Jay Jay The Jet Plane

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Jay Jay The Jet Plane

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Welcome to The Jay Jay The Jet Plane Guide at TV.com. Jay Jay the Jet Plane is a show about a plane named Jay Jay and his friends at the airport. It currently airs on PBS. characters include: Jay Jay, Tracy, Snuffy, Herky, Big Jake, Old Oscar, Lina, & several others. Coming soon are new characters like Montana, Truckee, Captain Bob, & Solar! To see when Jay Jay The Jet Plane airs next at your nearest PBS station, please check your TV.com listings, or other local listings.

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AIRED ON 12/3/2005

Season 4 : Episode 10


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  • Not as good as I remember it.

    This show is just so weird! Why do the planes' faces look like Cabbage Patch Kids glued onto toy planes? Also, I can tell the real people are chroma keyed on the CGI animated storyboard, I mean, I can see either a green outline, or a white outline around the people. I saw an episode on YouTube, and I only lasted 3 minutes.
  • Cool!

    This show rocks! Note to animal4055 :How do you give a raiting like 1.2 or 9.3 ?
  • never got it. inmature like bob the builder.

    I never got this show I dont know much about it. But its not machure. There are other good shows like WWE Smackdown and WWE Raw and C.O.P.S and Thomas and friends. I havent seen it in about 7 years but still it looks like they cut out actors faces and glued them on a stupid plane. And real people I can barely remeber by the planes.and their faces move and they have kid voices and the show isnt relistic. if you want to watch something good watch Smackdown and Raw. Dont waste your time with this crap. it aint worth it.moreless
  • A good show, but I have one thing to say.

    This show is very cute, and I like it alot. It teaches great lessons, and is a perfect show for younger kids. The only thing I have against this show is that it is somewhat similiar to the show "Thomas and Friends", with talking airplanes instead of trains. I have a love for jay jay, but I have watched thomas way before jay jay, so thomas has a rather more sentimental value than jay jay. I give this show a rating of nine.moreless
  • This is a good show, though...

    ... I believe it is too similar to Thomas The Tank engine And Friends. the same network, the same faces on them (Though here the faces can move more, thanks to computer animation), same good stories, however, both are very excellent shows, though I must say a prefer Thomas and Friends a bit more. For one, i have always loved trains, and I have known thomas & Friends longer than I have Jay Jay. My final score is 7.0, for being good, but as I said before, it sort of steals the idea of Thomas & Friends, unless they are from the same company, HIT Entertainment.moreless

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Animation, Fantasy, Kids


childlike sense of wonder, fantastic adventure, inspiring stories, buddies and gal pals, travel tales