Jakers! The Adventures of Piggley Winks - Season 3

PBS (ended 2007)


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Episode Guide

  • Dannan Does a Jig
    Dannan Does a Jig
    Episode 14
    Dannan's grandmother is in school to teach the class how to dance. Dannan is very excited about this and proceeds to practice her dancing in front of Piggley and Ferny. She soon realizes that she isn't very good at dancing and becomes disenchanted and doesn't want to embarrass herself or her grandmother.moreless
  • Searching for a Shamrock
    Opps! Piggley has misplaced a wooden shamrock that belongs to Mr. Hornsby. Then Dan tells them to misplace his steps. Piggley decides to do just that. Will he find the missing Shamrock?
  • Growing Pains
    Growing Pains
    Episode 12
    After wanting to be a grown-up, Piggley is put in charge of the farm and has to watch Molly at the same time while Mr. Winks is recovering from a sprained ankle. But Piggley is stressed out. His dad asked him for lunch and Piggley fell asleep while pouring the milk! Piggley soon becomes discouraged. But just then, Molly tells Piggley to come to the barnyard. They then discover that a sheep is pregnant. Piggley rushes to his dad and tells him he doesn't want to be a grown-up anymore and cannot give birth.moreless
  • The Creepy Cabbages of County Galway
    After listening to "Creepy Theater" on the radio (which his parents forbid) Piggley has a bad dream about everything turning into cabbages. Dannan goes away into another dream after hearing that Piggley is about to have a bad dream via his disobedience and her evil cabbage twin returns to haunt Piggley and Ferny. Mr. McGandry has nothing but cabbages, even the passengers are cabbages. Eventually, even Ferny turns into a fat cow-colored cabbage! Piggley learns his lesson, and stays away from "Creepy Theater" for the rest of his childhood.moreless
  • Wish Upon a Story - Part 2
    Grandpa Piggley is surprised when Uncle Ferny arrives at house from Ireland. He brings a present for Piggley, the original Raloo Rocket. Piggley and Ferny tell Meg, Sean and Seamus about their adventures with the Rocket.
  • Wish Upon a Story - Part 1
    Grandpa Piggley is a little sad on his birthday, and Meg, Sean and Seamus attempt to cheer him up by telling him stories about what would happen if they lived in Tara.
  • Father's Day
    Father's Day
    Episode 8
    It's a perfect Saturday for a picnic, according to Piggley. He volunteers to help his father get through a long list of chores. These should be thankless tasks. Is Piggley's imagination getting in the way, or is it putting things in perspective?
  • Waking Thor
    Waking Thor
    Episode 7
    Ferny is deeply saddened because his pet goldfish Thor has just died. At first, Piggley and Dannan feel the only hope is to get Ferny to forget about it. But after discussions with Ferny's and Piggley's fathers, the kids decide to hold a wake in Thor's honor.
  • Dannan's American Cousin
    Dannan's cousin comes to visit. Dannan wants to do things with her cousin but she has to include Ferny and Dannan. She starts to think that she likes them more than her. Her cousin starts to notice Dannan's not having fun and asks her what's wrong...
  • A Touch Of Spain
    A Touch Of Spain
    Episode 5
    Fergal O'Hopper overhears Hector saying that if Ferny's dad, Don Toro, misses Spain so much he should just leave right away. Don Toro's birthday is on Saturday and he plans to go somewhere. Ferny catches his dad packing his suitcase and get's even more worried. They try to make him too busy to leave. Eventually, they end up making a up big fiesta right in the middle of Tara. Ferny finds out that his dad was only taking him to Dublin for the weekend, but they decide to stay and party anyway.moreless
  • Rain, Rain, Go Away
    Piggley can't go outside because a huge storm is blowing. The barnyard fence blows down and Piggley's mother and father have to fix it. It is now up to Piggley to take care of his sister, Molly. But Molly doesn't understand how to play the games that Piggley wants to play. In the end, Piggley learns that he has to help her learn to do things so they can both have fun.moreless
  • Trial and Error
    Trial and Error
    Episode 3
    Dannan's schoolbag appears to have been chewed on. Dannan thinks Finnegan, Piggley's donkey, did it. The only way to find out if he did it or not is to hold a trial. Will "Judge Ferny" pronounce Finnegan innocent or guilty?
  • Molly had a Little Lamb
    Molly is about to start school and feels very grown up. To prove it, she persuades her parents to let her take care of an adorable lamb. When Molly can’t say “no” to the little darling, however, he becomes a troublemaker causing chaos on the farm, in the house, and even at school. Molly soon realizes that even little lambs need rules!moreless
  • Ferny Wears the Star
    Ferny becomes the leader in a game of cowboys, and Piggley must play follow the leader. Ferny doesn't play the way that Piggley wants to, and Piggley loses interest and wants to play something else, but no one will join him. Mr Winks suggests to Piggley that he would have more fun playing Ferny's way instead of being alone.moreless