Jane And the Dragon

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  • Jane & The Dragon

    At 64 years old I enjoy watching Jane & The Dragon. Not only are the stories good, they always teach younger kids a lesson, which we need more of in this world. I know some politicians that should watch this program.

    I do enjoy the program very much and hope it continues because there are other seniors besides me that watch this program. Hope it stays on a long time.
  • A fun, enjoyable show, even for adults without kids (gasp!)

    After seeing what kind of trash non-educational kids shows are these days, it was a pleasant surprise when I stumbled on to Jane and the Dragon while visiting England, and even more excited to see that PBS had picked it up in the US. It is refreshing to see a show geared toward kids that does not treat kids like morons, and which teaches moral values like courage, loyalty and friendship for once. The characters are lovable and surprisingly well-written for a kid's show, the dialog is clever and the music is fantastic. I only wish they had made an episode showing the events alluded to in the title song (Dragon and Jane's first encounter).
  • Jane shows it's okay to be a girl and do boys stuff. She and Dragon solve problems and cope with life in general.

    Target age for this show is 4-12 ... really designed to appeal to girls. Jane lives in in medieval times as a knight in training (not a lady-in-waiting). She's an amiable gangly red-haired young lady with a temperament to match her hair. Great characters, good character development.

    The animation is unique ... CGI with post processing to make it look like it's done in chalk. I'm guessing the post processing is to make it look similar to the book illustrations?

    This is another one we strip out the commercials for the kids to rewatch (tivo). I wish there were more episodes.
  • Quality television for the little ones.

    I don't have kids myself, but my sympathies go out to people who do. What younger children see really can influence their development, and the younger ones really need the kind of quality entertainment provided my the makers of Jane and the Dragon. I've seen for myself what an addiction to "Grand Theft Auto" video games and worship of the motion picture "Scarface" did for my neighbor's kid...played a major role in turning him from a relatively well adjusted kid at 13 into the gang-banging jerk he became 5 short years later. He's on his way back from the edge of the abyss as of late...drug rehab and anger management classes or prison are the choices he's facing nowadays, and it's a toss-up weather he'll make it. Jane and the Dragon is a very well written and produced children's program that addresses character issues in a gentle way that's healthy for the kids and won't in any way encourage any kid's degeneration into the sociopathic subclasses the ranks of which are growing constantly and running rampant everywhere. We need more shows like this on Saturday mornings.
  • YTV shouldn't have aired this show.

    Oh god! How can somebody enjoy such a tedious show. The dragon isn't funny, the CG is horrid, and I feel like killing all of the characters.

    YTV never picks the good shows, they just take whatever they can get. Will and Dewit and mischief city sucks. Mona the vampire is lethal to thee eyes. I got bored of Just Jordan after first episode. The people who made growing up creepy were probably high.

    Man the characters are really really really really ugly. They look like peasants. Wait, did I just use a Medieval term.

    Storylines: Pathetic-1
    Characters: Ugly as hell-1
    CG: Average-4.6
    Theme song: Catchy-8.3
  • Yeah its something Grampa would enjoy.

    OMG I hate this show. It's boring. It's not funny. And the animation is so bad. Well heres a brief summary of this show. A girl befriends a dragon. THe end. Hmm that's a rip-off of shrek I believe. The charaters are awful. Jane is stuck up. Dragon is this loser who thinks everything he says is funny. Since when are fart jokes funny? Cancel this show. And worst of all it's moved into the 7:00am timeslot.
  • A classic in the making, Jane and the Dragon is fun family fare!

    While channel surfing, this computer generated program caught my eye, but it is the characters and stories that have kept me in my seat!

    Jane - - a pre-teen, living in a fictional, medieval castle of yore - - is destined to become a lady-in-waiting by birth, but she aspires to greater things: becoming a knight!

    She meets "Dragon", an orphaned, fire-breathing, beast, who flies, talks, and even tells jokes! But, most importantly, he is Jane's best friend.

    With Dragon and her quirky friends and family by her side, Jane strives to better herself to achieve her lofty goal! Each episode has plenty in it to keep even an adult amused and enchanted, while telling a tale with subtle morals, from which, hopefully, children may learn! Yet, I would like to see a little more adult-child interaction.

    The only "negative" aspect is the sometimes klutzy computer generated images, which occasionally appear either flat or out-of-sync with the rest of the scene. On the other hand, medieval painters had little knowledge of "perspective" in their works of art, so, perhaps, this was intentional on the part of the show's artists.

    Regardless, I can't think of a better way to spend a day than with Jane and the Dragon, and can even see it one day being put on Broadway as a live show! (now where can we find a friendly, flying, fire-breathing dragon?)
  • Jane & I are Best Friends Now

    I happened to stumble upon this adorable cartoon one morning when I was at home sick. I was instantly attracted to the motion-captured, fluid movement and the pencil-colored animation style. Then as an extra bonus, the characters themselves turned out to be quirky and cute, and the storylines have been brilliantly executed. The interaction between the characters, Jane and Dragon in particular, is so comical and real to life. I loved castles, princesses and knights as a child and would have loved this cartoon back then. But still being a kid at heart, it is no secret that this has become my new favourite show.