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"I accidentally inseminated you two weeks ago," says a terrible doctor, and that's how Jane the Virgin becomes Jane the Artificially Inseminated. It might be the best line of dialogue American television will ever hear, and it's coming to small screens across the country this fall via The CW's absolutely ludicrous upcoming series Jane the Virgin.

The network has finally released more than a just snippet of the new dramedy, which is based on a South American telenovela, and in the four-minute trailer below you'll see that Jane the Virgin actually has some good intentions buried somewhere beneath the fact that it's about a virgin who gets pregnant when a distracted doctor confuses two of her patients and for some reason doesn't realize her mistake until it's too late and OH COME ON!  

This is not a joke. I am watching it. Seriously.

Jane the Virgin doesn't have a premiere date yet, but it will air on Mondays at 9pm this fall, right after The Originals

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