Jay Jay The Jet Plane - Season 1

Sunday 6:30 AM on PBS Premiered Nov 02, 1998 In Season


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Episode Guide

  • The Buddy System
    The Buddy System
    Episode 81
    Jay Jay and Tracy run out of fuel in Sunshine Desert.
  • Catch the Buzz / Grump O'Mallley
    Catch the Buzz - When a bumblebee gets trapped inside Big Jake, he doesn't feel well and cancels his plans with Jay Jay. Hurt, Jay Jay thinks Big Jake doesn't like him anymore and wonders what he did to make Big Jake upset. After Brenda Blue discovers what is really wrong with Big Jake, Jay Jay learns that just because someone is sick and can't spend time with you, it doesn't mean they don't like you. Grumpy O'Malley - With Savannah busy, Snuffy is chosen to pick up E.Z. O'Malley's cousin, Grumpy O'Malley, and bring him to E.Z.'s surprise family reunion at Tarrytown Airport. Since Snuffy is shy around new people, he is a little bit afraid of flying with someone named "Grumpy." But, to Snuffy's surprise, it turns out he and Grumpy share a love of drawing, and the two become good friends.moreless
  • Jay Jay Meets Captain Hightower
    The planes are constantly getting in one another's way during takeoff and landing, so Old Oscar enlists the help of his old pal Captain Hightower, an air traffic controller, to sort things out.
  • Plane of a Different Color / Hiccup Havoc
    Plane of a Different Kind - After traveling to another place and seeing planes of all different shades and colors, Tracy wants a new coat of paint to make her look more "exciting." Brenda Blue tells Tracy that she is exciting just the way she is, but, if she really wants to try something new, she will give her a new paint job. After a couple of different color changes (and no one noticing the difference), Brenda tells Tracy to give the plane painting machine a rest. Tracy disobeys her and uses it one more time. This time, the machine goes haywire and Tracy ends up with an unattractive splattered-paint coloring. Tracy is surprised, that again, her friends don't really notice. They explain that it isn't her color they find wonderful and exciting, but the type of person she is on the inside that counts. Tracy returns to her regular color and is happier than ever about just being herself. Hiccup Havoc - After eating too many donuts, Herky comes down with a comically severe case of the hiccups. And since Brenda is away, the other planes don't quite know what to do. Herky follows various haphazard suggestions such as immersing himself in the lake at Frosty Pines and bobbing through the walls at Echo Canyon. But, all these "remedies" do is further his hiccupping frenzy. In desperation, Jay Jay and Snuffy turn to Old Oscar for help. Oscar tells them they should have come to him, sooner. It is always better to talk to an adult or someone more experienced than you when you need help. With Oscar's help, Herky's hiccups are cured.moreless
  • Herky Jerky / Upside Down Waterfall
    Herky Jerky - When the Harvest Moon Dance is announced, Herky realizes that he doesn't know how to dance. His friends try to teach him to move to the music, but Herky is too nervous to learn. He flies to Lightening Bug Lake and practices late into the evening. Suddenly, a group of Lightning Bugs begin a sparkling evening dance. Amazed, Herky figures out how to dance by watching them glide, carelessly in the air. Now over his initial nervousness, he makes up several of his own dances. Upon arriving back at the dance, Herky shows his friends his newfound dancing talent. One dance in particular, "The Herky Jerky" becomes the dance sensation of the night. Upside Down Waterfall - When Snuffy witnesses an "upside down waterfall" he jets back to the airport to tell the others. Jay Jay and the gang question such a thing - "water running upside down?" Jay Jay spouts on and on about not believing what he has heard from Snuffy -- until he talks with Brenda Blue. Brenda explains that you shouldn't doubt what someone says just because you've never seen or heard of it before. The world is full of surprises...if you just keep your mind open! Jay Jay and the gang soon discover that what Snuffy really saw was actually an upside down waterfall. Everyone rallies around Snuffy and the cool discovery he has made.moreless
  • Tracy's Sonic Boom
    Tracy's Sonic Boom
    Episode 3.2
    Savannah has agreed to help Tracy learn how to fly fast enough to do a sonic boom, but Tracy doesn't want to wait for her. When she flies out of control and has to be rescued, Tracy realizes that some things shouldn't be done without the help of an adult.
  • The Opposites Game
    The Opposites Game
    Episode 3.1
    During a game of Opposites, Jay Jay challenges Herky to come up with the opposite of "Snuffy." Stuck, Herky turns to Old Oscar, who teaches him that sometimes looking at things in a different way brings answers.
  • Babysitting Blues / JJ Earns His Wings
    Babysitting Blues - Tracy decides that she wants a real, "grown-up" type of job. She overhears Brenda looking for a babysitter for Snuffy -- and volunteers. Later, Jay Jay reminds Tracy that the Air Carnival is on the same day she promised to baby sit Snuffy. Although disappointed about this discovery, Tracy stays true to her word and carries out her babysitting duties. In describing the great time she and Snuffy had while everyone else was at the carnival, Jay Jay decides that next time he wants to give this babysitting business a try! Jay Jay Earns His Wings - Big Jake awards an ecstatic Jay Jay a delivery route of his own. In flight to his first cargo delivery, Jay Jay decides to make an unscheduled stop to check out Sandy Landing and accidentally falls asleep. After awaking with a start, he realizes he has missed making his first delivery and feels just awful. Later, Big Jake explains that mistakes are a part of growing up. On Jay Jay's second attempt, he makes the delivery perfectly. And as a result of doing such a good job, he is awarded his first wing certificate!moreless
  • I'm Being Followed By the Moon / Something Special
    I'm Being Followed By the Moon - Snuffy is concerned because he thinks that at night, the moon is following him wherever he goes. Jay Jay and the gang help him wish the moon away. As the kids make this wish, a cloud suddenly appears in front of the moon, blocking its brightness from Tarrytown. Later that night, Snuffy dreams he is called up by none other than the Man in the Moon! The Man in the Moon tells Snuffy that he is upset because he can no longer shine down on Tarrytown to make everything bright and safe! Fortunately, he reveals, all Snuffy has to do to undo the wish, is sing a song. Snuffy sings a happy song about liking to be "Followed by the Moon" and the moon happily shines down on Tarrytown, once again. Something Special - When Revvin' Evan hits a bump on the side of the road and needs help, the planes at E.Z. Airlines race to his rescue. In the next day's Tarrytown newspaper, an article is written about the planes' act of courage---all except for Jay Jay. This not only hurts Jay Jay's feelings, but also makes him feel that he lacks "something special." Jay Jay searches and searches for a special skill or ability that defines his "specialty." And, in the end, he learns that he does possess something special, after all. Jay Jay has a caring nature towards others. And, what could be more special than that?moreless
  • Spending Time With Big Jake
    Big Jake is worried Jay Jay has outgrown their Friday night trips to Lightning Bug Lake, so he tries to make their time together more exciting! But Jay Jay misses their quiet heart-to-heart talks. Will Big Jake realize that no fast-paced adventure or exciting toy can take the place of their friendship?moreless
  • Jay Jay's Christmas Adventure
    Jay Jay helps Santa Claus deliver his presents for Christmas when one of Santa's reindeer becomes ill.
  • Wing Wigglin'/Tracy's Tree
    The planes learn about gymnastics and excersise/A tree grows through the runway.
  • Babysitting Blues / Jay Jay Earns His Wings
  • The Buddy System/The Great Tarry Town Blackout
    Episode summary coming soon.
  • Catch The Buzz/Grumpy O' Malley
    Bees fly into Big Jake & Herky, and thus, trouble ensures.../Snuffy picks up E.Z.'s cousin Grumpy in order to take him to the family reunion, but as a shy person, Snuffy isn't comfortable flying with someone named "Grumpy".
  • Fire Engine Evan/Revvin' Evan's Day
    Evan arrives in Tarry Town.
  • Jay Jay Meets Captain Hightower/Tracy's Snuggly Blanket
    Tracy, now too old for one, refuses to give up her old blanket.
  • Jay Jay's Butterfly Adventure/The Singing Meadow
    Episode Summary Coming Soon.
  • Opposites/Tracy's Sonic Boom
    Episode Summary coming soon.
  • Tracy's Shooting Star/Upsy-Downosis
    Jay Jay & the other planes of Tarry Town Airport catch an illness that causes them all to fly upside-down!
  • Spending Time With Big Jake/The New Plane
    Episode summary coming soon.