Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors

Season 1 Episode 61

Time and Time Again

Aired Unknown Dec 09, 1985 on

Episode Recap

While escaping from an attack by Monster Mind vines the Lightning League encounter a quasar. When a comet enters the quasar there is a large explosion and the quasar is transformed into a time lens which sucks the Pride inside it. The Monster Mind vines are destroyed trying to follow the Lighting League through the time lens, so Saw Boss sends troops aboard a ship to track them down.

The Lighting League emerge from the time lens at their home planet, 25 years in the past before Jayce was even born. At the time Audric was a science student at a nearby university. Jayce realises that if they can find Audric, they can warn him not to conduct the experiment that created the Monster Minds causing them never to exist, but with only a few hours until the time lens closes, trapping them in the past, they must be quick.

The Lightning League find Audric impressing crowds at a nearby arcade with his piloting skills but just as they try to warn him the Monster Minds attack. The Lighting League fight the Monster Minds but a flash from one of Saw Boss' troopers blinds Jayce. Oon persuades Audric to try and help restore Jayce's sight so Audric takes them to the chemistry lab.

Audric helps restore Jayce's sight by using a chemical solution to alter the size of his pupils. The Lightning League start to tell Audric how they got there but Audric is, understandably, reluctant to believe them. They warn him about the experiment and he agrees not to conduct it but the conversation is cut short by another attack by the Monster Minds.

During the ensuing battle Jayce becomes trapped, but as a Monster Mind approaches Audric arrives and lures it away from Jayce. Jayce pursues them in Armed Force and uses the Ring to protect his father.

After the battle Jayce and Audric are saying goodbye but Saw Boss knows that he cannot allow Jayce to dissuade Audric from conducting the experiment. He sends a Monster Mind to attack by destroying Audric's vehicle. Audric is knocked unconscious by the explosion.

The Lightning League check that Audric is okay but they have to leave quickly if they're to make it back through the time lens. One of Audric's friends finds him but Audric can't remember what happened. He knows he has something important to do, but he doesn't know what.

Returning to the present, the Lighting League discover that the Monster Minds still exist and, as the time lens ceases to exist, they resume their search for Audric.

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