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Channel 4 (ended 2005)


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Jamie's School Dinners
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Jamie Oliver has set himself the challenge of a lifetime—to take charge of 20,000 school lunches a day across one of London's most demanding areas as he campaigns to ban junk foods in schools and stop students from eating a quarter of a ton of French fries a week. If he succeeds in transforming the way kids eat, Jamie will use this experience to create a blueprint for school meals across the country.

Jamie's School Dinners finds Oliver taking on the school meals service of a Council-run secondary school in Greenwich, a London borough, as well as spending a month working with primary kids in a severely deprived part of Durham. After finding out what young people are eating for lunch, how it's prepared, and how on earth you cook for hundreds of kids at a time, Oliver works with the students and catering staff to steer students away from processed, pre-prepared meals towards healthier and more exciting choices such as wraps, Thai curries and fish pies. Jamie prepares the new meals from scratch daily with fiery school dinner lady, Nora.moreless
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  • Fantastic! Inspiring stuff.

    Whether you like him or not youv'e got to hand it to Jamie Oliver! He really did make a difference with Jamie's School dinners!

    Food at schools is a major problem that people seem to easily ignore without thinking twice about, but with Jamie being so disgusted with the food that is being served to the kids of Britain decided he wanted to do something about it.

    It was fascinating watching him along with Nora the dinner lady go through many successes and failures in trying to change the foods in the schools!

    Ultimately this show made a difference.

    You can't really say there are many reality shows out there that have actually made a difference. People can give the biased opinions on the influences of certain TV shows, but there will be critisism! Not many people can argue against the fact that Jamie's School Dinners have been influential.

    If it was all for nothing then this show wouldn't have been anywhere near as popular as it has, but it was a success and we should all grateful for it!moreless
  • It was AMAZING!! it showed me how bad kids diets are

    Jamie Oliver realises that Children in England have big dieting problems. he realises that kids every day eat a whole lot of junk. I got my cousins to watch this and they have terrible diets but ever since they won't eat junk food because Jamie showed what was really in them and they are now more willing to try new food
  • Unique idea for a documentary series, well-executed and often eye-opening

    Jamie Oliver is a man with a plan. His plan? To convert the unhealthy, non-nutritious muck that passes for school dinners in Britain's schools into healthy, balanced meals that provide the kids with the nutrients they need whilst still tasting good. A big plan, and children doing anything but welcoming his intervention doesn't exactly help.

    This short series opens your eye to the junk that gets served in Britain's schools - particularly the infamous turkey twizzler - and follows Jamie on an egnaging journey throughout Grenwich in London, on which he meets the delightful Nora the dinner-lady, on which he attempts to teach hundereds of local cooks meal preparation basics, on which he argues with politicans and headteachers alike. A show everyone in the country should see; highly recommended.moreless
  • Celebrity chef takes on on the uncelebrity task of cooking for kids who don't give a fig who he is.

    Oh Jaime is simply brilliant in this one, especially when you can see the level of his own personal frustration with the issue. Personally I do hope he finds the maker of Turkey Twisters or whatever they\'re called. It\'s a good mix of confession scenes, let\'s try something different moments and some comedy.