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  • Season 1
    • Shine, Ardent Great Hero
      It's an all out assault on the Iron Cross Army's secret base, as Spiderman faces his most explosive adventure yet. Injured after his escape, Takuya lies bedridden while the Iron Cross Army regroups as rumors of a spy spread through their ranks. As the mystery of Spiderman's informant deepens, Amazoness takes an oath to destroy Spiderman or die trying. When the attack hits close to home, things get personal for Spidey. Smoke bombs fly and and an Empire rises, as Spiderman comes face-to-face with Professor Monster for the final showdown.moreless
    • Farewell to the Mystery of the Zero
      When the Iron Cross Army attempts to get their hands on the plans for a super secret engine from World War II it's up to Spiderman to stop them. There's no time for napping in this episode as Amazoness goes after the grandson of an old scientist. Plenty of web-slinging ensues as Spiderman battles hippies and henchmen in attempt to prevent the Iron Cross Army from unleashing their newest Machine Bem monster upon the world.moreless
    • The Greatest Marital Arts Tournament In The World
      Spider senses tingle in this episode as the sharp shooting detective Tachibana and his son Takeshi return to fight alongside Spiderman in a tournament of titanic proportions. However with the Iron Cross Army taking out Japan's top martial artists with their own mysterious champions, Spiderman may be in over his head this time. With more martial arts action than you can swing a nunchuck at, this is an episode not to be missed.moreless
    • The Twinkling Star of Twilight and the Youth Detective Club
      A scientist makes a dangerous connection with the Iron Cross Army when he tries to sell his new breakthrough: a botulism bacteria capsule. When he goes too far and charges 100 billion yen for the capsule, the Iron Cross Army decides to paralyze him and take it by force instead. Witnessing the commotion, the scientist's niece contacts the Youth Detective Club to help her uncle and after bumping into Takuya gets Spiderman involvedmoreless
    • The Secret Emissary from Hell, the Enma Devil
      An old man obsessed with the occult discovers that The Enma Devil has been resurrected from the dead and his son takes off to ask Spiderman for help. Meanwhile, Takuya senses that something is wrong after an unusual thunderstorm falls on the city and decides to investigate further. After finding the boy, Spiderman realizes that a great evil has been unleashed on the city and must somehow defeat the powerful being and keep it from killing the boy.moreless
    • The Onion Iron Mask and the Youth Detective Club
      Professor Monster enlists the help of an old colleague named Dr. Miracle to eliminate Spiderman once and for all. While landing on earth, a member of the Youth Detective Club notices Dr. Miracle and decides to investigate further, but when Dr. Miracle turns the tables and attacks the children, Spiderman must swing into action and defeat the powerful foe.moreless
    • The Mummified Beauties of the Uncharted Amazon
      Two mummies found in the Amazon are stolen from a research laboratory in Japan by the Iron Cross Army. Professor Monster and Amazoness plan on reviving the corpses and using them to create havoc in the city. But when a little boy stumbles across the bodies, he sends out a message that is heard by Takuya, who is also investigating the missing mummies. Spiderman jumps into action and finds himself facing the Amazon warriors along with Amazoness and a ferocious machine bem!moreless
    • Candid Camera Murder Incident
      Nobuo and his mother are put in great danger after the young photographer hoaxer finally captures a shot to die for. Nobody believes what he has to say at first, but when the pictures happen to pin a member of The Iron Cross Army to a murder scene, it's up to Spider-Man to clear the boy's name. Uncovering a plot to take over Japan using experimental "Scrap gas," Spider-Man not only has the Iron Cross Army testing his skills but also the corrupt dealings of a ruthless tycoon who will stop at nothing to see his plans played out.moreless
    • The Incredible Wild Girl Who Bullies Boys
      Professor Monster orders the Iron Cross Army to capture a young girl possessing an amulet from Planet Spider after her pictures were published in a local newspaper. While reading that same newspaper, Takuya also notices the amulet and decides to approach the young girl. After learning her story and how she obtained the pendant, Spiderman must make sure that the Professor Monster and his Iron Cross Army will never get their hands on the prized amulet.moreless
    • The Sweet Whisper of the Enchantress
      When Amazoness infiltrates the family of the city's top electrical engineer, it's up to Spider-Man to unmask her charade. As the Iron Cross Army plots to leave the city in Darkness Spider-Man must swing into action like never before. It's a dangerous game of cat and mouse after the engineer goes missing and his daughter Kyoko is left to keep his plans safe. While facing off against the powerful "Machine Bem Electric Worm" Takuya and Marveller must save the city before it's too late.moreless
    • No Tomorrow for the Detective and Son
      The lethal drug Mash sweeps across Japan leaving a trail of bizarre crimes that only The Iron Cross Army can be behind. As narcotics officer Go Tachibana is brought in to investigate Takuya decides to do a little detective work of his own. After a Wild West shootout puts Tachibana's young son in danger the inspector's dark past is revealed. Teaming up with Spiderman to end the threat of Mash once and for all, Detective Tachibana and Spidey face-off against, the mushroom crazed Kinokogar in a battle for the ages.moreless
    • Fight On, Police Woman
      After breaking several traffic laws while chasing the Iron Cross Army, Takuya is placed under arrest and is sent to jail. While there, his cellmate escapes with the assistance of an Iron Cross Army machine bem. Spiderman digs deeper into the connection between the jailbreak and the army, only to find that they needed the convict for their plan to steal Cobalt X. Now Spiderman must make sure that Professor Monster can't get to the Cobalt X, or face the destruction of the city!moreless
    • Hurry, GP7! Stop the Time!
      The Iron Cross army hires Bomb Wolf to intimidate hi-powered businessmen and blow up their buildings if they don't comply with the Iron Cross Army's requests for money. When a young boy's father is caught in a detonation, Spiderman is reminded of his own father's death at the hands of the Iron Cross Army and vows to keep fighting the fight against the evil empire!moreless
    • The Station Neighborhood Youth Detective Club
      After a group of children stumble across the Iron Cross Army's secret base, they are kidnapped and held captive. Their parents are threatened to keep quiet while Professor Monster and Amazoness set up plans to activate a massive fault line under the city, destroying everything in the vicinity. When Spiderman is approached by a local group of youth detectives for help, he leaps into action and fights to save the children and the inhabitants of the fated city!moreless
    • Farewell War Buddy: Beloved German Shepard
      The Iron Cross Army devises a plan to create viscous dogs that will hunt and defeat Spiderman. When Takuya runs into a boy who's dog has been abducted, he decides to help the boy find his missing friend. While investigating, Spiderman realizes that the Iron Cross Army is behind the dog abductions and fights to save these beloved friends.moreless
    • The Fake Hero in a Treacherous Predicament
      A young student who is fed-up with his uneventful life is approached by the Iron Cross Army with a plan to trick the public into thinking that he is Spiderman. The Iron Cross Army plans to use the young student to involve Spiderman in scandals that will ruin his reputation. Will Spiderman be able to stop the Iron Cross Army before his reputation is tarnished, or will this be the end of Spiderman?moreless
    • The Treasure, The Dog, and the Body Double
      A former burglar named Phantom No. 107 has been abducted by the Iron Cross Army to obtain an ancient Egyptian treasure that was stolen by him years ago. After the old burglar dies, the Iron Cross Army goes after his grandson and Spiderman must stop them before they hurt an innocent child.moreless
    • Cockroach Boy: Great War
      Cockroach Boy: Great War
    • A School of Love for Children Without Homes
      The Iron Cross Army is luring young men into casinos that they've set up around the city to corrupt their minds and take their money. When Goro, a former orphan steals the deed of his old orphanage to make one last bet and loses, Spiderman must get involved. Now he must face Machine Bem Sorceress Beast in order to get rid of the Iron Cross casinos and get the deed back!moreless
    • Tears of a Dark Fate for a Father and a Daughter
      Professor Monster is weakening after living for 400 years and needs live human blood in order to renew his life energy and live for another 400 years. Amazoness sends out Skeleton Beast to hunt live humans and harvest blood. They kill a father and leave his daughter blind. When Spiderman hears about the story, he goes to visit the girl who eventually leads him to Professor Monster himself!moreless
    • Father's Love Sparkles in the Sky
      Tsuda, an undercover investigator from Interpol's intelligence department stumbles across an Iron Cross Army training session and is captured and tortured. Meanwhile, Spiderman meets a young painter who seems to have recently lost both his mother and father. While investigating an anonymous tip, Spiderman finds Tsuda and saves him from the Iron Cross Army.moreless
    • Riddle: Calling the Riddle of My Secret Birth
      A young girl possessing psychic abilities is targeted by the Iron Cross Army so that they could learn future events. Lucky for the young psychic, she has hired Takuya (Spiderman) as her tutor who has taken it upon himself to act as her protector. Spiderman must keep the Iron Cross Army away from the psychic not only to keep her from harm, but to prevent the Iron Cross Army from destroying the world.moreless
    • Phantom Boy and a Village that Doesn't Exist on a Map
      A strange boy enters Takuya's life and claims to know his secret identity. The boy leads Spiderman to a hidden village where he pleads for help to save his sister. After encountering some hostile villagers, Spiderman discovers that this was no ordinary rescue. The boy's sister is being held captive by the Iron Cross Army!moreless
    • The Boy Who Restores His Faith in His Mother
      The Iron Cross Army causes disturbances around Japan in order to incite confusion and break the human spirit. A young boy and his mother are framed by the Iron Cross Army and falsely accused of stealing five million yen. After hearing of their plight, Spiderman decides to help and comes across the fearsome Carnivorous Plant!moreless
    • Tears of Samson, The Professional Wrestler
      Samson, a struggling professional wrestler and his brother search for Spiderman to ask for help in their training. The iron Cross Army intervenes and turns Samson into a machine bem forcing Spiderman to fight against a once innocent man.
    • Clever Dog, Run Back to Dad!
      The Iron Cross Army devises a plan to poison the city's water system by destroying the dam.
    • Our Promise of Life
      Spiderman befriends a boy with a heart condition and promises to be there for his surgery.
    • Giving Father! Fight to the Song of the Hero
      The Iron Cross Army suspects Spiderman's secret identity and uses it to kidnap his closest friends and family.
    • Skull Gang VS. The Devil's Hearse
      Skull Gang VS. The Devil's Hearse
    • Transformation To A Splendid Murder Machine
      Transformation To A Splendid Murder Machine
    • Professor Monster's Ultra Poisoning
      Ichiro, the boy saved by Takuya's (Spiderman) blood transfusion is kidnapped and Spiderman must save him before its too late.
    • To the Flaming Hell: See the Tears of the Snake
      Tragedy strikes the spectacular Spiderman as he battles Amazoness and the deadly Snake Woman.
    • Motion Accessory is a Loveful Beetle Insect Spy
      Amazoness and Professor Monster send Machine Bem to go after someone close to Takuya (Spider-Man) - his sister, Shinko!
    • Once Upon a Time in the Mysteriousless World: The Cursed Cat Mound
      Professor Monster resurrects an ancient cat demon in hopes of killing every Japanese citizen!
    • Fearful Hit Tune! Song Dancing Murder Rock
      Spider-Man protects two scientists working to make a weapon that can target the Iron Cross Army, while Professor Monster models cyborhgs out of a popular Japanese rock band!
    • Shuddering Laboratory! Devilish Professor Monster
      The Iron Cross Army sets its sights on scientifically changing humans into super soldiers. One of their targets turns out to be Yosuke Matsuki, Tayuka's (Spiderman's) close friend. Can Spiderman stop the Iron Cross Army and protect his pal?
    • Crash Machine GP-7! The Oath Siblings
      Can Spider-Man stop the Iron Cross Army before they obliterate Japan with missiles?
    • The Terrifying Half Mer-Man! Calling the Miracle Silver Thread
      Professor Monster works to create a program that can kill Spiderman, and the two men meet face to face for the first time!
    • Mysterious Thief 001 VS. Spiderman
      Mysterious Thief 001 VS. Spiderman
    • Mysterious World! The Man Lives to Fate!
      Mysterious World! The Man Lives to Fate!
    • The time of Revenge Has Come! Beat Down Iron Cross Group!
      The first episode of the TOEI-produced Japanese "Spiderman" TV series sees motorcycle racer Takuya Yamashiro gain the powers of Spider-Man! With his new powers and the help of Marveller, he transforms into Leopardon in order to defeat Professor Monster and his evil Iron Cross Army.
    • Episode 0
      You've heard rumors of its existence, murmurs within the most learned Japanese Spiderman aficionados. Well the rumors are true and Marvel.com has obtained the secret file! Feast your eyes on... Episode 0!