Jane Eyre

BBC Premiered Jan 01, 1983 Unknown


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  • Jane Eyre (1973)


  • Jane Eyre Episode 11

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 11 - 12/19/83

    St. John makes Jane a proposition. He has a missionary's job in the Cape, and wants her to go with him - as his wife. Jane is shocked. She knows St. John does not love her, but he is relentless. He argues Jane has relinquished any desire of finding love. In which case, she must use her life to find salvation through God's work. Deeply torn, Jane goes up to the moors, where she hears Rochester's voice calling her name. She knows she must go to him. Jane returns to find Thornfield a blackened ruin. A year earlier, in the middle of the night, Bertha escaped the North Tower and set Thornfield ablaze. Rochester followed her to the roof, but Bertha plunged to her death before he could save her. Jane finds Rochester at Ferndean Manor, blind and still gravely injured. He recognizes Jane instantly, and is overwhelmed by her return to him. But Rochester wants a wife, not a nursemaid.moreless
  • Jane Eyre Episode 8

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 8 - 11/28/83

    Two nights before the wedding, Jane has a nightmare and wakes with a start to a yet more terrifying vision of a strange woman in her bedroom. She wants to believe Rochester's explanation that it was part of her dream, but the results are scarily real - Jane's wedding veil has been ripped in two. The wedding day arrives, but as the pair stands at the altar they are interrupted by a lawyer, Briggs, and Richard Mason, who announce that Rochester is already married to Mason's sister Bertha. Rochester takes the wedding party up to the North Tower, introduces them to his wife, and relates his history. Rochester's father wanted to preserve his estate by marrying him off to a wife who would bring a rich dowry. He was sent to the Caribbean and tricked into marrying Berthab unaware of the insanity running through her family. Bertha quickly succumbed to madness, but Rochester didn't abandon her.moreless
  • Jane Eyre Episode 4

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 4 - 10/31/83

    Thornfield is a vast estate, forbidding at first with its endless corridors and different wings. But Jane soon settles in, after a warm welcome from the jolly housekeeper Mrs. Fairfax, and her new pupil, a young French girl called Ad?le Varens. She enjoys her lessons and begins to make some progress with her lively and wayward student. Still, Jane becomes restless - her aching desire for escape and travel still lingers. One day, whilst daydreaming of warmer countries on the terrace, Jane looks across the estate of Thornfield and sees a long red scarf floating out from a window of the North Tower. Mrs. Fairfax has little explanation. She suggests it was perhaps Grace Poole, who does the laundry and lives up there alone. One afternoon, while walking to Millcote to post a letter, Jane is almost run down by a rider galloping down the path towards her.moreless
  • Jane Eyre: Part 3


    Jane awakens the morning after the fire to learn that Mr. Rochester has already left Thronfield. When he returns, he brings a house full of elegant guests, including the beautiful and haughty Blanche Ingram. Embarrassed by her jealous feelings, Jane tries to stay away from the party, but Mr. Rochester insists on her presence.moreless
  • Jane Eyre: Part 2


    Jane discovers that the prickly fallen horseman she helped on the road is none other than the master of the house. She thinks him even stranger after he quizzes her bluntly and blames her for spooking his horse. But strangest of all, Jane begins to hear manic laughter and scratching noises that seem to be coming from the upper recesses of the house.moreless
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