Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors

Season 1 Episode 33

Lightning Strikes Twice

Aired Unknown Oct 30, 1985 on

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  • Jayce finds descendants of the Lightning League but things turn sour when one of them is in alliance with SawBoss.

    Not considering that we get a rare meeting with members of the Lightning League. We get very little (as usually happens) with the whereabouts of Adric.

    Jayce sees the members have a shootout with a couple of gunbots. He comes in to help but the League tells him it's a game and captures him and his crew.

    Later, we see SawBoss observing things and decides to make a deal for Jayce. The commander in charge when he sees that SawBoss wants to kill Jayce negades on the deal but SawBoss holds him hostage.

    Jayce and the others escape and take control back. Entertaining as always just don't expect any clues to Adric's whereabouts. However, it's a rare episode where we see other members of the Lightning League.