Jane Eyre

Season 1 Episode 2

Episode 2

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 01, 2006 on BBC
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Episode Summary

Episode 2
Jane braves the flames and wakes Rochester. He runs off to the North Tower, leaving Jane watching. They embrace on his return. In the morning Rochester has disappeared. Finally he returns, but with a houseful of guests, including the beautiful Blanche and her mother, Lady Ingram. The servants are sure that Rochester is to marry Blanche. Jane is visibly hurt by this news, and Rochester seems to be rubbing it in by insisting that she joins them for their evening soirees. Once again Jane hears disturbing noises and this time Rochester asks for her help looking after Mason, who has been violently attacked. Rochester is also injured, and leaves Jane whilst he calls for the doctor. The noises behind the door to the North Tower are most frightening.moreless

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    • Mr.Rochester: I wish I had only offered you a sovereign, not ten whole pounds. Give me back nine.
      Jane Eyre: (Holds the money behind her back)
      Mr.Rochester: Jane, I have need of it!

    • Mr.Rochester: So Jane, etiquette... How do we say good-bye? Teach me, I'm not quite up to it.
      Jane Eyre: We say farewell, or anything else we might prefer. (She curtseys) Farewell, Mr.Rochester, for the present.
      Mr.Rochester: And what must I say in return?
      Jane Eyre: The same, if you like.
      Mr.Rochester: (Takes her hand) Then I will say... Don't go Jane. What will I do without your help?

    • Mr.Rochester: Here, take fifty pounds.
      Jane Eyre: No, Sir! You only owe me fifteen, I have no change.
      Mr.Rochester: I don't want change Jane, you know that. Take your wages. (She refuses to take the money) You're right. I'd better not give you all that, you might stay away for three months. Here, there's ten. Well, isn't that enough?
      Jane Eyre: Yes, sir. But you still owe me five.
      Mr.Rochester: Then come back for it.

    • Jane Eyre: Sir, I need to have a week of absence for a week or two. To see a sick lady who's asked for me.
      Mr.Rochester: What sick lady?
      Jane Eyre: Her name is Reed. She is my uncle's wife.
      Mr.Rochester: Uncle? You told me you have no family!
      Jane Eyre: My aunt cased me out when I went to school.
      Mr.Rochester: Why?
      Jane Eyre: Because I was poor. And she did not like me.
      Mr.Rochester: And she sent you to Lowood, without so much as a word or a visit in nearly ten years. So why does she suddenly wish to see you now?
      Jane Eyre: Her son John is dead. He ruined himself. She is now struck down with his misfortune. I'll only be gone two weeks, I hope.
      Mr.Rochester: Two weeks?! That's not possible.
      Jane Eyre: You have company, sir.

    • Mr.Rochester: What do you think of Ms. Ingram, Jane? I suppose I must choose a bride, as all about me seem to wish it. Is that what they're saying? To preserve this great estate of mine, I must have an heir. Is that what the gossip requires?
      Jane Eyre: I know nothing of gossip, sir.
      Mr.Rochester: Well then, Jane, your honest opinion. Do you think Ms. Ingram a good choice? Do you think I'm in love with Ms. Ingram, Jane?
      Jane Eyre: I know nothing of love, sir.

    • Mr.Rochester: How do you do, Jane?
      Jane Eyre: I'm very well sir.
      Mr.Rochester: Why do you not come up and speak to me?
      Jane Eyre: I did not wish to disturb you. You seemed engaged, sir.
      Mr.Rochester: It's a while since we've seen each other. What have you been doing?
      Jane Eyre: Nothing in particular. Teaching Adelle, of course.
      Mr.Rochester: You look a good deal paler. What's the matter?
      Jane Eyre: Nothing at all, sir.
      Mr.Rochester: Then return to the drawing room.
      Jane Eyre: I'm tired, sir.
      Mr.Rochester: Mm, and a little depressed, I think. What about? Tell me.
      Jane Eyre: I am not depressed.
      Mr.Rochester: I tell you that you are. So depressed that you're almost... let me look at you. You're about to cry. Tell me Jane, why are you crying?
      Jane Eyre: (A tear runs down her cheek) I am not crying.

    • Mr.Rochester: What, are you going without saying good-night? Jane you just...you just saved my life. We might at least shake hands. (He reaches out his hand and she takes it) I knew you'd do me good the first time I met you. I knew I wouldn't mind being in your debt.
      Jane Eyre: There is no debt sir. (Pause) There is no debt sir. I'm glad I happened to be awake.
      Mr.Rochester: (Laughs) She saves me from an inferno and she's glad she happened to be awake. And still she tries to go.

  • NOTES (1)

    • Mr.Rochester: I wish I had only offered you a sovereign, not ten whole pounds. Give me back nine.
      Jane Eyre: (Holds the money behind her back)
      Mr.Rochester: Jane, I have need of it!