Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors

Season 1 Episode 58


Aired Unknown Dec 04, 1985 on

Episode Recap

The Lightning League arrive at the planet Sahlor, which was turned into a barren wasteland by a nuclear war. They are contacted by Dr. Zorg, a scientist who was Audric's biggest rival, who says that he can help them locate Audric. Oon warns Jayce that Zorg cannot be trusted, but Jayce decides to meet him anyway.

Gillian modifies the vehicles to cope with the high radiation and Jayce, Gillian and Oon leave in Armed Force and Drill Sergeant to meet up with Zorg. Flora and Herc are to stay behind on Battle Base in case they get into trouble. Flora fears for their safety and takes Fling Shot to follow them. She quickly gets into trouble when she's attacked by a mutated plant. Herc comes to her rescue in Spike Trike but she refuses to return to Battle Base so they both head off after Jayce.

Shortly after Jayce, Gillian and Oon arrive at Zorg's base his droid guards alert him to Herc and Flora approaching. He orders the droids to fire on them and then attacks Jayce, Gillian and Oon, knocking them unconscious. Flora and Herc survive the attack but their vehicles are disabled and they won't last long in the radiation.

Zorg has Jayce, Gillian and Oon locked in a cell and has a psyche-inhibitor placed on Gillian to prevent him using magic. He also takes the Ring and the Root and goes to meet Saw Boss. Jayce comes up with a plan, hiding Oon under Gillian's robe. When the guards notice Oon is missing they come to search the cell and, with the door open, Jayce is able to contact Armed Force and Drill Sergeant and order them to come to their rescue.

Meanwhile, Brock and the Zoggies are able to send Motor Module to repair Fling Shot and Spike Trike and rescue Herc and Flora but they must reach a decontamination chamber to undo the damage of the radiation so head for Zorg's base.

Saw Boss is pleased with Zorg and allows him access to Audric's computer in exchange for Jayc, the Ring and the Root. Zorg begins to download the contents of Audric's computer to his base.

The Monster Minds detect Flora and Herc approaching Zorg's base and send troopers to stop them, but they make it inside and Jayce closes the door sealing the Monster Minds out. Gillian sees what Zorg is doing and, when he cannot stop the download, enters Audric's emergency erase code to wipe the contents of the computer.

When Saw Boss realises Jayce has escaped he turn on Zorg but he escapes and returns to his base and initiates a self destruct. Oon confronts him and retrieves the Ring and the Root. Herc and Flora have been decontaminated but now they must all flee before the base explodes.

Zorg escapes in a ship and, when Saw Boss realises that the base is about to be destroyed, he flees leaving some troops behind to prevent the Lightning League escaping in time. The Lightning League use their vehicles to escape and the base destroys the Monster Minds along with it, but the explosion causes a chain reaction which will destroy the whole world. Battle Base cannot reach the Pride in time so Jayce uses the power of the Ring to teleport them back to the ship and escape seconds before the planet is destroyed.

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