James Bond, Jr.

Season 1 Episode 31

Hunt For Red Star One

Aired Daily 8:00 PM Oct 28, 1991 on



  • Trivia

    • Fun fact: Trevor Noseworthy IV is a conspiracy nut.

    • The Soviet space capsule has no rocket engine nozzle. We thought the Russians knew better than that?

    • When the Russian cosmonaut greets The Chameleon disguised as Ourumov with the words "It's good to see you sir" The Chameleon's mouth moves to the line.

    • When Trevor Noseworthy IV films the Russian students with IQ's video camera, the student (male) with the dark jacket says the line, "We were lucky to get these past customs, we better keep these safe until it is time". But when Trevor shows the tape to Mr. Millbanks the line is spoken by the female student (it's even the same voice actor).

    • Sound cannot be heard in space. Incidentally the same mistake is made in the Bond film Moonraker.

  • Quotes

    • Chameleon: Like I said, it was ours for the taking!
      Dr. Derange: Good work, Chameleon. Oh, by the way, I never got the chance to introduce our newest henchmen. Ha! Or should I say "henchwomen", ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!
      Max: I'm Max, this is my partner Joe.
      Chameleon: Well we might as well make this a face to face introduction. (Face changes from Ourumov's to his true face)

    • (About Bond's umbrella satellite dish)
      Boris: A talking umbrella? You Westerner's have such strange toys.

    • James Bond Jr.: (Puts on IQ's gloves and puts his hand in IQ's lab jacket) Hey, your right, IQ, these are sensitive, I think I feel something. (Pulls out IQ's wallet)
      IQ: (Unamused) Very funny...

    • Dr. Derange: I think it's time The Chameleon had a little face-lift.
      Chameleon: (Touches Ourumov's face, his face instantly changes) Ha! Ha! With the face of the Soviet Space Chief, the top secret laser guidance codes will be ours for the taking!

    • Chameleon: Sorry I can't stay to enjoy your flame out, Bond!

    • Millbanks: Your in big trouble, Noseworthy! Big trouble!

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