James Bond, Jr.

(ended 1991)


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  • -It wasnt that bad

    Okay for all you purist out their you are forgetting that J B did have a half Japanese son by Kissy Suzuki after he lost his memory at the end of you Only Live Twice. The premise of J B Jr was that he was the nephew of J B not his son and that Bonds brother Donald I believe had named the boy after his uncle. Donald was a airlines pilot check out the book The Adventure of James Bond Jr oo3 and a half I read it while in grade school loved it.
  • If James Bond was an only child, then how did he have a nephew?

    I would watch James Bond, Jr. before I would go off to school. The show was fun to watch as I am now a big James Bond fan. The series did have many plot holes, but as a kid I didn't even notice them.
  • Nostalgia!

    I loved this cartoon as a child...and I still do now! Not many episodes were released in the UK but I have 3 VHS tapes. I also had the IQ, Jumpsuit James, Coach Mitchell, Dr. No, Dr, Derange, Odd Job and Jaws figures along with the Sports car!!! The theme tune is pretty sweet too, all in all one of my childhood favourites.
  • I loved this show growing up and I still enjoy it today.

    I loved this show growing up and I still enjoy it today. It doesn\'t succeed on any level other than being a childrens series and I think a lot of people expected more from it than this (being part of the Bond franchise). But, taken on face value it has a lot to offer. In fact just try watching it directly after a present day animated junior spy series (there\'s lot to cose from!) and you\'ll truelly appreciate the well writen character development found in James Bond Jr.

    This show also has a stuble way of playing with it\'s own formate and yet keeping the viewer in familiar ground that I haven\'t seen as well done on any other series.
  • Able to induce suicide.

    These were dark days. If you ever have the misfortune of stumbing across this little trove of tripe - hit Mute followed by an aversion of the eyes at lightning speed. From this stance guess which is the channel up button and press it until you're convinced you've managed to successfully depart from Jr.'s company.