Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors

Season 1 Episode 57

The Life Eater

Aired Unknown Dec 03, 1985 on

Episode Recap

Saw Boss meets with a collector of souls known as Life Eater and asks him to destroy the Lighting League. Life Eater doesn't destroy, he consumes. He tells Saw Boss that he will capture the Lighting League, make them turn on each other and, in that moment of weakness, their souls will become his forever. Saw Boss would prefer that they were killed but agrees to Life Eater's proposal.

Jayce can't sleep and is looking over photos of his father. He tells Herc that he has a feeling something is going to happen soon.

Life Eater disguises his ship as a planet and, knowing that the Root homes in on Audric's frequency he duplicates that frequency and broadcasts it at double the strength.

As Life Eater planned, the Root leads the Lightning League to Life Eater's ship. Gillian is suspicious as the planet doesn't appear on any star charts but since Flora cannot sense any Monster Minds they decide it is safe to land.

The Lighting League begin a search for Audric but a large hatch in the ground opens up and they are pulled inside.

Flora awakes to find herself being chased by a glowing orb. She runs away and finds some dying plants. They tell her that Jayce has found a way to defeat the Monster Minds but only by destroying all plant life including her.

Oon has been summoned by the Council of Twelve, the leaders of the Eternal Squires. They accuse him of being a coward and say that in 2000 years since his creation he has failed to live up to the name of Eternal Squire. Only by turning his back on Jayce and returning to them for retraining can he regain his honour.

Gillian find himself surrounded by fog but when he tries to clear it with a spell nothing happens. Two wizards appear and tell him that his magic is deserting him. A wizard should lead, not follow and if he continues to follow Jayce he will end up a useless old man, but if he joins them he will regain his powers.

Herc wakes up in a hangar next to the Pride. When he sees his reflection he is several years older and his hair is grey. Two men approach and mention how he lost all his money ferrying the Lighting League around. They offer enough money for the Pride to allow him to live comfortably, all he has to do is admit that he made a mistake and that the Lightning League were never his friends.

Jayce is confronted by his father who tells him that he is too late, Saw Boss has already destroyed Audric's half of the Root, the Monster Minds have won and it's all Jayce's fault. Jayce realises that it isn't his father, as Audric would never give up. He uses the Ring to shatter Life Eater's illusion.

Gillian rejects the wizards' offer of a book of spells and says that true magic comes from the heart, not from a book. He uses his magic to break the illusion.

Herc refuses to renounce his friendship with Jayce, besides which he thinks the Pride is worth more money than they offered.

Oon tells the Council that he may be a coward but his place is by his master's side and he will never leave Jayce.

Flora tells the plants that Jayce had no other choice and that she forgives him.

Having escaped from Life Eater's illusions the Lightning League return to the vehicles to leave but Saw Boss has sent Monster Mind troopers to stop them. They fight their way out and leave on the Pride.

Life Eater congratulates them on being the first to ever escape his game, but promises to play again someday.

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