James Bond, Jr.

(ended 1991)


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  • Season 1
    • Thor's Thunder
      Thor's Thunder
      Episode 65
      Summary coming soon...
    • Nothern Lights
      Nothern Lights
      Episode 64
      Baron von Skarin is in Canada holding Toronto's electrical supply ransom. James Bond Jr. is enlisted to stop the evil villain.
    • Monument to S.C.U.M.
      Summary coming soon...
    • No Time to Lose
      No Time to Lose
      Episode 62
      Doctor No hatches a plan to build an impenetrable government airship called "The Vulture". In the process IQ is kidnapped and James Bond Jr. must help out.
    • Dutch Treat
      Dutch Treat
      Episode 61
      Summary coming soon...
    • Goldie Finger at the End of the Rainbow
      Summary coming soon...
    • The Thing in the Ice
      Summary coming soon...
    • Garden of Evil
      Garden of Evil
      Episode 58
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    • Rubies Aren't Forever
      Summary coming soon...
    • Quantum Diamonds
      Quantum Diamonds
      Episode 56
      Summary coming soon...
    • Danger Train
      Danger Train
      Episode 55
      Summary coming soon...
    • Killer Asteroid
      Killer Asteroid
      Episode 54
      Goldfinger hijacks a space shuttle and uses its onboard tractor beam to pull down an asteroid made completely of gold. IQ, who helped make the tracking software, discovers the shuttle's disappearance. Tracking it to Iceland, James and the crew set out to recover the shuttle crew and stop Goldfinger at all costs.moreless
    • Sherlock IQ
      Sherlock IQ
      Episode 53
      Summary coming soon...
    • Between a Rock and a Hard Place
      Summary coming soon...
    • Ol' Man River
      Ol' Man River
      Episode 51
      Summary coming soon...
    • Weather or Not
      Weather or Not
      Episode 50
      Summary coming soon...
    • Canine Caper
      Canine Caper
      Episode 49
      Summary coming soon...
    • Goldie's Gold Scam
      Goldie's Gold Scam
      Episode 48
      James Bond Jr. foils Goldfinger's plan to take control of gold mines in Africa.
    • S.C.U.M. on the Water
      Summary coming soon...
    • Last of the Tooboos
      Dr. Derange gets Skullcap to steal a "tooboo" from the London Zoo so that the animal's enzymes can be used in a fiendish plot.
    • Catching the Wave
      Catching the Wave
      Episode 45
      Summary coming soon...
    • A DeRanged Mind
      A DeRanged Mind
      Episode 44
      Summary coming soon...
    • Going for the Gold
      Going for the Gold
      Episode 43
      Summary coming soon...
    • Invaders from S.C.U.M.
      When an apparent UFO lands at Warfield College to abduct a girl Hailey, James Bond Jr. tries to get to the bottom of things. Is there more to what meets the aliens kidnap Hailey's father?
    • There for Ms. Fortune
      Summary coming soon...
    • Barbella's Big Attraction
      Summary coming soon...
    • Queen's Ransom
      Queen's Ransom
      Episode 39
      Summary coming soon...
    • Avalanche Run
      Avalanche Run
      Episode 38
      Summary coming soon...
    • Far Out West
      Far Out West
      Episode 37
      Summary coming soon...
    • Leonardo da Vinci's Vault
      Summary coming soon...
    • Mindfield
      Episode 35
      Summary coming soon...
    • The Heartbreak Caper
      Summary coming soon...
    • The Art of Evil
      The Art of Evil
      Episode 33
      Summary coming soon...
    • Scottish Mist
      Scottish Mist
      Episode 32
      Summary coming soon...
    • Hunt For Red Star One
      Doctor Derange and the Chameleon seize control of a Russian satellite laser system in a plan to raid the Russian treasury reserve.
    • Deadly Recall
      Deadly Recall
      Episode 30
      Summary coming soon...
    • Ship of Terror
      Ship of Terror
      Episode 29
      A S.C.U.M. agent steals a pendant belonging to Prince Malmo. James Bond Jr. recovers the pendant but he discovers that there is much more to the theft than originally thought.
    • The Emerald Key
      The Emerald Key
      Episode 28
      Summary coming soon...
    • Fountain of Terror
      Fountain of Terror
      Episode 27
      When Randolph Boothroyd goes missing in Nepal his cousin IQ goes there to investigate, accompanied by James Bond Junior and Phoebe. Before leaving Warfeild IQ builds a voice amplifier into Bond's shirt button and climbing equipment into his belt buckle. But as soon as they arrive there is a bungled kidnapping meant for them... Ours heroes befriend a local girl called Orana, who leads the way to where IQ's cousin went missing. But while climbing through the mountains they are attacked by a yeti, or so it seems. The yeti turns out to be Jaws in a costume. It turns out that S.C.U.M. were responsible for the disappearance of IQ's cousin, for who was doing research on the waterfall he discovered in a hidden valley. The locals who drink from it are known to live for hundreds of years without aging, and apparently Orana is one of them! Dr. Derange, united with rich crook Ms Fortune and her butler Snuffer, want to use this water for they're own evil purposes and as such kidnapped Randolph Boothroyd to uncover where this hidden valley is. Encountering S.C.U.M. Bond is able to free Randolph Boothroyd and then uses the amplifier in his button to create a massive avalanche, forcing Derange, Ms Fortune and the two henchmen to retreat down the mountain via parachute.moreless
    • Dance of the Toreadors
      When I.Q. falls in love with beautiful flamenco dancer he follows her to Pamplona, Spain. However he does not realize that he has stumbled upon Baron von Skarin who is plotting to cause a nuclear meltdown in Britain.
    • It's All in the Timing
      Summary coming soon...
    • The Sword of Power
      The Sword of Power
      Episode 24
      James Bond Jr and his classmates are on a field trip to the British Museum in London, when suddenly the building is attacked by ninjas. Bond and his friends try to stop them but their efforts are in vein, and during the battle Tracy Millbanks is taken by the ninjas along with a 11th Century Japanese sword. The ninjas escape in their helicopter, but IQ manages to trace the chopper's registration number. Bond, IQ and Gordo manage to infiltrate the Ninjas base near Dover. There they discover Dr. No was behind the theft of the sword, but before our hero's can uncover why, the villain escapes with Tracy and the sword. Bond and his friends give chase, and track Dr. No to Tokyo. There the mad scientist kidnaps a famous historian, Professor Tanaka. Apparently, the sword- the material of which it is made of came from a meteorite that fell on Japan hundreds of years ago- can intensify the beam of laser many fold! The sword holds the clue to finding the meteorite is hidden in the hilt. Dr. No threatens the Professor to decode it, thus revealing the meteorites location. If the one sword can create a powerful laser beam, imagine what a mass production of them could do! Bond and the Professor's daughter, Cherri, follow Dr. No to the meteorite's hiding place, a cave deep in Japan. But the two are discovered and Dr. No and his ninjas fight with the mystic sword, but the powerful laser triggers a rockfall...moreless
    • Live and Let's Dance
      Summary coming soon...
    • The Inhuman Race
      The Inhuman Race
      Episode 22
      Summary coming soon...
    • A Race Against Disaster
      During the 24-hour race at Le Mans, France, Doctor Derange plots to steal plutonium from a nearby nuclear facility.
    • Cruise to Oblivion
      Cruise to Oblivion
      Episode 20
      James takes a cruise to Bermuda, however he discovers that Goldfinger has hatched a plot to pillage a sunken galleon filled with gold.
    • Hostile Takeover
      Hostile Takeover
      Episode 19
      Whilst returning to Warfield Mr. Millbanks is attacked by S.C.U.M. agents trying to force the Warfield van off the road. He survives and returns to the academy only to find that a Scottish substitute principle Mr. Baxter has taken Millbank's place, as if the headmaster actually had been killed... James Bond Junior becomes suspicious when the new teachers in the employ of Baxter announce that there will be no more exams, tests and homework. He and his friends decide to investigate by spying on a Staff meeting, it is there that they uncover that all the substitutes are really agents of S.C.U.M. working for The Mask, a criminal mastermind who's identity remains hidden by, as the codename suggests, a mask. The S.C.U.M. agents each have been using cloaking devices to disguise themselves as ordinary teachers. The terrorists had taken over the school because they plan to capture the school's Chairman of the Board Directors, Admiral Billings who is also "M" the head of The British Secret Service! Once captured The Mask will then use his cloaking device to make him look like M and take his place, allowing S.C.U.M. to control MI-6 through him. M is set to make his annual inspection of the school and with little time left out heroes decide to warn him, but before they can do anything Bond is discovered by S.C.U.M.! The agents chase him through the school grounds, resulting in Bond being pushed over the edge of the cliff to the raging seas below... M arrives at Warfield and is captured by The Mask who calls his agents to him. But once the agents are all in one room, MI-6 agents arrest them all and much to the surprise of Gordo, Phoebe, IQ and Tracy, The Mask turns out to be James Bond Junior, or so it seems. Bond and M explain that during the chase above the cliff, Bond had set one of the S.C.U.M. agent's cloaking device to look exactly like himself and it was the S.C.U.M. agent that died not Bond. Afterwards he used the advantage of being 'dead' to sneak back into Warfield and capture Mask. Bond then used The Mask's own cloaking device to make him look like the masked villain himself, so he could lure the S.C.U.M. men into a trap. As Young Bond has clearly learned from his uncle, 'You Only Live Twice'.moreless
    • Lamp of Darkness
      Lamp of Darkness
      Episode 18
      James travels to the Middle East to find the "Lamp of Aladdin" before Maximillion Cortex.
    • Appointment in Macau

      While on a train heading back to Warfield, ninja forces hang glide onto the plane and try to kidnap a judo student called Lily Mai. James Bond Junior is able to thwart the kidnapping and befriend the girl. Apparently she is on the same judo team as Bond. The two go out for soda but the girl is very secretive about her father, who she has not seen in two years. After the date, the same ninja forces make a second kidnapping attempt and time it succeeds when they use a gas grenade. Before Bond goes out cold, he gets a good look at the criminal master mind behind the kidnapping; Dr. Julius No and over hears him mentioning an 'Appointment in Macau'...

      Searching Interpol's data bank, IQ digs up some dirt on Lily's father, John Mai. He is one of the leading council members of the Raven Triads Council based in Macau. Knowing that's where Dr. No has taken the girl, Mr. Mitchell arranges the Warfield judo team to go there before they move on Japan for the championship. However, news of Bond's arrival leaks to the Triads...

      After arriving in China, Bond goes to investigate the Triad council. Thinking that he was involved in the kidnapping, the Triads capture James Bond Junior in a tuk tuk taxi and bring him to they're base under the White Lotus restaurant. They place the teenager in a deep pit in they're underground board meeting and question him, Bond only reveals the identity of the kidnapper. It turns out that Dr. No was a former member of the Triads that employ Lily's father, but he betrayed them embezzling a great sum of money. The Raven Triad Council has been trying to assassinate him ever since. The mad doctor holds the girl hostage and demands a ransom of one billion dollars to be paid by the Triads, and that they cease their attempts on his life. The Triads have one hour to meet his demands and in the time that passes, the glass tank with which he has placed the girl will slowly fill with water. When the hour is up, the tank will be full and the girl drowned. Although able to trace the mad doctor's televising transmissions, the lead council member, Lo Fat, refuses to give in to Dr. No's extortion tactics.

      Having outlived his usefulness, Lo Fat orders James Bond Jr. to be lowered into a acid bath. The floor of the pit slowly opens up, revealing the acid underneath. But at the last second John Mai opens a hidden door,steps in and saves Young Bond. It turns out that Mai is really an undercover double agent sent in by Interpol, both he and Bond form a truce and together track down Dr. No. Using GPS tracking they manage to home in on the radio signals broadcasting Doctor No's demands, they appear to be coming from an uncharted island in the East China Sea. His secret base turns out to be a giant submersible island. Dr. No is expecting John Mai to arrive acting as Lo Fat's representative, so Mai proceeds to the island via speedboat while Bond scuba dives to it.

      Mai meets the doctor in person in his control room, but when Bond appears on radar he refuses to let the girl go and fires torpedo's at Bond. But using the electromagnetic wave disruptor in the watch IQ gave him Bond causes one of the torpedo's to turn around and strike the base. It begins to flood allowing Bond to infiltrate the sinking ruins and rescue the girl in time.

    • No Such Loch
      No Such Loch
      Episode 16
      In Lock Ness, Captain McGregger and his crew of two fishing men disappear. Eye witnesses say they saw his boat eaten by the Lock Ness Monster... Meanwhile at Warfeild, a Golf Tournament is taking place. IQ provides Bond with an extentable golf club and a magnetic golf peg. He also shows off his new Microwave Guided S.M.A.R.T. Simply lock on with the glasses and the ball will go where ever your looking, desperate to win the tournament Trevor Noseworthy IV nicks one of IQ's S.M.A.R.T. Balls and uses it in the game. Documenting the Golf Tournament is Lezzy Moore, teenage sports reporter. During the game, Lezzy recieves a call about the Lock Ness Monster siting and goes after it hoping to get a scoop. Bond and IQ acompany her. Using the radar sonar in Bond's watch, the three sail out into the Lock in search of the Monster. Indeed they find a monster, but not the Lock Ness Monster. The Monster they find is Captain Walker D. Plank! The Monster that attacked the fishing boat was a giant submarine [i]disguised[/i] as the Lock Ness Monster. Our heroes boat is attacked by the 'Lock Ness Monster', but Bond, IQ and Lezzy are luck to survive. But then Plank's true target arrives, a British Navy Cruiser carrying long range guided missiles. With it's giant mouth, the submarine attacks the Battleship and 'eats' two of the guided missiles. The navy finds Bond, IQ and Lezzy in the water, unfortunately the Navy thinks our heroes were leading them into a trap and Young Bond, IQ and the girl they are falsy arrested. Using a loose thread from Lezzy's shirt and tying it to IQ's magnetic golf peg, Bond manages to get the key to the cell and taste freedom. They try using Stealth tactics to escape, but when their cover is blown IQ is recaptured. Bond and Lezzy manage to escape in one of the lifeboats. Elsewhere, Plank and Jaws rise from the waters and prepare to set the two missiles up on the edge of a cliff. Plank plans on using the missiles to shoot down an MI-6 spy satellite, thus rendering them unable to spy on S.C.U.M. To get rid of the evidence, Jaws plants a bomb on in the head of the Lock Ness Monster. Bond and Lezzy arrive, but are captured by Plank! Threatening the two with a gun, Jaws herds them into the head of the sub and closes the giant mouth, cealing Bond and Lezzy in with the bomb. The two run down to the cargo area in time to avoid the blast, but the sub sinks to the bottom of the Lock. Inside the flooding sub, Bond finds McGregger and his crew chained up. Bond sets them free with his acetylene torch, but uses up all the feul setting them loose. The sub is flooding fast, in the hope of the sub containing more explosives, Bond swims down to the lower decks, where he finds stashed plastic explosives. Bond, Lezzy and the fishing crew blow their way out of the sunken Lock Ness Monster and swim to the surface, in time to see the missiles set up ready to fire! Bond and his friends begin climbing up the side of the cliff, but are spotted! Plank fires one of the two missiles at Bond, but he jumps down to a lower ledge to avoid the falling rubble. With only one missile left, Plank aims it at the spy satellite. The missile fires before our heroes can get to it. Bond wraps a S.M.A.R.T. Ball with plastic and manages to guide it into the missile, destroying it before it reaches th satellite. Needless to say Plank is not happy, but before he can retaliate against Bond the Royal Navy ambush S.C.U.M. IQ managed to convince the navy they were tracking S.C.U.M. by patching into the spy satellite and pin-pointing Plank's location. Bond and IQ get back to Warfeild, in time to switch Trevor's stolen S.M.A.R.T. Ball with a D.U.M.B. Ball...moreless
    • Never Lose Hope
      Never Lose Hope
      Episode 15
      Whilst in town at the mall Young Bond is attacked by a clown, but he escapes. It's the third attempt on his life in the week, and each the would be killer uses the same style. Bond returns to warfeild in time to be (Along with the rest of the students) introduced to their new science teacher, Miss Hope Eternal; the daughter of a world famous scientist who was kidnapped by S.C.U.M. back in the 80's. The school goes on a feildtrip to the planetarium, where Miss Eternal is kidnapped by helicopter. Before the chopper escapes Bond identifies the hostage taker as the same man who's been trying to kill him all week! In the dirt where the chopper left, Bond and his friends discover that their teacher scratched map coordinates in the dirt. IQ runs some tests and confirms that they in point to a far off island in the Pacific Ocean, the same island where Uncle 007 destroyed a S.C.U.M. lair whilst investigating the kidnapping Professor Eternal! Bond, IQ, and Gordo stoy aboard a cargo plane bound for the island to search for their kidnapped teacher. They begin exploring the island when suddenly our heroes find themselves stuck in quicksand! Whilst trying to get out someone cuts a tree branch which they use to pull themselves to safety. As if someone wanted them to find the ruins of the S.C.U.M. lair... The three make it to what used to be S.C.U.M.'s off shore laboratory but are captured by the hitman who, much to Bond's surprise, takes them to his boss Miss Hope Eternal! It turns out it has been her who's been after bond for the week, and all the bungled attempts has forced her to pose as a teacher and make a false kidnapping that would lead Bond right into her trap. Back in the 80's, her father had developed a device of which could erase minds. Knowledge of his brain scrambler leaked and S.C.U.M. took him prisoner planning to get him to use the device to destroy the minds of the leaders of the world thus turning them into zombies through which they could control. James Bond Senior manage to infiltrate the lab and plant one of Q's explosives. The Blast destroyed the whole area and killed everyone within, including the Professor, her father. Bent on her own personal vendetta, Hope plans to return 007's favour by taking out her vengeances on his nephew! She prepares the brain scrambler intending to use it to erase the mind of James Bond Junior. But the kid manages the escape fate using the rocket boosters IQ fitted into his sneakers. Back at warfeild, Mr. Mitchell reveals what really happened. 007 indeed did destroy the lair but the Professor wasn't among the dead; James Bond managed to rescue him and protect him from S.C.U.M. and to protect him from other terrorists trying to get their evil hands on his equipment MI-6 gave the Professor a new identity, the rest of the world was lead to believe he had died in the flames.moreless
    • City of Gold
      City of Gold
      Episode 14
      Whilst on a field trip to the Caribbean, James Bond Junior encounters the lovely Ivy Digger. Her father is an archaeologist leading the excavation of a ancient golden city. But when an attempt is made on the lives of both Ivy and her father Bond suspects someone else is after the gold... The natives fear to enter the city as witnesses claim to have been attacked by a golden dragon. Oh course this is not the first time rumours of a dragon have spread, a certain agent of S.C.U.M. formerly in the employ of S.P.E.C.T.R.E. used a 'dragon' once before to scare off the locals in Crab Key. So Bond and friends go to investigate. Indeed the dragon turns out to be a fake, controlled by a woman called Goldiefinger, the daughter of Auric Goldfinger! She plans on using a giant mirror built on top of the mountains to reflect the sun's light and melt the golden city, then smuggle it out with an oil tanker. Bond and Ivy are attacked by Goldiefinger's chopper and manages to capture Young Bond. She tries to turn him into a statue by putting him in liquid gold, but Bond is rescued by his friends. They manage to cause Goldiefinger's chopper to fly into the mirror, thus preventing her scheme.moreless
    • Never Give a Villain a Fair Shake
      When Phoebe Farragut's father sponsors the feild testing of Professor Firma's seismic conductor, he invites Phoebe's whole geometric class to witness it. The device is designed to send out shock waves capable of jamming the waves generated during earthquakes, thus preventing such a disaster. While aboard the conductor's control ship, the San Andreas, Bond spots Jaws trying to plant a homer on the ship. To avoid dire consequences to his father's life, Terri Firma has been acting as a double agent for S.C.U.M. The San Andreas is immeadiately taken over by Captain Walker D Plank and the seismic generator falls into his hands. S.C.U.M. plans to tamper with the conductor so that instead of preventing earthquakes it will increase and generate the waves of quakes creating a man-made geometric accident. To demonstrate the powers of the newly reprogramed conductor, Plank intends to begins an Earthquake in southern England. Bond and IQ manage to escape their captives and improvise a way to stop Plank from executing his evil plan. Using his high-tech know how, Q's boy genius grandson rebuilds a aerosol spraycan to act as a mini aqualung and a fire extinguisher as an underwater jet pack. Bond uses these two items to scuba dive into the sea and attaches the seismic conductor to Plank's submarine. Therefor when the captain begins his earthquake meant for the UK the waves rupture the whole submarine and sink it hundreds miles beneath the surface...moreless
    • Pompeii and Circumstance
      Trevor Noseworthy IV invites James Bond Junior, IQ, Gordo Leiter, Phoebe Farragut and Tracy Millbanks to his family's home on the Iyalian Riviera. But whilst driving through the Rivera a massive hole explodes in the ground, the Aston Martin Super avoids plunging into the abyss but a passing tour guide is not so lucky. Bond and IQ manage to rescue 'Louisa' from her car. Examining the rock formations, IQ uncovers the this was not a natural disaster, but the cause of a subterranean drill.

      Behind the wheel of the Aston Martin they follow the tracks all the way to the underground lair of the escaped criminal The Worm! The terrorist has dug miles of tunnels beneath the Italian Riviera in his quest to the ancient treasure of Pompeii. Bond is discovered and The Worm kidnaps Louisa threatening her life. The Worm locates what he is looking for but accidentally drills into an underground volcano causing lava to flood through all the tunnels he's drilled! Soon the magma with ingulf not just the Worm's base but create unnatural volcanic activity that will threaten the whole of Italian civilisation! Bond and IQ steal one of The Worm's drilling modules and tunnel into the Mediterranean Sea, filling the tunnels full of seawater and cooling the lava. The Worm tries to make a great for it but is recaptured, this time by the Italian Army.moreless
    • Valley of the Hungry Dunes
      While at a funfair, 007's nephew spots someone sabotaging a rollercoaster's tracks, and the ride's sole occupant is heading straight for disaster! Bond nicks and motorcycle and rides it up the tracks, rescuing the damsil in destress. She turns out to be Princess Yasmin, the daughter of Sheikh Yabootie of Al Khaline in the middle east. Greatful for his daughter's rescue, the King invites Young Bond and his friends to his yacht. Over dinner he tells them that he has discovered a vast reservoir of fresh, uncontaminated water beneath his country's baron desert and explains that he plans to distribute free water to the poor and dying people of his country. However there is but one thorn in his side, S.C.U.M.! The evil criminal syndicate plan of using the water to make a profit, charging Al Khaline millions for the precious H2O. The attack on the rollercoaster was indeed the handy work of S.C.U.M., trying to bully Sheikh into playing ball. Suddenly the yacht the royal family and Bond's friends are on is suddenly torpedoed by Jaws and Nick Nack, but reflected the laser guided beams with his mirror James Bond is able to send the bombs around and crash into S.C.U.M. submarine. The agents did not find the yacht by chance, meaning that S.C.U.M. must have an insider within Al Khaline. Having safely avoided being blown out of the water Bond and his friends travel back to Al Khaline with the Sheikh and the Princess. Apparently S.C.U.M. is after the computer program to Al Khaline water pipeline which is kept in safe. That night Jaws and Nick Nack brake into the palace and on a mission to find the computer program. Jaws makes quick work of the safe by biting off the combination dial, but on the way out the two henchmen take Gordo Leiter and Horrice Boothroyd hostage. One of Yasmin's royal handmaiden's, Fatima turns out to be the double agent and kidnaps the Princess. Bond gives chase. The three are taken to the underground base of Dr. No where the made scientist begins using the pipeline for his own evil purposes. Bond makes it inside, frees the Princess and friends and alters the pumping sequence so that the whole base floods.moreless
    • A Worm in the Apple
      After an eventful day in English History, Phoebe Farragut asks Bond Junior if he'd like to go with her to witness the grand opening ceremony of the Mile High Sky Scraper in New York. James doesn't want to go with her, but tell her he will knowing that Mr. Millbanks will never allow them to travel anywhere outside of a Field trip. However to Bond's surprise Millbank has been placed under direct order by Phoebe's father, the man who helped finance the construction of the building, to make sure she is there to witness the ceremony. And, at the time un-be-known to 007's nephew, Bond's volunteering to go with her had saved Millbank the trouble of escorting Phoebe. However, Trevor Noseworthy over hears Millbank giving the two permission to go to The Big Apple. Determined to visit the FAO Swartz centre in the city, Trevor hands in a fake letter from his father giving Millbank instructions to allow Noseworthy to travel to Manhattan. Before James Bond Junior flies out to The States, I.Q. provides the teenage super spy with a diamond tipped comb and wires the liquid crystals in his sunglasses to act as a two-way live video camera so IQ and Bond can see directly through each other's eyes, of course Tracy uses this to her advantage. Knowing how naughty 007's nephew got up to she wasn't about to let him out of her sight (Needless to say Bond just takes them off when she's wearing IQ's pair. Upon arriving late at night in New York, Bond, Phoebe and Trevor go to their motel. Whilst checking in, the three are met by Peggy Rockworld, the daughter of Franklin Rockworld the owner and designer of the Mile High building that would be dedicated the next day. To enjoy a taste of the Big Apple they all go out to the disco. But whilst traveling by horse cart there is a massive explosion from the sewer! In the blast the horse taxi driver falls from his stallion and the horse runs wild. Bond manages to bring to horse to a stop before things get to chaotic. Apparently that wasn't the first manhole to explode, eleven had blown up previously in the passed week. There is a rumour that a mad bomber known as The Worm is planning to strike the Mile High Sky Scraper. Franklin Rockworld believes the rumours to be a load on nonsense however. When the dust settles, Bond spots a suspicious construction worker escaping down the manhole, he chases him down only to be attacked by the man. Bond defeats him by releasing the steam from the pipes, but behind he leaves his passport, identifying himself as the nephew of the world's greatest secret agent to the enemy... After reuniting with his friends, Team Bond make it to the rock club where they party. Bond manages to get Tracy off his back by lending his shades to one of the flirty male dancers. But little do they know is that there was a party pooper determined to do more than complain to the police about the loud music. Suddenly a massive explosion goes off deep beneath the rock club, causing the whole building to sink into the ground, trapping everybody in it! All the windows are blocked by tons of rubble and the power is out to the elevator. With air running out Bond, Trevor, Phoebe, Peggy and the rest of the people within the building make it up to the top floor to try and escape through the roof, only to find the door jammed from the outside! With only one more chance, Young Bond fires a wrist-mounted missile from his watch into the sealed escape route, blowing it open. Everyone escapes. Upon making it to the surface, Bond spots the mastermind behind the downing of the building himself, The Worm escaping in a black limousine! Obviously his plan to assassinate Young Bond Junior had failed and was now on the run. Bond and friends pick up the chase in a pizza delivery truck and chase him all the way to a manhole in the city. Bond follows the subterranean bomber down into the New York sewers only to find a freshly dug tunnel into the earth. Bond's underground investigation leads him to find the Worm and his army of construction workers have dug kilometers of passages deep beneath the city like a maze. It is my sheer accident that Young Bond stumbles across Worm's plan. The cause of the exploding sewers has been from bombs being set off in the tunnels, but they are just test runs for The Worm's real target; he plans on wiring the tunnels beneath the Mile High Sky Scraper with explosives and blow out the building's foundations causing it to fall miles into the ground, jut like the Disco. But before Bond can escape he is captured by the Worm and his men. The psycho reveals to wanting to sink the world's tallest building: The ground floor bank contains billions of dollars in deposits, once the building is sunk he will be able to travel down there and take the money for himself. But the money is only a by-product, for buried from the world beneath tons of earth the tower will then become his New York lair allowing The Worm to take more bites from the Big Apple. But before Bond is taken away, he snatches Worm's sun goggles and crushes them beneath his feet. It turns out that just like all subterranean creatures The Worm cannot stand bright lights. The Worm takes Bond sunshades to replace the ones he lost, but IQ watches what happens through the eyes of the terrorist. Little Boothroyd immediately telephones the New York Police Department, but they don't believe his story of miles of tunnels dug by The Worm planning or the plot 'sink the world's largest tower...' Bond is chained up to the explosive devices deep beneath the Mile High Building all night, The Worm plans on dropping the building on top of James Bond Junior. But during the dedication ceremony, Bond cuts through the chains using the comb IQ gave him and makes it up to the surface. There he finds the Worm waiting in his limo readying to press the button on the remote detonator as soon as the mayor declares the building officially open. Bond fights Worm for the trigger, but as they fall out the car the two dump into Trevor Noseworthy (Who had after finally finding FAO Swarts returned with a RC racecar). The remote control for the bomb and the remote control for the car gets switched temporally. At the last second Bond remembers The Worm's one weakness, and that IQ can still see what Worm sees. With the order from Bond, IQ switches off the liquid crystals in the shades The Worm wears; exposing his eyes to open sunlight. The terrorist is painfully blinded long enough to be arrested and for Bond to grab the remote off him in time, saving New York's newest tallest building, and millions of people that would have followed. Upon arriving back to Warfield, Bond is disappointed enough to find out Tracy still won't leave him only with the spy goggles. But Bond puts and end to his problem by accidental bumping into Mr. Mitchell. Young Bond gives Mitchell the video cam glasses as a gift before the coach continues on his way to the Men's Change Rooms, giving Tracy the surprise and fight of her life simultaneously!moreless
    • The Eiffel Missile
      Arriving back in England at the airport, James Bond Jr spots S.C.U.M. agent Skullcap being searched by the security guards. As soon as he spots Young Bond, the hard-headed henchman makes a run for it. Bond tries to stop him, but the villain steals a private jet. As he takes off down the runway Bond chases him in a flight-o-stairs. The plane ends up hitting the vehicle and picking it up on it's wing! Skullcap tilts the plane on it's side causing the flight-o-stairs to fall, but not before Young Bond jumped to the wing. Climbing aboard the aircraft, Bond is attacked by Skullcap, but during the fight the terrorist drops an envelope containing plans for a project called the Achilles missile. Bond retrieves these blueprints and escapes using the plane's ejector seat, leaving Skullcap aboard the aircraft as it goes out of control. Parachuting through the sky, Bond lands at Warfield just in time for Soccer practice... Later that day, Bond learns that the school trip to Paris has been canceled for safety reasons. Reports indicate that terrorists have smuggled a nuclear warhead into Paris. A warhead? Like the Achilles missile, perhaps? Bond is convinced that there's a connection between Skullcap and the theft of the nuclear warhead, and is deter minded to head for Paris. According to Mitchell, the front gate security guard always goes for coffee at 3am. Using this as their opportunity, Bond, IQ, Gordo, Tracy and Phoebe sneak out of Warfield and head for Paris via hovercraft. Along the way, Bond notices a woman with a pencil and a ink sketch of 007's nephew himself. The girl, Marcie Beaucoup, claims she is a art student and was sketching Bond's likeness. But as soon as the girl leaves, the hovercraft is attacked by Skullcap in a helicopter gunship! He blows up the bridge, sending the hovercraft on a head on collision with a giant rock! Bond at the last minute takes the controls and steers the hovercraft out the way! SkullCap fires a laser, but IQ reflects the beam with a waiters tray. The laser hits Skullcap's chopper causing it to loose altitude. But the villain doesn't give up, he chases the hovercraft to land and through the forest. Unable to get a clear shot through all the trees, Skullcap reduces to heat seeking missiles! Before the villain can fire, our heroes pour out a trail of oil on the forest floor and ignite the fuel drums with a flare gun. The heat seeking missile flies into the fire, as does Skullcap's chopper... The group make it to Paris, there Bond spots an artist painting a impressionist painting of the Eiffel Tower. Bond tests the girl by saying he admires the painting, and describes the artwork as an expressionist, Marcie agrees saying they are very expressive... According to the missile documents, the rocket needs a gantry to be fired from, so our heroes begin looking for a gantry. Hmm, tall, made of steel, what in Paris could be used as a gantry...? Later that night, Bond decides to take Miss Beaucoup out to dinner on a formal paddle steamer. Tracy doesn't trust her, nor does IQ who provides James Bond Jr with a sword hidden inside a loaf of French bread, a land mine disguised as a beret and a wristwatch that admits sends a homing signal to IQ's wristwatch. The watch also includes a acetylene torch. At dinner, Bond questions Marcie about who she really is. But before he can get any information out of her they are again ambushed, this time by Skullcap and Dr. Derange-- the man behind the plans for the rocket. The girl helps Bond fight the two criminals which leads Bond to the conclusion that she is on his side. After sending the two men overboard, Marcie explains that her father works for the French Police, she is helping her dad find the warhead. Earlier they received a girl from Mr. Mitchell informing them of Young Bond's arrival which is why Marcie was on the hovercraft in the first place. The two suddenly spot Dr. Derange and Skullcap escaping through the sewers, Bond and the girl follow them. Marcie explains she knows every inch of the sewer tunnels, but they loose the two agents of S.C.U.M. Marcie feels guilty that they lost them and thinks maybe she should stick to showing tourists the Eiffel Tower. Of course, the Eiffel Tower! The perfect gantry for the missile! After traveling through a series of sewer tunnels, the two find the bomb in a deep silo beneath the tower, but before they can act Bond and Marcie are captured and strapped to the bomb. Drerange reveals his plan, to plots to destroy Moscow with the nuclear missile. The firing of the rocket will be traced back to Paris, thus allowing the blame to fall on the French. The countdown begins, Derange expects Young Bond to die, along with millions of innocent Russians. But Bond manages to escape using the acetylene torch IQ built into Bond's watch. Bond and the girl escape, but before the missile fires, Bond manages to remove it's guidance circuitry and causing the it to fly harmlessly into the cosmos.moreless
    • Location Danger
      Location Danger
      Episode 8
      A new student is attended at Warfeild; Anne Genue, daughter of the famous 'Spy Man' film star Neville Genue. When Anne's dad fails to turn up at her birthday, James Bond Junior decides to take Anne to Hollywood on the set of the newest Spy Man flick to meet him. Together with IQ, Tracy Millbank, Phoebe Farragut and (sadly) Trevor Noseworthy, 007's nephew flies Anne down to LA. But no sooner do they gain access to the film studio, Bond recognises the new Spy Man girl actress as Felony O'Toole of S.C.U.M.! Genue acts as if he doesn't know his daughter leaving Bond and his friends to watch helplessly as Genue and Miss O'Toole abduct computer scientist Professor Braintrust, a fan of Spy Man movies, from the film set. Anne tries to interfear but is herself taken hostage as well. S.C.U.M. want the professor because they have the sophisticated US military Galaxy weapon and need him to reprogram it. Believing he's on part of the film set Braintrust is happy to help them and reprograms a Godzilla robot (Part of the studio tour) to attack Young Bond and his friends. Bond steals a studio stunt chopper and uses it's arsenal of special effects to defeat the robot and then chase and stop O'Toole and Braintrust from escaping in a limo. The teenage super then learns that the film star and his daughter have both been tied to the 'H' in the Hollywood sign, along with a pair of rockets that will blast the two -and the H- into space! Failing to retrieve the Galaxy weapon, Bond choose to save his friends. He arrives at the Hollywood sign and frees the two just seconds before the rockets' countdown finishes, ripping the letter H from it's foundation and launching it into the cosmos.moreless
    • Nothing to Play With
      James Bond Jr. travels to Hong Kong to thwart an evil criminal's plan to manufacture illegitimate toys.
    • A Chilling Affair
      Dr. Julius No is back! Under his command, S.C.U.M. Agents steal a cryogenic cylinder from a high-tech storage unit. The cylinder contains the frozen body of a criminal mastermind whose plan was to sleep for a century. So far he's been frozen for forty years, but before the criminal was frozen he hid 40 million dollars in stolen plutonium. Dr. No intends of unfreezing the body show the man can reveal the location of the plutonium. Whilst on a field trip, Young Bond and his mates spot the kidnapping of Professor Ivan Frost- an expert in cryogenics. Our heroes try to save the Professor, but their efforts are in vein. Though during the fight, one of the kidnappers drops a matchbook. Printed on it is the address to a sushi bar in East End London. From there Bond traces Dr. No to a hidden base near Maidstone. The Doctor is forcing the Professor to defrost the criminal. Bond rescues Frost, but the criminal is defrosted and escapes. After getting the Professor out of the lair, Bond and his friend disguise IQ has the one that got away and use him as bait to lure Dr. No out of his base.... Where the police are waiting. With the mission completed, Bond, IQ and Gordo race off in the Aston Martin Super and get back to Warfeild Academy with only 0:07 seconds before their exams start.moreless
    • Plunder Down Under
      During a school trip to Greece, Tracy Millbanks' uncle, the captain of an oil tanker, is lost along with his ship; they are the victims of what appears to be a sea monster. While on a field trip, Mr. Mitchell informs James Jr., IQ, Tracy, and Gordo that the tanker is not the first ship to disappear; apparently dozens of ships have been lost to the supposed sea monster. Tracy becomes worried, when James Jr. suggests scuba diving. Before setting out, IQ provides Bond with a laser ring and a magnetic watch. IQ also takes with him a homing transmitter. They head for the docks, only to discover Jaws at there. James Jr. believes he was involved in the theft of the ships and they follow his boat out to sea. He dives beneath the waves, and they continue to chase him in scuba gear. In the waters off the coast of Greece, Jaws leads them to what everyone believed to be sea monster - a giant robot claw. But before they can act, they are all swallowed by a submarine disguised as a great white shark. The submarine takes them to an underwater city, where all the missing ships are harbored. Jaws leads them through the complex, but when Tracy activates the sprinkler system they manage to escape. They find Tracy's uncle in a prison cell, but before they can set him free they are recaptured by Jaws. Jaws takes them up to the control room and locks them inside a tall glass tube. They are met by the Captain Walker D. Plank, who reveals his plan. All of the ships he's stolen have all been fitted with weapons of mass destruction. The engines of the vessels have also been upgraded with the latest in radio control technology. From the underwater city, Plank will control the ships from remote control and use them to take over the world. IQ figures out Plank's plan; if Plank can control the ships by remote, so can they, but how? Fortunately Gordo brought with him his handheld computer game; by fitting the radio transmitter into Gordo's "Ship-O-Hoy" game, IQ rebuilds the game as a remote device. Thinking this oppurtunity as to playing the ulimate video game, Gordo uses the device to cause the ships to fire on each other, sinking the fleet and destroying the base within. But when one of the vessels crashes through the giant dome, the whole city begins to flood. Using the laser ring James Jr. and his friends escape from the glass tube holding them prisoner. After setting Tracy's uncle free, they head to the submarine docking bay. Plank escapes in a submarine, but leaves Jaws to finish them off. In a fierce battle aboard one of the remaining boats, Bond straps his watch magnet to an anchor chain, causing Jaws' teeth to stick to it. Bond then drops anchor, pulling Jaws underwater.moreless
    • Shifting Sands
      Shifting Sands
      Episode 4
      Our heroes travel on a field trip to the Egyptian ruins to witness Professor Giza open the recently discovered tomb of Pharaoh Hiphurrah. They arrive to find the tomb being raided, and the raiders flee, leaving behind only one clue: a black scarab pendant. After examining the pendant, James Jr. notices that it bears the symbol of Pharaoh Fearo: a Egyptian tomb raider with ties to S.C.U.M. Inside the scarab is a map of the local area and what appears to be a network of pipelines. When they return to the tomb they discover that the mummy of Hiphurrah has vanished. The only witness is a security guard who claims saw the mummy walk. Trevor accidentally sets off an earthquake using IQ's sonic shovel, burying them both in the tomb. James Jr. and Egyptian teenager Cleo Dawe translate the hieroglyphs to discover where Hiphurrah's treasure is located. But upon finding it, the two are kidnapped by Fearo. It turns out that the walking mummy was really Fearo's cousin Viper, trying to scare off everyone. It turns out Fearo was using a subterranean module with a giant diamond drill, with which he plans to drill a series of tunnels and drain all of the oil from the Middle East, to be ransomed by S.C.U.M. James Jr. and Cleo escape using Fearo's driller as a getaway vehicle, and use it to free their Trevor and IQ from the tomb.moreless
    • The Chameleon
      The Chameleon
      Episode 3
      On a dark and stormy night in Washington, a military base is infiltrated. Leaving two soldiers stunned, the intruder steals a 4-Star General's uniform. The theft was preformed by The Chameleon, a man with micro-molders implanted under his skin; allowing him to take on the appearance of whoever he touches. Back at Warfield, our heroes are preparing for a feild trip to Washington DC. IQ brings along and FM cassette player and pair of head phones rigged up as a homing device, and (to overcome Trevor's fear of flying) builds a parachute into the lining of Trevor's long underwear. Unfortunately, Tracy is unable to come along; her passport has expired, but James Jr. promises her he'll take pictures. Upon arriving in DC, Mitchel, James Jr., IQ, Gordo, Trevor and Phoebe run into Lieutenant Shelly Kaysing, on her way to inform General Duke Armstrong about the theft at the military base. Shelly offers the group a ride into town, and with the hour she has before she has to meet the General at the Pentagon, gives them a tour of the city. The tour leads them to the George Washington monument, but no sooner than James Jr. and the Lieutenant get inside the elevator, a old woman runs in and closes the door behind IQ, Gordo, Trevor and Phoebe. After reaching the top of the building, Bond and Shelly admire the view when suddenly the old woman pushes them both out the window. Both of them wind up hanging off the side of the gigantic monument hanging for dear life. The old woman wasn't a woman at all -- it was The Chameleon. The shape-shifting terrorist leaves the two to die, but after a few minutes Gordo and the others get to the top of the tower. Gordo grabs the Lieutenant and pulls her to safety, but James Jr. falls further down. Holding him by his ankles, Gordo lowers Trevor down to grab James Jr. But Trevor and James Jr. are too heavy for him, and James Jr. orders Gordo to lets go and both James Jr. and Trevor fall. They both survive using Trevor's hidden parachute. As they float through the sky, Bond sees the Chameleon escaping in a brown van. They land on the roof of the moving vehicle; and Trevor ends up getting caught in a tree. James Jr. rides on the roof until the van stops at a motel. He follows the Chameleon up to Room 311. Looking through the key hole, Bond witnesses the Chameleon putting on the stolen uniform. Bond overhears the villian discussing his plan with his two henchmen: A new high-tech body armour prototype is arriving at the Pentagon, The Robot Armoured Tactical Soldier (R.A.T.S.) a giant walking/rocket-powered assault unit. Complete with ballistic armour and enough firepower to start a small war, any human being wearing it would be rendered invulnerable. By impersonating General Armstrong, The Chameleon will be able to steal the R.A.T.S. prototype and sell it to the highest bidder: S.C.U.M. Disguising himself as a waiter and posing as room service, James Jr. enters the Chameleon's bedroom. James Jr. gets identified but defeats Chameleon's two guards. Meanwhile, The Chameleon tries to escape the motel. IQ, Shelly and the others arrive, having traced the signal from the FM cassette player IQ gave James Jr. They split up to search for The Chameleon, and Trevor gets to him first, but freaks out at the sight of the Chameleon's face-morphing and winds up hiding under a bed. The police arrive, not knowing The Chameleon has taken on appearance of Trevor. He attacks two police officers with a lamp and escapes out the window. Trevor winds up being blamed and arrested for the attack. Trevor is taken to jail, but James knows it was The Chameleon who attacked the cops. James Jr. and Shelly drive to the Pentagon's test hangar to warn General Armstrong about the Chameleon's plot to steal the R.A.T.S. body armour, but they are too late. Fighting from the controls of the R.A.T.S. exo-suit, The Chameleon attacks them. James Jr. then takes control of a tank to stop him. During the battle, the sprinkler system is set off, and he water causes the micro-molders in The Chameleon's body to short circuit, electrocuting him. He falls from the armor, in it's path, and is crushed beneath it. After Trevor gets out of jail, General Duke Armstrong allows Lieutenant Shelly Kaysing to give our heroes a VIP tour of the city. When Mitchell asks him what he was up to, James Jr. just replies that he was "checking out the many faces of Washington D.C."moreless
    • Earth Cracker
      Earth Cracker
      Episode 2
      Our heroes are out exploring the woods around Warfield when suddenly they are attacked by a battle tank. The driver turns out to be Oddjob - the henchman of Auric Goldfinger! The steel-rimmed bowler hat-wearing assassin kidnaps a student called Lotta Dinaro and takes her to the nearby airfield where S.C.U.M. load her onto a plane bound for Puerto Rico. James Jr. and his friends follow the plane there hoping they can rescue her. Before they leave, IQ packs a wristwatch that can fire a climbing rope, a video camera that can detect gold within a range of twenty miles, a couple of mini-explosives disguised as AA batteries and a homing device linked to the watch. Shortly after they arrive, James Jr.'s camcorder detects gold buried in the hills and so he goes to investigate while Tracy and IQ go look for a hotel in the town of Puerto. On their way there, Tracy and IQ encounter many rough men from the mountains, and the local villagers aren't very forthcoming as to whether or not they've seen a young woman from the city. While climbing the mountains, James Jr. spots Oddjob in a helicopter. Keeping out of sight inside a cave, James Jr. shoots the homing device at the chopper with a sling-shot, hitting the target. Suddenly an ear-splitting noise vibrates through the land; creating a massive earthquake that not only leaves the town of Puerto in ruins, but also buries James Jr. in the cave. Tracy and IQ survive the quake, as well as the goons they encountered, who are now leaving. Suspecting them of working for Goldfinger, Tracy and IQ follow them. Using one of the explosives IQ gave him, James Jr. blows open the blockage in the cave but loses the other bomb in the rubble whilst climbing out. He follows the helicopter's signal all the way a valley where he discovers that Goldfinger is holding Lotta for ransom: Lotta's father is a rich eccentric who has spent his life searching for the lost city of El Dorado - the city of gold. Unless Lotta's father tells Goldfinger the location of El Dorado, he will test the power of his industrial laser on Lotta. The devoted father tells Goldfinger what he wants to know, but the villain has his own agenda. It is revealed that ever since Goldfinger's plan to raid Fort Knox was thwarted, he was secretly building a new weapon modification for his laser, codenamed 'Earth Cracker'. An Ultrasonic generator powerful enough to bring cities to ruins, which he has demonstrated on Puerto. The villain plans to use the laser to excavate the ancient city from under the ground. James Jr. watches and records everything hanging from a climbing rope but is discovered and captured by Oddjob! Tracy and IQ pick up James Jr.'s trail while following the guards, finding the battery grenade he lost earlier. They find James Jr., the girl and her father all placed in a giant bowl held in the hands of one of the twenty-foot tall statues guarding the city. Using the giant laser, Goldfinger starts melting the gold of which El Dorado is composed. As the gold melts it is put through a generator that turns the liquid back into solid bars of bullion, which Goldfinger plans to smuggle out of the country. At one thousand degrees centigrade he expects James Jr. to be burned to death. By setting off the explosive up in the hill, IQ is able to distract the bad guys long enough for James Jr. to make an escape. He hangs the climbing rope down to the bottom of the statue and he, Lotta and her father all slide down to safety. With the henchmen all investigating the explosion, James Jr. manages to gain control of the laser. Oddjob tries to interfere but James Jr. lasers his flying hat out of it's path, and then uses Earth Cracker to cause another massive earthquake, burying El Dorado, along with Goldfinger and Oddjob. Mr. Dinaro is pleased that his daughter is safe, but sad that after all his years of trying to find El Dorado it is again lost forever. All those years of trying to prove the city's existence are down the drain, or so it seems. Apparently James Jr. had picked up a golden figurine from the crumbling city as a souvenir, which he gives to Lotta's father as proof.moreless
    • The Beginning
      The Beginning
      Episode 1
      James Bond 007 lends his teenage nephew the Aston Martin DB5. While driving to Warfield Academy, James Jr. is ambushed by S.C.U.M. Lord in his Rolls Royce. S.C.U.M. Lord chases James Jr. off a cliff, but James Jr. manages to escape using the car's flight converter. Little does James Jr. know is that S.C.U.M. Lord wasn't after him, but the Aston Martin. S.C.U.M. Lord has received evidence that the car contains a powerful electromagnetic pulse generator, one powerful enough to destroy every computer within a fifty mile radius. Everything from the modern toaster to the most sophisticated computer would be rendered useless. With such a device in his hands, S.C.U.M. Lord would be able to destroy all of England's defense and economic computers, thus S.C.U.M. would be able to take control of the UK. Meanwhile, James Jr. arrives at Warfield, where he is immediately grounded by Principal Millbanks for being late. While being on Millbanks' bad side, James Jr. becomes friends with the dorm teacher Mr. Mitchell, who apparently had met James Senior when he was in the FBI. Later, James Jr. meets up with classmates Horrice Boothroyd, the grandson of Major Boothroyd, (As gramps is "Q", this makes his grandson "IQ") and Gordo Leiter, the son of CIA agent Felix Leiter. Bond also becomes enemies with arch twit Trevor Noseworthy IV. Later on that day, the school receives a phone call from the local post office - there is a package to James Jr. from Bond Sr. Knowing it could be important, James Jr. thinks he should pick it up immediately, but knowing he's been grounded how to get out of Warfield without Millbanks seeing him? Fortunately Millbanks' daughter, Tracy, tells Bond how to get out undetected - in exchange for a ride in the Aston Martin. As Warfield was once a counterintelligence training base several secret passages were built in, James Jr. and Tracy take the passage way all the way down to the beach, where IQ is waiting for them in the Aston Martin. And the three drive off into town. Arriving at the post office, James Jr. and IQ leave Tracy in the car while they go to receive Bond's package. There's just one problem - there is no package from Bond Sr.; it was all a set-up by S.C.U.M. Lord! No sooner than James Jr. and IQ enter the building, than S.C.U.M. henchman Jaws appears! James Jr. and IQ run back outside only in time to see Jaws drive off with the DB5, with Tracy in the back of the car. James Jr. calls Warfield and soon Gordo and Tracy's friend Phebbie arrives in the school van. According to Q, every MI-6 vehicle carries a homing signal. Using a GPS uplink, our hero's follow the Aston Martin's blip all the way to an abandoned airfield. The car is in the back of a transport truck ready to be loaded onto a S.C.U.M. cargo jet bound for S.C.U.M. Lord's lair. IQ provides James Jr. with a gadget-laden wristwatch, a device that can guide the DB5 by remote, and a tube of super conductive liquid. IQ originally developed the liquid to boil three-minute eggs in ten seconds, but it ended up blowing things up. Sneaking past the terrorists, Bond puts the liquid in the truck's engine. The engine explodes, creating a distraction. While the terrorists are occupied by the burning engine, James sneaks into the back of the truck where he finds Tracy in the Aston Martin's trunk. But before the two can escape, Jaws appears! The towering henchman locks the two in the trunk and drives the Aston Martin out of the truck and onto the plane. The aircraft takes off with James Jr. and Tracy in the 'first class' section. Using the laser in the watch, James Jr. and Tracy manage to escape. They immediately get behind the wheel of the Aston Martin, but James Jr.'s plans to use the flight converter to escape fail, as he discovers the device had been damaged in the last flight. But the really bad news is the noise of the Aston Martin revving up alerted Jaws from the cockpit! James Jr. fights back against the towering steel-toothed assassin, ramming him and using the car's gadgets against him until finally the henchman is defeated. With no way of getting the Aston Martin off the plane, James Jr. plans to destroy the aircraft and everything on it, thus preventing the EMP generator from falling into the hands of S.C.U.M. James Jr. uses the remote control to repeatably ram the DB5 into the cockpit door until the plane loses control. James Jr. and Tracy jump out on a parachute just as the massive aircraft explodes over the countryside. Having rescued Tracy, James Jr. quickly returns to Warfield before Trevor Noseworthy can tell on him to Mr. Millbanks. Tracy tells Mr. Mitchell about the rescue; however Mitchell, who had just spoken to James Bond 007 in person, has other news. That EMP generator S.C.U.M. was after was never in the Aston Martin at all, S.C.U.M. Lord had been misinformed. James Jr. feels bad about destroying his Uncle's car, but Bond Sr. has other plans. 007 has what is left of the Aston Martin retrieved and shipped back to MI-6 in London, and there he asks Q to rebuild the car into a new and unique gadget-ladan sportscar, the Aston Martin Super. 007 then gives the car to his nephew as a gift.moreless