Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors

Season 1 Episode 57

The Life Eater

Aired Unknown Dec 03, 1985 on



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    • Eternal Squire: Well Squire Oon, what is your decision?
      Oon: Maybe I am a coward, but I'll never leave my master! My place is with him, now and forever.

    • Wizard: Well Gillian, agree to abandon this quest and your undeserving friends and I'll give you this book of spells, enough to get you started again, restore your magic.
      Gillian: That's all I wanted to hear. Keep your book, I do not need it. A true wizard knows that the spells of greatest power come not from books but from the heart.

    • Audric: Jayce, no. It's over, and it's all your fault.
      Jayce: No.
      Audric: You failed me, you failed all of us, the very universe itself.
      Jayce: No, I, I…
      Audric: Don't try to deny it, you'll only make it worse on yourself. Admit it, see what you have done to me. Why deny it? You failed me! Admit it! Admit it!
      Jayce: No! You're not my father, my father would never give up. He would find a way somehow, no matter how great the odds.

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