Jason of Star Command

Season 2 Episode 1

Mission to the Stars

Aired Saturday 8:00 AM Sep 15, 1979 on CBS

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  • After Dragos's apparent defeat, Star Command awaits the arrival of by-the-book Commander Stone. They encounter a drone ship which turns out to be a booby trap.

    A great start to a new season in a new half-hour format. The quality of the show just jumped 75%. Better writing, great interpersonal conflict and the introduction of Tamara Dobson (Cleopatra Jones) as Samantha, a mysterious stranger who ostensibly has amnesia.

    One can see how a series like this contributed to better sci-fi not only for Saturday morning but influencing prime time sf as well.

    Unlike the first season which was limited by the 13 minute format of Tarzan and the Super 7 segments, this series has found its niche, but it's far from perfect.

    Sci-fi was still considered kiddie-fare, but the series began to feel just a tad less campy. Just a tad but enough to inspire future science fiction fans and pros.