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  • The scariest, funniest, wittiest, comedy, possibly ever to show its face on TV ( as well as dvd)


    The opening titles for Jam are something to comment on, in themselves. If you are home alone and of a nervous disposition. They could very well have precipitated a quick race for the TV remote to switch over, before it got any scarier.? Especially the episode with the members of the cast all crouching in lock step towards the camera, whilst playing a set of extremely bizarre looking musical instruments.

    A friend of mine actually thought one of the scenes was real. Which involved a man who was scared of heights trying to commit suicide by jumping out of a second floor window, over and over again until he could not pick himself up anymore. It was made to look as if a nosy neighbor with a video camera had captured the suicide of an extremely disturbed man. How can this be funny ? i have no idea, it just was!

    The porn actor who had a case of "the gush", was another instant classic. As this is a family website i wont go into details. Lets just say, Chris morris, doing the dutch porn star accent, and calling for a "mercy clipping" for the poor gush victim was brilliant. This can be pretty sicko stuff, but what the hey, we cant all be amused by endless episodes of Friends!
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