James Bond, Jr.

Season 1 Episode 26

Dance of the Toreadors

Aired Daily 8:00 PM Oct 21, 1991 on



  • Trivia

    • The gadget master, Major Boothroyd (a.k.a "Q"), writes books. Or so IQ claims.

    • Mr. Millbanks' first name is Bradford.

    • When Phoebe sleeps in the Warfield van she isn't wearing her glasses, but in the next shot she is.

    • When von Skarin's helicopter reaches Miss Hotstones' van it is broad daylight. But when Bond and friends reach the van a few moments later, the sun is setting. And in the next scene inside the chopper it's daylight again. But for the rest of the seen it's sunset.

  • Quotes

    • Baron von Skarin: Time flies when your having fun, General, and you don't have very much left! Ha! Ha! Ha!

    • IQ: Running of the Bulls is an ancient rite of passage for young men.
      Gordo Leiter: Any of them get to be old men?

    • (Bull rams the super computer)
      Computer: Meltdown in zero zzzzzerooo seeevven...
      James Bond Jr: My favorite number.

    • British General: Your mad, von Skarin! Stark, raving mad!
      Baron von Skarin: Really, General? Or is it genius? There is a very fine line between the two.

    • (Upon arriving back at Warfield)
      Mr. Mitchell: Welcome back to Warfield, kids. So tell me IQ, did you enjoy the book publishing party?
      IQ: It was... quite bookish
      Mr. Mitchell: Good to hear, kids, we had a little excitement down here too.
      James Bond Jr: We heard about the incident at the Sandhill Power Station, dreadful business.
      Mr. Mitchell: Oh not that, I meant IQ's grandfather dropping by for a visit.
      IQ: My, my grandfather?
      Mr. Mitchell: Yes, Q himself. It was strange though, he didn't know anything about a book publishing party. Anyway, he's in your room right now waiting...

    • Gordo: Is that a traffic helicopter?
      James Bond Jr.: No- that's Baron von Skarin's chopper!

    • Baron von Skarin: I vill be... in touch.

    • IQ: (Presenting his fishing lures) This one's a homing device.
      James Bond Jr.: For the one that got away, eh IQ?

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