Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors

Season 1 Episode 55

Common Bond

Aired Unknown Nov 29, 1985 on

Episode Recap

Jal Gorda, a Lightning League spy who has located Audric, is attacked by Monster Minds on the planet Vaegon. He escapes the Monster Mind troopers but is tricked and captured by Noak, one of Saw Boss's agents. The Monster Minds flee the planet just before the Lightning League arrives to meet with Jal.

Finding Jal's ship deserted, the Lightning League are concerned. One of the staff at the port reveals that he was taken by the Monster Minds but she doesn't know where they went. Flora asks the nearby plants if they know anything and finds out that the Monster Minds were heading for their stronghold on the planet Naar, in the Andares Sector.

Audric's old nemesis Dr. Zorg is working with the Monster Minds and has a device called a Mind Sifter which he plans to use to probe Jal's mind and determine Audric's location. Jal uses a mind control technique so that he only thinks of his first meeting with Audric, when Audric rescued him from the Monster Minds after they destroyed his village. In order to extract the information Saw Boss orders Zorg to use more power but there is a risk that this could wipe Jal's mind entirely.

When the Monster Minds detect the Pride approaching Saw Boss sends satellites to intercept them. Gillian creates an illusion of the ship being destroyed and they land on the planet undetected. Saw Boss is suspicious and demands to see the debris. When none can be found he orders a comprehensive search of the planet.

Gillian's spell to hide the ship will not last long so they must hurry to reach Jal. Jayce, Gillian and Oon leave in Drill Sargeant and tunnel underground to reach Jal. When they arrive Dr. Zorg flees and warns the Monster Minds. When Jal is revived he cannot remember who Jayce is and Gillian must attempt to reverse the Mind Sifter to restore Jal's memory. Jayce seals the entrance to buy them some time.

By reversing the machine and using a little magic, Gillian restores Jal's memory just as the Monster Minds burst through the door. Jal fights them off and then reveals that Audric is on the planet Garvos.

Dr. Zorg flees in his ship and Saw Boss vows to deal with him another time. Monster Mind troopers have located the Pride and Saw Boss teleports his base right next to it. Herc and Flora only just escape the ship in time.

The Lightning League cannot reach the ship, but Jal can. While the League fight the Monster Minds, Jal sneaks aboard the Pride and activates the self destruct. If the Pride is destroyed it will take Saw Boss's base with it so the Monster Minds teleport away quickly, not realising that the self destruct was just a simulation.

The Lightning League flees the planet and travel to Garvos, but by the time they arrive Audric has left.

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