Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors

Season 1 Episode 20

Deadly Reunion

Aired Unknown Oct 11, 1985 on

Episode Recap

The Monster Minds appear close to capturing half of the Root when they have Audric trapped. Jayce's father is able to escape but Saw Boss is able to retrieve a strand of Audric's hair which he uses, together with the blossom of a Monster Mind, to create an evil clone of the scientist.

The Lightning League detect a distress signal which has apparently been sent by Audric. They rescue him from a Monster Mind attack and Jayce thinks he has finally been reunited with his father, however. Flora senses that Audric doesn't seem right but he gives her a necklace which, unknown to her, blocks her senses and she dismisses the sensation. Audric says he hid his half of the Root on Taxan I and the Lightning League plot a course to go and retrieve it.

Flora shares her initial misgivings with Gillian and Oon says that he too has noticed Audric acting unusually. Gillian and Oon confront Jayce with their concerns but refuses to believe that this could be an impostor.

When they arrive at Taxan I, Jayce, Oon and Audric go to retrieve Audric's half of the Root. Audric tells Jayce to bring his half, but Gillian suggests it would be better if it remained at the ship and Audric's half was brought back there.

Audric lures Jayce and Oon into quicksand and Jayce realises, that the man he thought was his father is, in fact, a Monster Mind clone. Saw Boss keeps Jayce alive in order to create a clone of him who he sends back to the Pride to fetch Jayce's half of the root. Shortly afterwards, Jayce uses the power of the Ring to escape and chases after his clone, pursued by Monster Minds.

Meanwhile, Flora is beginning to realise something is wrong when she finds herself unable to communicate with any plants or animals. It isn't long before Jayce's clone arrives and says his father is preparing his half of the root and Jayce needs to take the other half to Audric's lab. Flora goes to fetch it for him but when she gets there a plant squirts some sap on her necklace. She takes it off to wash it and feels her senses return.

Flora returns to Jayce's clone with the Root but now she can sense that he is a plant. Exposed as a fraud, the clone attempts to flee but Jayce and Oon arrive just in time to stop him. However, he is followed by an army of Monster Minds. Gillian uses magic tornadoes to defeat the Monster Minds and the Lightning League flee to continue the search for the real Audric.

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