Jay Jay The Jet Plane - Season 2

Sunday 6:30 AM on PBS Premiered Nov 02, 1998 In Season


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Episode Guide

  • Super Loop-De-Loop / JJ's Bad Dream
    Super Loop De Loop - Over the radio, everyone listens to Winnie Winger, an old friend of Old Oscar, reminisce about Old Oscar being the first plane to ever do a dangerous stunt called the "double-over-under-­upside-down-loop-de-loop." When Winnie comes to town, Oscar is worried because he thinks he has to perform this difficult stunt for his friend. Finally, Winnie explains that she didn't come to see the trick, she just came to visit her very special friend. Jay Jay's Bad Dream - Jay Jay has a big problem that he doesn't want to share with anyone...he has bad dreams. After trying to solve the problem by himself, he becomes so tired and frustrated that finally he asks Big Jake for advice. Big Jake talks to Jay Jay about dreams - and mentions some comforting things to do when you have a bad dream. Listening to the warm words from his pal, Jay Jay feels better and falls into a peaceful sleep.moreless
  • Snuffy's 1st Day of School / Supersonic Jay Jay
    Snuffy's First Day of School - Snuffy is afraid to go to his first day of school. Finally, Old Oscar talks to him and admits that he, too, had once been afraid to go to school. Eventually, Jay Jay and Tracy take Snuffy to school -- and to his surprise, he has a great time! Super Sonic Jay Jay - Jay Jay uses Savannah's top-secret jet fuel to go super-duper- fast! He winds up flying so fast that he can't slow down. Luckily, Savannah comes to Jay Jay's rescue and guides him home to safety. He learns to keep his hands off other people things unless he asks first!moreless
  • JJ and the Stars At Night / Hero Herky
    Jay Jay and the Stars At Night - When Jay Jay and the gang go on a camping trip, Snuffy is afraid of the dark and can't sleep. So, Jay Jay takes him for a walk in the middle of night to show him that nighttime noises are nothing to be afraid of. Jay Jay doesn't understand Snuffy's fear until Jay Jay, himself, gets lost in the dark. Jay Jay learns to be more sympathetic toward Snuffy and his feelings. Hero Herky - When Sam Sticky gets stuck on top of a big pine tree, Herky lowers his winch line down and rescues him. Herky is a hero and word spreads of his heroic efforts. Herky is proud of his rescue - so proud that he tells and retells the story over and over again and the gang gets tired of hearing it. When Sam Sticky gets stuck a second time, Herky learns that, although it is great to solve problems by yourself sometimes it is even better to solve them as a team.moreless
  • Hide & Seek / Jake's Birthday Party
    Hide and Seek - Snuffy and Jay Jay lose a game of hide and seek because Snuffy's skywriting leads Tracy and Herky to their hiding place. But after visiting Brenda Blue, Jay Jay learns how to turn a disadvantage into an advantage. In the next game, Snuffy flies all over the sky before finding a hiding place -- leaving smoke lines here, there and everywhere! Tracy and Herky exhaust themselves trying to follow the trail, and Snuffy and Jay Jay win the game! Big Jake's Birthday Surprise - Jay Jay can't figure out what to give Big Jake for his birthday. Finally, while visiting Lightning Bug Lake, an idea comes to him. At the party, Jay Jay presents Big Jake with trained lightning bugs, which form into a big picture of Big Jake wearing a birthday hat! In the end, we learn that it is not the gift you give someone, but the thought behind it that really matters.moreless
  • Old Oscar Leads the Parade / Revvin' Evan's Day
  • The Three Little Planes / I'm Swamped
  • Parts 1 and 2
    Parts 1 and 2
    Episode 19
  • Jay Jay Meets the Cloud King / The Merit Badge
  • Are We There Yet? / Problem in Pangabula
  • Dog Gone Doggy / Herky's Cap Chase
  • Snuffy Discovers the Ocean / Jay Jay's Speedy Delivery
  • Missing You
    Missing You
    Episode 1.1
    Big Jake goes away on business.
  • I Love Your Funny Face / Snuffy's Rainbow
  • Switcharound Day/Snuffy's Missing Friend
    Herky & Savannah switch jobs to see who has to work harder/Snuffy, after discovering his shadow, somehow loses it.
  • Super Loop-De-Loop/Jay Jay's Bad Dream
    Episode summary coming soon.
  • Snuffy's First Day at School/Supersonic Jay Jay
    Snuffy begins school, and discovers that Oscar shall be his new teacher!/Jay Jay, wanting to go as fast as Savanna, sneaks some of her feul...
  • Jay Jay and The Stars At Night/Hero Herky
    Jay Jay learns about astronomy/After rescuing a lost skier, Herky boasts about being a hero.
  • Hide and Seek/Big Jake's Birthday Surprise
    Episode summary coming soon.
  • Picture Day/Tracy's Song
    Tracy wants to sing at a concert, but she catches laryngitis just before!
  • And That's The Tooth/Big Jake's Team
    Snuffy loses his first baby-tooth/When the Wonderbirds cancel after Big Jake promises the kids an air show, Jay Jay, Tracy, and Savannah save the day by making a great air show.
  • Jay Jay's Dinosaur Hunt/Dough Nutty
    Jay Jay & Friends mistake the new holes for runway lights for dinosaur footprints/Herky tries doughnuts, but soon becomes obsessed with them and eats too many...
  • Evan Gets His Wings/Snuffy Sees The Big Picture
    Evan wants to fly like his friends at Tarry Town airport, so he attaches himself to a balloon.
  • Missing You/Tippy Toppy Peak
    Jay Jay & Friends miss Big Jake while he is away on a business trip/Tracy, wanting to fly higher, is taught be Savannah to reach greater heights.