James Bond, Jr.

Season 1 Episode 42

Invaders from S.C.U.M.

Aired Daily 8:00 PM Nov 12, 1991 on



  • Trivia

    • IQ has blond hair in this episode, instead of the bright orange it is in other episodes.

    • In this episode we see how much Jaws and Nick Nack don't get along.

    • When Trevor falls from the window ledge into the bushes, Tracy says he's "Ruined her father's prize-winning flowers" But in reality, there were no flowers in the bush (?).

    • Through out this whole episode, Gordo's skin is a darker tan than it usually is.

  • Quotes

    • Nick Nack: (Kicks Jaws in the leg) Did you leave the keys in the ignition again?
      Jaws: Ow! You little!
      Dr. Derange: Stop fighting you two and get that ship back!
      Jaws: You were the last one to fly it!
      Nick Nack: But you were the last one out!

    • Jaws: You klutz!
      Nick Nack: You Big Ape!

    • Dr. Derange: Ha! How stupid can you get? That Professor Comet actually believes we're interplanetary aliens.
      Jaws: Yeah, we do look like a couple of wierdos from another planet.
      Nick Nack: Speek for yourself Metal-Mouth.
      Jaws: Let me steer for a while, boss, pretty please!
      Nick Nack: No, let me steer! I never get the chance!
      Jaws: No, me!
      Nick Nack: No, me!
      (Jaws and Nick Nack continue arguing)
      Dr. Derange: Stop it you two! Stop!

    • Halley: I'm Halley Comet.
      James: And I'm Bond, James Bond Jr.

    • (The spaceship is going down)
      Dr. Derange: Now look what you two nitwits have done! Our spaceship is out of control!
      Jaws: Ah, stop it! Let me try it this time, Dr. Derange, I could land this safely with my super strength... (Grabs controls)
      Nick Nack: Hah! Forget it! This calls for brains not brawn. (Takes controls odd Jaws)
      Dr. Derange: Oh no, not again! Get away from those controls! Both of you! (Pushes the two aside and takes the wheel, it comes off) Ooops...
      (The spacecraft crashes)
      Dr. Derange: Blast you! We almost had control of the world, if you two hadn't messed things up-
      (S.C.U.M. Lord appears on the monitors)
      S.C.U.M. Lord: DERANGE!!!
      Dr. Derange: (Gasp) S.C.U.M. Lord...
      S.C.U.M. Lord: Very Observant. Where is my satellite!
      Dr. Derange: Well... It's a long story...
      Jaws: Wrong, it's a "short" story.
      Nick Nack: Oh, yes, that's it; blame everything on me...

    • Jaws: Are we almost at the lab yet, boss?
      DeRange: Oh have a bit of patients, your worse than little children.
      Nick Nack: Oh sorry, boss. It's just we are so axious to start ruling the world.
      DeRange: All in good time my mis-sized misfits, all in good time.

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