Jason of Star Command - Season 1

CBS (ended 1979)


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Episode Guide

  • 12/23/78
    Dragos launches an all-out assault on Space Academy.
  • The Trojan Horse
    Episode 15
    The Academy avoids the typhoon, and Jason uses Peepo to find out Dragos' weakness, that being he can only control his creatures through a medallion he wears. He then goes with Nicole to a piece of derelict wreckage that he knows Dragos will want as a souvenir. Dragos orders it hauled aboard the Dragonship and sends his creatures to investigate it. They capture one of them and head inside the Dragonship. Dragos sends his creatures to find them, not knowing they are headed for his command center. Using a freezing rod captured from one of the creatures, they try freezing Dragos but wind up freezing one of several energy clones Dragos has made of himself. They are forced to surrender and Jason realizes he may have led the Academy into a trap.moreless
  • Peepo on Trial
    Episode 14
    Nicole devises a plan to speed up the Academy's engines to escape the typhoon, but Peepo, under the direction of Dragos, seals off the engine room and sabotages the controls. Jason sends Wiki in to distract Peepo, and breaks into the room with Carnavin. With control restored, Parsafoot takes Peepo for repairs and Carnavin sets the engines for full speed. But it may not be enough as the Academy is already entering the edge of the typhoon.moreless
  • 12/2/78
    After being delivered to Dragos, Jason escapes from his henchmen while being taken to the dungeon. He grabs their freezing rod and immobilizes them, then goes through the tunnels of the Dragonship. He finds Nicole and Parsafoot trapped in a cave, with a creature like the one from "Planet Of The Lost." He fights the creature using the rod, until it disintegrates -- it was an energy clone, like Carnavin's before. In the meantime, Dragos has been re-programming Peepo and begins an attack on Space Academy, using neutron jammers, disabling their guidance systems and sending them into a galactic typhoon. Jason and the othes find Dragos' command center and take Peepo, using a Mini-Cat to escape from the Dragonship. They head back to the Academy, unaware of Peepo's conversion by Dragos.moreless
  • Escape from Kesh
    Episode 12
    While imprisoned by Queen Vanessa, Professor Parsafoot manages to shrink Jason in size to get out of their electrified cell and turn off the power. They all escape and go to Vanessa's ship, and after take-off are ambushed by Vanessa and Bork, who were hiding aboard the ship. Bork knocks them all out with a gas grenade and Vanessa sets the ship's course to meet with Dragos.moreless
  • The Haunted Planet
    Episode 11
    Jason, Nicole and the Professor set out to find Peepo, but their Starfire is forced down by a radiation beam by Queen Vanessa and Bork, who plan to turn them over to Dragos. The Starfire explodes after they land and they are soon captured by Vanessa's henchmen.
  • 11/11/78
    Jason rescues a man trapped in an alternate dimension, where things move a thousand times faster than in ours.
  • 11/4/78
    Dragos repairs his controls and discovers Wiki and Peepo conducting a surveying mission on Arcturon. Dragos has them captured by the planet's creatures, but doesn't know Jason suspects something when they don't report in and goes to investigate. Jason and Nicole take a Starfire there and find Peepo after Wiki comes to them. Peepo is having his memory downloaded into an uplink to Dragos, and Nicole frees him while Jason distracts the creatures. Nicole tells Peepo to head back in the Starfire used for the survey mission while her, Jason, and Wiki head back on theirs. But Peepo is summoned by Dragos, who now has control of the robot and heads to the Dragonship.moreless
  • 10/28/78
    Dragos strikes at the Academy while Carnavin gets in contact with Jason, who tells him to use laser cannons to destroy the magnetic storm holding their Starfire captive and rendering their navigation systems inoperative. Captain Kidd uses a sextant and star chart to determine their location and guide them within range of the Academy for the laser barrage to work. Once they are freed, Jason takes the Starfire to the Dragonship and knocks out Dragos' guidance system. Dragos' fighters flee the Academy after the Dragonship goes adrift in space. But is Dragos really no longer a threat?moreless
  • Marooned in Time
    Episode 7
    Jason and the others are taken prisoner by Captain Kidd, who was exiled to the "Limbo Of The Lost" by Dragos. Jason tricks Kidd into taking Wiki with him when he goes to look at his treasure, and escapes while Kidd is occupied. They trace Wiki to Kidd's treasure cave and discover he has been frozen by a ray booby-trap placed there by Dragos. They free him and he pledges to help them use the precious metals in his chest to get the Starfire's engines working again, and they escape the planet.moreless
  • Planet of the Lost
    Episode 6
    Jason and Nicole rescue Allegra from a creature on the asteroid. Canarvin destroys the tractor beam Dragos' fighters were using on Wiki and bring him safely back to the Academy. The Professor fools Dragos with a fake ion storm and he flees, long enough for the Professor and Wiki to go and rescue Jason, Nicole, and Allegra from the asteroid, only to have Dragos find them. Allegra leaves in a Mini-Cat (Starfire escape pod) just before Dragos forces them down onto a planet he calls "Limbo Of The Lost."moreless
  • Wiki to the Rescue
    Episode 5
    Wiki is picked up by Nicole, who heads to the planet Jason and Allegra are on, before it disintegrates. They receive a transmission from the Professor, who tells them Dragos is jamming their controls and to destroy the Dragonship before they get pulled into the sun. Jason sets Nicole's Starfire for auto-pilot into the Dragonship and they leave the ship, using their life-support belts to land on a nearby asteroid. Wiki heads back to the Academy, while Dragos launches a squadron of fighters. The fighters lock onto Wiki and open fire.moreless
  • A Cry for Help
    Episode 4
    Canarvin's clone succeeds in shutting down the Academy's defense shields and Dragos begins attacking, pushing the Academy towards a sun. Jason is confined to the Dragonship's dungeon where he meets Princess Allegra. They escape together and destroy Jason's clone, and escape in a Space Academy shuttle Dragos had captured. After landing on a nearby planet, Jason sends Wiki for help.moreless
  • Escape from Dragos
    Episode 3
    Nicole and the Professor stop Canarvin's clone from sabotaging the Academy's defense shields and have him imprisoned, while Jason uses Wiki to help him and Carnarvin escape from their cells before Dragos can finish perfecting Jason's clone. Nicole goes to rescue them in a Starfire fighter, and Canarvin's clone breaks free. Canarvin leaves in an escape pod but Jason is caught again by Dragos.moreless
  • Prisoner of Dragos
    Episode 2
    Dragos creates energy clones of Jason and Canarvin, and sends Canarvin's back to Space Academy to wreak havoc. Jason and Canarvin break out of their cells, and Canarvin escapes on Jason's ship. Jason tries warning Space Academy of the imposter, before he is re-captured by Dragos.
  • 9/9/78
    After the Space Academy is attacked by what appears to be a meteorite, Canarvin is kidnapped by a teleportation beam, and Jason goes to rescue him. It is after finding Canarvin he discovers the meteorite is actually the Dragonship, commanded by Dragos, and they are both taken captive when their ship is overpowered.moreless