jakers! The Adventures of Piggley Winks

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  • Umm...

    I this aired on a channel in my country (forgot what it was) and it was NOT that a month ago I realised it's original American channel was only give that channel a 7.1 (Britsh version a 7.0) since alot of people don't like the enough babbling for see my rating scale

    Animation:7.5 it's OK I'll it give it that

    Characters:3.0 it could be a 2.9 but only since I'm Irish...

    Plot:4.2 is he a boy or a grown man ? It's hard to tell

    Theme song:2.1 Jake, stop it with your child hood,Start to think about the present tense

    Lines:5.1 >

    Jokes:0.0 >no jokes<

    Humor:0.0 >no humor<

    Drama:5.1 well the drama is OK


    Notes; the
  • "Flower! Flower!"

    i used to watch this all the time with my son when it was on pbs. (about 6 years ago.) i love this show! smart writing. creative, too. one episode ended with a female storyteller that told a tale about her dog named "Flower" and a chicken. anyone out there recall this episode?
  • I used to love this

    This was one of my fave childhood TV shows from when I was small it's really interesting.I remember Jakers and his friend always going on cool adventures everyday and I heard once they are from Ireland guess what i'm from Ireland.Please bring this and Johnney and the sprites back on air please or just cancel Waybuloo.
  • the best show for kids and adults

    I was literally heart broken when pbs took jakers off the air. I'm 46 and my daughter and I watched this show all the time. Even when my daughter was napping at the same time as the show, I was still watching it. Please bring it back.
  • Jakers! This is a kids' show? Could've fooled me (and I mean that in a good way)!

    I was channel surfing one night and came across this wonderful program. Jakers is an educational show, but teaches children lessons without being maudlin, heavy-handed, dull, or over-moralizing. It doesn't dumb things down for young viewers either. The episodes have terrific plotting and pacing. Another thing that I really love about this show are the characters, who all have distinct personalities that continue to develop with each episode, especially Ferny the bull. Both of these things (good characterization and writing) are hard to find on TV nowadays. Heck, Jakers has better writing then roughly 80% of the sitcoms put out on TV. I know one person complained about not being able to understand the characters. Uh... I'm not sure if s/he/it was referring to the slang the chars use or their accents, but if it's the latter, then... wow. *eyeroll* I'll be polite and refrain from commenting. >< no one else I know of who has seen Jakers has ever complained about the chars speak. Anyways, kudos to the creators of Jakers!
  • My 4 yr old LOVES this show!!

    I love to watch this show, I record it so my newborn will be able to watch it as well when it is convenient for him. I watch with my 4 yr old and I rave about the show. I love Piggley - Pleeeeaaaase always keep this show on! I do hope that someday when I have grandkids that they will be able to view this show as well, I have a 16 yr old and a 13 yr old as well, so it won't be that long for me to wait, 6-8 years maybe? Keep up the great work on this tv show, we love it!
  • Is this show really for little Kids, I'm 15 and I like it a lot.

    Jakers! the adventures of Piggley Winks is a great show, that at first may seem like a show about nothing, can really captivate you and watch every afternoon. The story of a young pig learning about the lessons in life is great for young children today, it shows them the good way to grow up, and there is know crap in it like there is in a lot of "children's" shows. The things I like about it most are the adventures that Piggley goes through to learn the lesson he originally sets out for at the start. the obstacles he goes through are hilarious. The sub-stories of the sheep trying to escape are also a great addition to each story.
  • What is there not to like?

    You have a cute group of Irish animal friends. You have Wiley the sheep(Mel Brooks) and his lovely wife Shirley(Joan Rivers). The stories are cute. The animals are adorable, and respect of animals is stressed. The show also points out how great grandparents can tell stories. Watch it with your kids, or you can just watch it for yourself.
  • I love this show! Piggley

    ok, I\\\\\\\'ll admit it. I\\\\\\\'m 15 and I still watch this show. OK, I also have a toy statue of Piggley on my desk.....But you gotta admit....IT\\\\\\\'S THE COOLEST! The animations and cute characters are hot to trot....and the storylines are funny! And yes, I watch this every day after school....but EVERYONE loves Piggley Winks; and if you don\\\\\\\'t; well, just go home. Now. Seriously. What could be better than a TV show about an ickle pig and his friends (Danaan is kind of annoying, but hey) livin\' life up in the Irish countryside? I SO wish I had those sorts of childhood adventures. But no. So, you see, this show is my substiute for a life....Tee Hee!!! So, you\'d better love this show too. Cause\' it\'s da bomb. For kids and adults alike!!!
    And I love the accents hahahah

    Because Piggly Winks is my homeboy!!!
  • Jakers is one of the best children's shows out there

    I honestly believe that Jackers is one of the best children's shows out there right now. It teaches children how to use their imaginations and that they can use it in just about everything they do, like chores. I just wish that my children could run and play outside in the open fresh clean crisp air like Jakers and his friends do. Ever since my three children have started watching the show I do see them using their imagination more and more with everything they do. Even simply picking up their room they pretend like their animals are alive and they are fighting to get home (into the closet). They get done what I want them to do and they have a blast doing it. I catch myself sitting there, watching it, smilling at what Jakers can come up with. As soon as the shows came out on dvd I was right there at the store buying it. Kids need their imagination these days. It is very important for them. I hope the show continues for some time.
  • Greatest computer-animated show ever made. It makes my kids watch it all day.

    My kids love this show. Every episode makes this show more exciting to watch. I suggest that every kid in the world like this show. If your kids are a big fan of computer animated shows and movies, then this is the one for your kids. They'll love it! Good show!
  • This show ain't gonna last...

    I watched this show for a few minutes and I thought it was terrible. The worst thing are the voices. They are horrible and half the time you don't know what they are saying. The vissuals are not very good ether. And frankly, the whole concept of Irish animals is pathetic. They shouldn't continue making Piggley Winks. :|
  • OMG I hate this show! It drives me nuts!

    I hate this show soo much! I mean, I think it is so weird that they give Pigs accents! I also think that the plot lines are so lame! The piggies go to their g-pa and he tells them a story and he gets in trouble, gets figured, happy ending.
  • The only kids show I love.

    I am not really a fan of little kids shows, but this show I really like and enjoy. My littler siblings watch so I watch it. Only I want to watch it. I also really like the theme song. For some reason, I like it. So thats it for my review.
  • This is crap.

    Ok. On my list of PBS Kids shows that are horrible, this would be number 3. I glimpsed at two episodes & i couldn't stand both of them. It was like a show that parents would use to punish there kids if they were bad. If this show lasts (Which it won't), I'd be shocked.
  • I love this show!

    I love the theme song, I love it! How could any hate this show???? It is one the best ones for kids ever made! The theme song is very catchy! My baby cousin watched it so I watched it with him and I actually liked it! So maybe you guys should give this show a chance!
  • The Adventures of an Irish Pig and His Friends.

    Jakers! draws viewers, ages four-seven, into the imaginative world of Piggley Winks. Grandpa Piggley Winks, the elder family member in a typical contemporary, chaotic household of American city-dwellers, entertains and educates his grandchildren with tales of his childhood on Raloo Farm in the village of Tara in Ireland. As Grandpa's stories unfold, we travel back in time to the comical adventures of the young Piggley Winks (a mischievous pig) and his best friends, Ferny (a young bull) and Dannan (a girl duck). Piggley and his playmates love to create adventures for themselves in the Irish countryside, all based on their own imaginations.

    Each adventure presents a dilemma young children might face in their daily lives and we delight in watching the characters use their problem-solving skills to figure out what to do. To underscore the values of Piggley Winks, each show features a mini-documentary in which real children tell their own stories and discuss dilemmas they have faced.

    I used to love this show a lot, I'm coming to an edge that I'm not much of a fan anymore. This show was still very entertaining. The animation keeps you glued to the television until the show's over.
  • Farmyard fun with a brogue in the Irish Highlands.

    Probably one of the most watchable CGI shows yet. JAKERS! is well written, tender, and has the voice of the great Mel Brooks to make it even more fun. The writing is lyrical and evocative of the pastoral Irish landscape. Young kids and parents should have no problem enjoying these stories about friendship and family.