Japanese Spiderman

Marvel Premiered May 17, 1978 Unknown


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Japanese Spiderman

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Japanese Spiderman is a live action television show version of the stories of iconic comic book super hero Spiderman made in 1978 by the Toei Company in association with Marvel entertainment. A motorcyclist named Takuya Yamashiro witnesses an alien craft crash land. When he investigates it he finds that it has, in fact, come from the far off planet Spider. As the last survivor on the ship hands dies, he hands him a special bracelet that gives him spider powers and the ability to fly and control the spaceship the "Marveller" a spaceship that also turns into a giant robot named "Leopardon". All is not well in the universe however, this whole incident gets the intention of a cruel alien army race called "The Iron Cross Army" lead by the evil Professor Monster. While it might be the familiar web head we know in the States, it's still a must for any Spidey fan.

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AIRED ON 1/4/1969

Season 1 : Episode 41

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