Jamie Kennedy's Blowin' Up

Friday 11:00 PM on MTV - Music Television Premiered May 16, 2006 Between Seasons


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  • Jamie Kennedy with the friend Stu Stone, are trying to break in to the music industry

    WHAT, OKAY, WHAT!! OKAY, This show is awesome, and the rhymes are off the meter. I have liked every episode so far, I was rollin when they did the mattress mac commercial. Jamie and Stu write some good stuff. Stu's voice has a very unique sound. What makes this show so good, is that the two don't try so hard, it doesn't look like a manufactured reality show. (Everything in the paranthesis is just filler, I do have a min to maintain here people.) What!!! OKAY!!! What?!!! OKAY!!! I can't say anythings else, the show is great, the rhymes are great teh edited rhymes, and that's it. It deserves it's 10. If they were to market themselves as sort of a weird Al Yankovich, but with original songs that don't spoof, then they could go gold or platnium. They already have the tv show on mtv, that gets people to like them, so it's possible. I think the cussing will be their downfall to an overall demographic.
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