Jane And the Dragon

Sunday 11:00 AM on YTV Premiered Jan 08, 2006 Between Seasons


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  • Season 1
    • For Crying Out Loud
      Jane tries to master her battle cry - to call out above the din of battle. Meanwhile, the Royal boar hunt is on and the squires are invited to join. Dragon cannot believe Jane will not stand up for the defenceless boar.
    • The Last Of The DragonSlayers
      When Sir Theodore assigns Jane the menial task of cleaning his sword, Gunther gloats over getting the easier task of Sentry duty. Dragon accuses Theodore of playing favorites, but Jane defends her mentor... until she discovers a broken sword in Sir Theodore's quarters with mysterious runes on its hilt.
    • King's Knight
      King's Knight
      Episode 24
      It is a proud day for Jane. The squires and knights must make their annual pledge of allegiance to the King. The day gets more exciting when Jane and Jester find a map of the catacombs and set off on a mission to find what they hope is treasure. Instead they stumble upon a terrible secret. Can Jane swear allegiance to the King if she have doubts about the current King's legitimacy?
    • Dragon Egg
      Dragon Egg
      Episode 23
      The Merchant's new consignment of supplies contains an incredible object - a dragon's egg. But is it really a Dragon's egg?
    • MisMatched
      Episode 22
      When Jane and Gunther get out of hand, Sir Theodore decides to settle their differences in the sparring arena. But when Pepper mistakes the two competitors tussling for hugging, she inadvertently starts a rumour that Jane and Gunther are sweethearts.
    • Go West Young Gardener
      When Jane finds out that the King is bored with Pepper's cooking and that Rake has never travelled far beyond the castle, she figures that she can solve two problems with one Dragon flight.
    • Strawberry Fool
      Strawberry Fool
      Episode 20
      When the Princess comes down with a cold, the King puts Jane in charge of cheering her up. Unfortunately, one by one, Jane's elaborate plans go awry.
    • Fathers
      Episode 19
      An adventure in a newly discovered underground chamber allows Jane and Dragon to learn a little more about each of their fathers.
    • Knight Light
      Knight Light
      Episode 18
      When Jane finds herself trapped in the privy at night, with no candle and a squeaky bat, she develops a sudden fear of the dark. To make matters worse, Sir Ivon and Sir Theodore have built a hedge maze outside the castle which Jane and Gunther must negotiate at night.
    • Pride And Pollen
      Pride And Pollen
      Episode 17
      The scheming Merchant concocts a plan to get rid of Dragon once and for all.
    • DragonPhobia
      Episode 16
      When Jane eats some berries and passes out ill, she reawakens with amnesia. Jane now knows only one thing for certain; she is terrified of Dragon.
    • Foul Weather Friends
      While out on patrol, Dragon's spontaneous loop de loop causes Jane to slip off and free-fall through the air. Dragon manages to save her in the nick of time but is shaken by the experience. He vows that no harm will come to her and becomes something of an overprotective parent. Jane rebels against his suffocating affection and unlocks one of the secrets of her runic sword.moreless
    • Rune
      Episode 14
      With the three-hundredth anniversary of the castle approaching, Jane and Gunther are given an important chore to prepare for the Royal Jubilee. Whichever squire polishes more of the castle's myriad of shields will win the honor of carrying the banner in the Jubilee Parade. At the same time, Dragon wants Jane to come to his cave to help him decipher the carvings on his wall.moreless
    • A Thing Of Beauty
      A Thing Of Beauty
      Episode 13
      The King commissions a beautiful portrait of the Queen and Jane is entrusted to guard it before the grand unveiling gala. When Jane leaves her post to check in on Dragon, the Queen's portrait is left unattended
    • A Pig Of A Problem
      A Pig Of A Problem
      Episode 12
      When Smithy's pig bites the Prince, the King decides that Pig must be tethered. Smithy is devastated - Pig is his pet and friend. When the King sells Pig to the merchant, Smithy's problems multiply
    • Three's A Crowd
      Three's A Crowd
      Episode 11
      When Gunther pulls a practical joke on Jane, Dragon discovers he and Gunther share a similar sense of humor: lowbrow. Jane begins to feel left out, so she enlists Jester to give her a crash course on crass humor. Will Dragon see that The Merchant is using this new relationship for his own gain?
    • 3/12/06
      When the King and Queen are gone for the day on royal business, Jane is entrusted with “protecting the royal heirs”. Unfortunately, babysitting the bratty Prince and playful Princess wreaks havoc on Jane’s plan to study for one of Sir Theodore’s knighthood tests. Jane asks Dragon to keep an eye on the two children but he manages to misplace the Princess in a game of hide n’ seek.moreless
    • Dragon Diva
      Episode 9
      Jester is the King’s best hope for winning the inter-kingdom competition of song. However, Jane’s overenthusiastic coaching results in Jester losing his voice. Hope is rekindled when Jane overhears a talented voice but unfortunately she cannot find the singer. Eventually, it turns out that Dragon is the silver throated singer but the problem is that singing is simply not acceptable dragon behaviour.moreless
    • All Fools Day
      Episode 8
      Jester's favorite day of the year - All Fools Day - is here but Dragon threatens to ruin the fun with his terribly unfunny pranks. Jane is determined to pull a prank on Dragon but he proves to be a very difficult target.
    • Dragon Rules
      Episode 7
      On their day off, Jane and her friends have the chance to play bandyball. Dragon joins in the game but is a disaster. Jane manages to get the others to involve Dragon as referee but playing a physical and noisy game like bandyball without disturbing the dozing King is extremely tricky.moreless
    • The Offer
      Episode 6
      Jane rushes to defend her friend Dragon, whose clumsiness is causing many problems around the castle. Jane concocts a story and lets her friends know that she and Dragon have received an offer to move to a castle where they love dragons.
    • Shall We Dance
      Episode 5
      Gunther insists that Jane isn’t good enough to become a real knight and Jane is determined to prove him wrong. Jane is so determined that she misses the annual Ball and sets about trying to capture a flower thief.
    • A Dragon's Tail
      Episode 4
      Dragon is feeling sick, very sick, with…a pig disease--curly tail. It is curable, but the antidote is a difficult quest away. Jane volunteers to go for the sake of her dear friend, and Sir Theodore sends Gunther with her to build their skills as knights. Meanwhile, Dragon is proving to be a very difficult patient.moreless
    • Jester Justice
      Episode 3
      Jester’s hysterical impression of Sir Ivon leads to a face-saving duel between the two foes. Jane is mortified, Jester is terrified and Jane's efforts to save her friend from public doom seem, well, doomed! Luckily, Jester discovers that he can choose the weapon…
    • Tooth Fairy
      Episode 2
      Dragon has a toothache and decides to have the tooth pulled only after hearing Jane’s tooth fairy story. When Gunther steals the Dragon tooth, Dragon discovers there is no tooth fairy. Jane sets out to rebuild Dragon’s wounded pride and their unique friendship.
    • Tests And Jests
      Episode 1
      Jane has her knight in training 'rescue the damsel' test. It is a difficult challenge that she must meet in order to carry on her apprenticeship as a knight. But the challenge becomes more complicated when Jane makes a pact with the King to protect her friend, Pepper. If Jane fails, she sacrifices her bid to become a knight and faces a future in…the kitchens!moreless
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